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  • Alban Faust

    (167 listeners)

    folk, swedish, bagpipe, svenskt

  • AllanMacDonald

    (0 listeners)

  • Cathall McConnell

    (0 listeners)

  • Dealan

    (6,154 listeners)

    celtic, folk, spanish, irish folk

    From Ireland to India, through the whole mediterranean arch, musical instruments from many cultures meet in an explosive sound of contemporary arrangements without losing traditional essence.

  • Griogair Labhruidh

    (103 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, celtic, scottish, gaelic

    Griogair Labhruidh is a traditional Gaelic singer who sings mainly in the style of the Southern Hebrides. He is also piper and composer of both bagpipe music and Gaelic song/poetry and belongs to a West Highland piping tradition that has been in his family for many generations. His technical ability and sensitive arrangements of traditional music on the guitar are also a huge factor in his work.

  • Michael Klevenhaus

    (1 listener)

  • Otterflug

    (0 listeners)

    Otterflug ist Folk. Hört sich verlockend einfach an, ist es aber leider nicht. Otterflug spielen keine Klassiker aus Irland oder Schottland, obwohl sie ganz sicher von ihnen beeinflusst wurden.

  • Seudan

    (48 listeners)

  • Thomas Zöller

    (11 listeners)

  • Tomas Fredriksson

    (1 listener)

  • VocaMe

    (1,194 listeners)

    medieval, neomedieval, ethereal, byzantine music

    The first recording worldwide of Kassia’s hymns awakens and breathes new life into their lovely and deeply moving melodies. Haunting voices and intuitive arrangements transport listeners to a long-lost age, immersing them in the mysticism of the era. This music, forgotten until today, bears living witness to a vibrant past culture.