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  • Arthneice "Gas Man" Jones

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  • Big Dave Dunavant

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  • Bill Howlin' Madd Perry

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  • Billy Abel and Cadillac John

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  • Bobby Rush

    (16,577 listeners)

    blues, funk, pop, new orleans

    At a time when most of his contemporaries are resting on their laurels, Bobby Rush-a 50-year veteran of the stage-continues to be one of the most exciting and creative artists in the R&B/blues arena. Rush's live shows are without parallel, replete with costume changes and comedic sketches acted out with the assistance of his lovely female dancers.

  • Charlie Musselwhite

    (57,529 listeners)

    blues, harmonica blues, harmonica, chicago blues

    Musselwhite was born in the rural hill country of Mississippi. He has said that he is of Choctaw descent, and he was born in a region originally inhabited by the Choctaw. However, in a 2005 interview, he said his mother had told him he was actually Cherokee.

  • Delta Blues Museum Band

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  • Eddie Cusic

    (245 listeners)

    blues, delta blues, blues rock

  • Heather Crosse

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  • James "Jimbo" Mathus

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  • James "Super Chikan" Johnson

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  • Jimmy "Duck" Holmes

    (430 listeners)


    Blues Guitarist & Vocalist, Bentonia The Delta Jimmy "Duck" Holmes is the proprietor of one of the oldest juke joints in Mississippi, the Blue Front in Bentonia.

  • Joshua "Razor Blade" Stewart

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  • Kenny Brown

    (7,981 listeners)

    blues, fat possum, modern electric blues, mississippi

    Kenny Brown (born on the Air Force base in Selma, Alabama, July 5, 1953) is a blues slide guitarist from Nesbit, Mississippi. Skilled in the North Mississippi Hill Country blues style popularized by his mentor R. L. Burnside, Brown began his career by apprenticing with Mississippi Joe Callicott, Johnny Woods, and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

  • Lucious Spiller

    (2 listeners)

    Lucious Spiller was born in St.Louis, MO. At an early age, he discovered that God had blessed him with a special gift. His dad gave him a guitar when he was four. Immediately he was a natural, he started out playing in church. His uncle is the late great Magic Sam.

  • O.B. Buchana

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  • Otis "TCB" Taylor Blues

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  • Pat Thomas

    (1,791 listeners)

    piano, free jazz, jazz, free improvisation

    There are several artists who go by Pat Thomas: 1) Born 27 July 1960; Piano, electronics. Pat Thomas started playing at the age of 8 and studied classical music and played reggae. He began playing jazz at sixteen after seeing Oscar Peterson on television then listened to snatches of jazz on the radio before, in 1979, playing his first serious improvised gigs.

  • Richard "Daddy Rich" Crimsan

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  • Rick Burton Blues Band

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  • Robert Belfour

    (17,293 listeners)

    blues, delta blues, fat possum, mississippi hill country blues

    Robert "Wolfman" Belfour (born September 11, 1940, Holly Springs, MS) is an American Blues musician. His father, Grant Belfour taught him the guitar at a young age and he continued his tutelage in the Blues from musicians Otha Turner, R. L. Burnside, and Junior Kimbrough. Kimbrough, in particular, had a profound influence on him.

  • Robert Plant

    (436,974 listeners)

    classic rock, rock, hard rock, blues

    Robert Anthony Plant CBE (born 20 August 1948, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England) is a British rock singer-songwriter famous for being the lead vocalist of one of the most influential bands of all time: Led Zeppelin.

  • Shardee & the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band

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  • Steve "Lightnin'" Malcom

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  • T-Model Ford

    (35,066 listeners)

    blues, delta blues, fat possum, modern delta blues

    James Lewis Carter Ford (born Forest, Mississippi, 1924 - died Greenville, Mississippi, 16 July 2013) was an American 'Mississippi Delta Blues' musician better known by his stage name, T-Model Ford. Unable to remember his exact date of birth, he began his musical career in his early seventies, recording for the Fat Possum Records label.

  • Terry "Big T" Williams

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  • Terry "Harmonica" Bean

    (68 listeners)

    folk, blues, harmonica, harmonica blues

    Terry “Harmonica” Bean (1961/Pontotoc, MS - ) is still relatively young, but has decades of experience with the blues. A lifelong resident of Pontotoc, Bean first heard downhome blues at home. His father Eddie Bean, a native of Bruce, sang and played blues guitar and prior to Terry’s birth traveled with an electric blues band.

  • The Sarah Metcalf Blues Band

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