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  • Kraantje Pappie

    (23,425 listeners)

    nederhop, hip-hop, dutch, groningen

    2012 has been the year wherein Kraantje Pappie in Holland as well as in Belgium had his breakthrough with his debut album “Crane”.

  • Jan Smit

    (37,765 listeners)

    nederlandstalig, dutch, pop, nederlands

    Johannes Hendricus Maria "Jan" Smit (born December 31, 1985) is a Dutch pop music and schlager singer. He scored his first number one position in the Dutch charts with Ik zing dit lied voor jou alleen (I sing this song only for you) in 1997. Being 12 years of age back then, he was known as Jantje Smit.

  • Lange Frans

    (11,139 listeners)

    brutal porngrind, nederhop, hip-hop, rap

    Lange Frans, pseudoniem van Frans Christiaan Frederiks (Amsterdam, 12 november 1980) is een Nederlandse rapper. Lange Frans vormde samen met Baas B het Nederlandse hiphop-duo Lange Frans & Baas B. Lange Frans is opgegroeid in Diemen en de naam van de rapformatie D-Men is daar ook aan gerelateerd.

  • Sieneke

    (9,494 listeners)

    dutch, eurovision, female vocalists, pop

    Sieneke (born Sieneke Peeters, Nijmegen, 1 April 1992) is a young singer whose talent has been discovered by Marianne Weber. On 7 February, 2010, Sieneke won the Dutch Nationaal Songfestival and the right to represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, Norway. She sang the song Ik ben verliefd (sha-la-lie) written by Pierre Kartner aka Vader Abraham.

  • Canvas

    (4,938 listeners)

    post-hardcore, hardcore, ambient, experimental

    There are five bands using the name Canvas. 1).Hailing from Bedfordshire England, CANVAS play their own unique brand of ambient hardcore. renound for their explosive and emotional live performance creating an intense atmosphere in any venue.

  • Helemaal Hollands

    (3,136 listeners)

    jeroen van der boom een wereld, je bent zo

  • Alle 13 Jaanke

    (916 listeners)

    carnaval, apres-ski