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  • 12 Karat

    (12 listeners)

  • Acrylic Street

    (3 listeners)

    indie, alternative, indie rock, male vocalist

    Chester, United Kingdom (2010 - present) Acrylic Street is an alternative/indie band which formed in December 2010 in Chester, United Kingdom. The band consists of Jake Andrews (vocals, guitar), Calum Gaughan (bass) and Sam O'Reilly (drums). Formed through a college music course, the band came together by playing their first song, 1000th Time at a West Cheshire College organised gig.

  • Ahzumjot

    (7,709 listeners)

    rap, deutschrap, hip hop, german

  • Architekt

    (6,928 listeners)

    rap, german hip hop, deutschrap, hip hop

    1). Am 26.12.1980 erblickte der kleine Architekt das Licht der Welt, verging sich an der Geburtshelferin, verprügelte den zuständigen Arzt und zwang seine Mutter ihm Süßigkeiten zu kaufen.

  • Blumio

    (16,734 listeners)

    hip hop, rap, deutschrap, hip-hop

    Blumio (* 16. Februar 1985 in Hilden; Fumio Kuniyoshi, jap. 国吉史生) is a German rapper with Japanese roots. Alben 2009: Yellow Album 2010: Tokio Bordell 2011: Yellow Album Reloaded 2012: Drei Collaboration 2008: Rush Hour (withHabesha)

  • Captain Capa

    (20,673 listeners)

    electronic, german, electro, electroclash

    Captain Capa is a german electropop/indietronica band formed in 2007. The guys are from the small town Bad Frankenhausen in Thuringia/Germany and have released two albums so far.

  • eou

    (8,235 listeners)

    rap, deutschrap, hip hop, eou

    German hip-hop duo

  • Herr Stilz seine Freunde

    (3,952 listeners)

    german, alternative rock, madsen, motordigital

    Herr Stilz seine Freunde is a german band founded in 2004 by Stefan Grabowski, Samuel Dinkel and Marcus Perst. They released their first album "Alles erreicht" in 2007 at the Berlin based label motor music.

  • Herr von GrauUp-and-coming artist (from the Hype Chart)

    (21,801 listeners)

    rap, hip hop, german, sprechgesang

  • Herrenmagazin

    (33,966 listeners)

    indie, german, hamburg, indie pop

    An indie rock band from Hamburg, Germany. http://HerrenMusik.DE

  • I Heart Sharks

    (55,306 listeners)

    indie, indietronic, electronic, german

    I Heart Sharks is an indietronic pop band from Berlin. The members Pierre, Simon and Georg all moved to Berlin and started playing together in this constellation in November 2007.

  • Keule

    (4,497 listeners)

    german, rock, soft rock, deutsch

  • Maxim

    (70,276 listeners)

    electronic, trip-hop, big beat, electronica

    There are at least three artists called Maxim: 1) Keith Palmer (born 21 March 1967), best known as Maxim or Maxim Reality, is an MC of the British electronica/rave band The Prodigy.

  • Olli Banjo

    (55,132 listeners)

    deutschrap, rap, hip hop, german

    Olli Banjo (Oliver Otubanjo, born 1977-01-22 in Heidelberg, Germany) is a German rapper, who is currently signed by the label Headrush. His verbal output don´t suit the image he´s trying to pretend. His outstanding sense of knowledge is deeply embedded in his controversial lyrics and in the far more controversial destroying beats.

  • Rampue

    (26,690 listeners)

    electronic, audiolith, 8bit, electro

  • Ten inch P

    (0 listeners)


  • Traumwelt

    (281 listeners)

    dub, idm, under 2000 listeners

    Traumwelt is a solo project from Atlanta run by Kythirius. The idea is to help listeners reach altered states of consciousness through spacy soundscapes. Promary influences include Jonn Serrie and The Angelic Process Kythirius released the first demo in 2012, and it can be found on Spotify and Itunes.

  • Vierkanttretlager

    (23,562 listeners)

    indie, german, pop, deutsch

  • wassbass

    (985 listeners)

    elektro, german, electronic, seen live

  • WeekendUp-and-coming artist (from the Hype Chart)

    (95,888 listeners)

    shoegaze, post-punk, noise rock, indie rock

    There are at least 7 artists named "Weekend": 1. Weekend is a punk/shoegaze/psychedelic band from San Francisco, CA. 2. Weekend is a Polish disco band. 3. Weekend was a UK band (1981-1983)

  • Yesterday Shop

    (3,332 listeners)

    indie, shoegaze, alternative, rock

  • Young Rebel Set

    (34,291 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, british, folk rock

    Formerly known as Billy The Kid And The Brothers Barbaylios made up of three now defunct bands of the North East, The Lurios, Whalter and The Romance, Young Rebel Set are beginning to get fans up and down the country.

  • Zweiplus

    (383 listeners)

    newcomer, hiphop, hip hop, electro

    Zweiplus ist Eminem in weiß; Blumentopf im Garten. Zweiplus ist wie mit Massiv in einem gelben Peugeot durch Berlin Wedding cruisen, dabei stets ein Blick in den Rückspiegel und einen durch das Fernglas werfen und "YMCA" auf voller Lautstärke pumpen.