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  • Amok

    (9,971 listeners)

    death metal, black metal, technical death metal, thrash metal

    Amok is the title of a number of bands and projects. #1 Amok (Norway) AMOK spawned in 2000 as a death/grind/thrash metal unit. The aim was from the beginning to bring back the doomsday holocaust from the 80s. Musical inspiration was bands like Autopsy, Beherit, VON, Masters Hammer, Sadistik Exekution, Carcass, Blasphemy and old Scandinavian death metal.

  • Anorexia

    (2,540 listeners)

    punk, female vocalists, punk rock, british punk

    Anorexia were a punk band from Watford, Hertfordshire, England formed in 1978. The band's self-financed debut single in 1980/81 was 'Rapist in the Park' became an underground hit and all three tracks off their single were frequently requested on John Peel's Radio 1 show. The other two tracks were 'Pets' and 'I'm a Square'.

  • Artificial

    (2,821 listeners)

    everything, rock, under 2000 listeners, electronic

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Artificial is the project for Nicole Skeltys, one half of Australian electronic duo B(if)tek. 2) Artificial is a collaboration between Dj's Andrew Bayer and Norin & Rad 3) Artificial is a brazilian 8-bit project of Kassin and Berna Ceppas. They have only an album, called Free USA, composed in a Game Boy console.

  • Bula

    (850 listeners)

    speedcore, frenchcore, terrorcore, gabber

    There are more artists using this name: 1. Bula is a Brighton (UK) based rock-band 2. Bula is a Dj. His main style is Speedcore, terrorcore and hardcore. he cooperated with Splatter and I:gor and created Kielce Terror squad.

  • Capcom

    (26,849 listeners)

    instrumental, :3, ost, soundtrack

    Did you mean: Capcom Sound Team or DJ Capcom This is not an artist, but appears here due to incorrectly tagged video game soundtracks. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do last.fm and yourself a favour.

  • Da Braindropah

    (13 listeners)

    metal, hardcore, poland, gabber

  • DamageUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (32,647 listeners)

    psytrance, hardcore, psychedelic, rnb

    There are 9 artist's that share this name: 1) Damage was a UK-based boyband who hit their peak in the late 90s.

  • Dj Tense

    (264 listeners)

    speedcore, hardcore, dj, terror

  • Gal

    (1,086 listeners)

    hardcore, darkcore, gabber, speedcore

    The Austrian artist, composer and musicologist Bernhard Gál has become internationally known as one of the most prolific sound artists of a younger generation. During the past ten years Gál has created around 50 sound installations and media art projects, combining sound, light, objects, spatial concepts and video projections into intense and often site-specific interdisciplinary art works.

  • groan-er

    (49 listeners)

    hardcore, speedcore, electronic, under 100 listeners

  • I:gor

    (16,509 listeners)

    breakcore, idm, hardcore, noise

    Poland based producer of breakcore, experimental hardcore and speedcore. He has been making tracks since 1994 and has been released on many respected labels including M - Tronic Records, Suburban Trash, Low Res, Hangars Liquides, Mascha and many others.

  • Kielce Terror Squad

    (156 listeners)

    speedcore, terrorcore, noizecore, hardcore

  • Maniek

    (113 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, blues, indie, hip hop

  • prdm

    (35 listeners)

    industrial hardcore, hardcore, poland, industrialcore

  • Ri0t

    (582 listeners)

    hardcore, breakcore, polish, polcore

  • RuBu

    (11 listeners)

    psytrance, hard house, hard dance

  • Splatter:KTS

    (16 listeners)

    Błażej Bielecki born in Kielce, Poland in 1976. One of three founders of the notorious KTS crew and thus one of well established acts in the polish HC scene.

  • Verma

    (4,562 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, space rock, psychedelic, drone

    :: COLTAN LP :: http://troubleinmindrecs.com/bands/verma.html :: EXU LP :: Digital download or limited edition vinyl http://verma.bandcamp.com/