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  • Ania Dąbrowska

    (80,714 listeners)

    polish, female vocalists, chillout, jazz

    Ania Dąbrowska (aka Ania) is a popular Polish singer known for her beautiful calm voice and the hit singles "Tego chciałam" (I wanted this) and "Glory" .

  • Ania Rusowicz

    (8,145 listeners)

    polish, big bit, female vocalists, funk

  • Artur Rojek

    (36,509 listeners)

    polish, alternative, alternative rock, rock

    Artur Rojek (born May 6, 1972) is the former guitarist and lead singer of the Polish alternative rock groups Myslovitz and Lenny Valentino. He and the lead guitarist Wojciech Powaga founded the former in 1992. The band were initially called The Freshmen, after the movie The Freshman, featuring Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick.

  • Czesław ŚpiewaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (116,311 listeners)

    alternative, polish, experimental, poetry

    Czesław Śpiewa (pol. "Czesław Sings") (born Czesław Mozil, April 12, 1979 in Zabrze, Poland) is a singer, composer, and musician (mostly using the accordion). He makes hard-to-classify music, with pieces of cabaret, rock, even punk rock.

  • Gouache

    (3,941 listeners)

    ukrainian, pop rock, indie, guitar

    Gouache is a Ukranian soft rock band, established in 2006. Their first single called "Love Song" appeared on charts in December 2006 and was successful throughout the Ukraine. The band sing in English and Ukrainian. Current Members: Vocal, guitar — Ivan Rozin

  • Halina Mlynkova

    (1,322 listeners)

    rock, folk, female vocalist, pop

  • Janusz Prusinowski Trio

    (344 listeners)

    folk, womex, polish, tany yany

    Janusz Prusinowski - skrzypce, głos Piotr Piszczatowski - baraban, bas Michał Żak - flet, szałamaja, głos

  • JP Trio

    (1 listener)

  • Kasia Kowalska

    (95,874 listeners)

    polish, rock, female vocalists, pop

    Kasia Kowalska (b. June 13, 1973 in Sulejówek, Poland) is a Polish pop rock singer/songwriter. In 1996 she represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Mezo

    (25,736 listeners)

    hip-hop, polish, rap, pop

    Mezo (real name Jacek Majer) born 1982 in Poznań, Poland. Polish raper also known as "Mejger", "Mezieł", "Lajner". Works with Tabb, Owal, Doniu, or all Ascetoholix group. He runs Bless Da Mic program in wlkp radio RMI FM. His wife Sandra is a model and his manager, they have a daughter Zuzanna.

  • Mr. Lex

    (1,326 listeners)

    dancehall, under 2000 listeners, reggae

    “I’m not a singer, I’m not a deejay, I’m an ENTERTAINER”, asserts Mr. Lex, the resonant, rolling tongued dancehall sensation formerly known as Lexxus who is on a mission to take Jamaican music to the heights of international popularity. “This is Reggae we’re talking about here and the music is not as big as it’s supposed to be.

  • Raz, Dwa, Trzy

    (81,110 listeners)

    polish, poetry, poezja spiewana, rock

    Raz, Dwa, Trzy (Polish for One, Two, Three) is a Polish music band, which joins rock, jazz and folk with contemporary poetry. It was founded in February 1990 by students of the Pedagogical College in Zielona Góra (now University of Zielona Góra). Among founders, there were: Adam Nowak (leader of the band), Grzegorz Szwalek, Jacek Olejarz and Jacek Ograbek.

  • Robodrom

    (162 listeners)

    seen live

  • Stanisław Soyka

    (42,093 listeners)

    jazz, polish, poetry, singer-songwriter

    Soyka is a Polish jazz and pop singer, pianist and composer. He was born as Stanisław Sojka on April 26, 1959 in Żory, Poland, a small town in the Upper Silesia.

  • Tatiana Okupnik

    (10,869 listeners)

    soul, polish, female vocalists, pop

    Tatiana Okupnik (born September 2, 1978 in Łódź, Poland) is a Polish singer. Discography: On My Own (2007) Spider Web (2011) Blizna (2014) Singles: "Don't Hold Back" (2007) "Keep It on the Low" (feat. Mika Urbaniak) (2007) "Don`t Hold Back" - Pszona Summer Mix (2007)

  • warszawa kyiv express

    (17 listeners)

  • Океан Ельзи

    (148,521 listeners)

    ukrainian, rock, ukrainian rock, pop-rock

    Океан Ельзи (Okean Elzy - Elza's Ocean) is the most famous and the most decorated Ukrainian rock band in CIS. Each year Океан Ельзи (Okean Elzy - Elza's Ocean), plays for nearly one million people in major CEE countries.

  • С.К.А.Й.

    (16,696 listeners)

    ukrainian, ukrainian rock, pop-rock, rock

    С.К.А.Й. (S.K.A.Y.) is a Ukrainian pop-rock band founded in 2001. Members: * Sobchuk Oleg (Собчук Олег) - vocals, guitar, texts * Gryschuk "Papa" Oleksandr (Грищук Олександр "Папа") - guitar, backing vocals

  • СкрябінUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (33,965 listeners)

    ukrainian, pop-rock, synthpop, electronic

    Synth Pop, Pop-Rock band from Ukraine (Novoyavoriv'sk - L'viv - Kyiv). As the leader of Skryabin (Andriy Kuz'menko AKA Kuz'ma AKA Kuz'a) said the roots of group's music is Depeche Mode music and mood.

  • ТНМК

    (12,721 listeners)

    ukrainian, hip-hop, ukrainian hip-hop, reggae

    Oleksandr «Fozzey» Sydorenko and Kostiantyn «Kotya» Zhuikov started at Kharkiv, Ukraine band called The New Houses on 14 June 1989. At the summer camp closing ceremony they debuted their band and later decided to re-convene at the start of the new school year. The first line-up: