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  • A.Skillz

    (14,520 listeners)

    breaks, funk, breakbeat, hip hop

    Adam ‘A.Skillz’ is one of the country’s most funky beatmeisters. His fierce production skills and turntable dexterity has seen him explode onto the scene, collaborating with hip-hop legends and making music for worldwide brands.

  • Dynamite MC

    (15,869 listeners)

    drum and bass, hip-hop, dnb, rap

    Born in Germany on 7 October 1973, Dynamite (real name Dominic Smith) started his MCing career on pirate radio station, Crush FM, broadcast in south west area during the early 90s. He met Roni Size in 1994 and began MCing for the Full Cycle crew. When the Bristol collective formed live band Reprazent, Dynamite shared vocal duties with singer Onallee.

  • Eliot Lipp

    (68,845 listeners)

    electronic, idm, instrumental hip-hop, hip-hop

    After more than eight years of global touring, seven solo albums, countless collaborations, label-head tastemaking and vital artist-incubator in the USA's most critical beat-making cities (SF, Chicago, NYC), Eliot Lipp's status as an electronic music pioneer is known to scene connoisseurs and weekend warriors alike.

  • Gramatik

    (214,996 listeners)

    hip-hop, funk, downtempo, chillout

    Good music is felt not heard. Gramatik apparently understood that at an age of 3 according to his mother as she used to catch him glued to the radio in his older sister's room whenever there was an old funk or rhythm & blues joint on, tapping his leg on the floor along with the beat. Damn, talking about a sign on what will your child do when he grows up!

  • Heyoka

    (53,344 listeners)

    dubstep, glitch-hop, idm, glitch

    There are three artists named Heyoka: 1) Andrei Olenev a.k.a. Andreilien is a cosmic auditory scientist found in the Bay Area noosphere, who has been blowing minds with his sonic manipulations.
 Muti Music first released Heyoka’s “Space Case EP” in 2008 and included him on their growing roster of talented artists.

  • ill.Gates

    (38,270 listeners)

    dubstep, glitch hop, idm, downtempo

    ‘ill.gates’ is not so much an emerging artist as an emerging moniker of an established producer creating a new alias.

  • Kaminanda

    (6,421 listeners)

    ambient, psytrance, downtempo, psychedelic

    Soaring through enchanting realms of exotic aural soundscapes and bouncy midtempo grooves Kaminanda's ever evolving sound now showcases more heavy hitting Glitch and Dub influences and super delicate detail while bringing an increase of melodic and warm ethnic touches creating a nexus of archetypal and elemental transmissions overflowing with sensual juiciness.

  • Krafty Kuts

    (74,045 listeners)

    breakbeat, breaks, electronic, funky breaks

    Since the late 80's Krafty Kuts, a.k.a Martin Reeves, has been one of the world's best-known purveyors of breakbeats and old-skool hip-hop. Hailing from Brighton, he moved from running a record shop to running around the world as he DJs internationally while producing a vast number of mixed albums and original material, including "Freakshow", released on his label Against The Grain.

  • Liberation Movement

    (25 listeners)

  • Opiuo

    (52,290 listeners)

    glitch-hop, glitch, breakbeat, dubstep

    Imagine a precisely blended concoction of tight irresistible grooves, chunk fueled bouncy beats, luscious brooding soundscapes, and a bowl of scrumptious glitch. Welcome to the musical world of Opiuo. A self confessed music addict with a light hearted approach to life and art.

  • Phutureprimitive

    (77,437 listeners)

    ambient, psychill, downtempo, psychedelic

    Phutureprimitive ( www.phutureprimitive.com ) is the moniker of Northwest producer and song writer Rain. Early childhood photos reveal Rain sitting at the piano plinking keys, grinning from ear to ear…..a true sign of things to come.

  • Vibesquad

    (57,200 listeners)

    dubstep, glitch-hop, breakbeat, bass

    VibeSquad is the multi-personality brainchild manifestation of Aaron Holstein. When Aaron isn't playing bass/keys/vox/efx for Boulder Colorado's all improv-breakz-d-tempo-ecclectica band ZILLA or SPORQUE (w/Ooah & Jamie Janover) he is hard at work makin the electr0-crunk-gnasty-gooey-dancefloor-throbberz and 3rd eye squeegeeing d-tempo-dub-psy-hopperz @ the vibesquad labz.