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  • Blend

    (7,560 listeners)

    rock, trip-hop, electronic, techno

    Blend is the name of several different artists: 1. The producer, musician and dj 'George Mandas' aka 'Blend' aka 'Mishkin' 2. The Lebanese post-rock band 'Blend' 3. The Kurdish artist Blend (please go to profil Hozan Blend!) 4) The Alternative-Nu Metal Band Blend from New Delhi, India.

  • Canja Rave

    (1,485 listeners)

    rock brasil, under 2000 listeners, rock rool brasil, rock

  • Combings

    (87 listeners)

    rock, folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter

  • Coogans Bluff

    (1,779 listeners)

    stoner rock, stoner, rock, punk

    Hailing from Rostock, Germany, COOGANS BLUFF have deserved this name! Their wild mixture of 70’s Hardrock, Punk and some psychedelic ingredients immediately sparks. These tunes run down your legs and leave you dancing as well as headbanging.

  • Evilmrsod

    (599 listeners)

    live gesehn in leipzig, blues, rock, folk

    EvilMrSod is the solo project and also the alter-ego of Pablo Rodríguez, singer, guitar player and main composer for Fuckin' Family Faces, the well known rock'n'roll band from Tenerife, Canary Islands. His almost 20 years stage experience have formed his diversity and developed his characteristical style, that infects and carries away the audience again and again.

  • Gunfire

    (314 listeners)

    heavy metal, hard rock, blues rock, rock

  • Kapelle Herrenweide

    (482 listeners)

    indie, under 2000 listeners, rock, german

    Vier Kapellmeister zaubern Melodien und Rhythmen, die sich wie ein Tanzboden unter die Füße legen. Einander traditionell spinnefeind beargwöhnende Musikstile werden in harmonischen Einklang gebracht. Der Hahn in diesem Korb ist der Rock.

  • Lazy Bones

    (521 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, under 2000 listeners, rock n roll

    There are four bands with the name Lazy Bones 1. Lazy Bones is an unsigned Alternative Rock band from London, UK.

  • Orange Distortion

    (194 listeners)

    german, alternative, metal, rock

    Orange Distortion is a Berlin-based Heavy Rock band. They were founded in 2002, played several shows since then, released a 6-song-EP in 2008 entitled Ten Ears After and currently underwent the process of a line-up change. After having found a new drummer and a new vocalist they proceed to conquer German stages again in 2011.

  • PrunX

    (28 listeners)

    rock, psychedelic, charming, crazy

    Prunx music has a wide range from psychedelic old school, rock, punk, trance influences and hardcore, most lyrics concerning poltical or vital issues – lots of love songs for our world and how to create it. Prunx are getting ready to rock all over and release the new album 'blameshifter' in 2008!

  • Scene Writers

    (99 listeners)

    indie, rock, piano, alternative rock

  • Shirley Beans

    (89 listeners)


    (1,908 listeners)

    alternative, progressive house, multiple artists under same name, under 2000 listeners

    1) House producer from the UK. 2) Breakbeat artist from the US. 3) A video game music remixer from the OverClocked ReMix community. 4) A fusion rock/metal band from Bromley, UK. 5) A folk/jam rock group from Willamette Valley, Oregon, US.

  • The Linings

    (250 listeners)

    rock, indie, electronic, alternative

    ---The Linings is three-member band, mixing guitar sounds with synthetic sounds. Members are Wlado the Emperor (synths, guitar, vocals), Martin Van der Fullen (electric guitar, synths) and Thomas the Mustache (bass).

  • The Mokkers

    (507 listeners)

    garage, female, under 2000 listeners, rock

    Ringo Starr was probably the first who felt pretty certain that one day the establishment of the so called „Mokkerscene“ will be inevitable. At a press conference (1964), a reporter asks Ringo Starr, „Are you a mod or a rocker?“, to which he replies, „No, I’m a Mokker.“

  • The Tunics

    (30,746 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, british, britpop

    In 2008 The Tunics broke out of Croydon as teenagers with a gift for effortless wit and lyrics infused with social critique and wisdom beyond their years.

  • The Wake Woods

    (0 listeners)

    rock, berlin, blues, alternative

  • White Rabbit Dynamite

    (208 listeners)

    rock, psychedelic rock, jam, stoner

    White Rabbit Dynamite ~ Germany Heavy Psychedelic Rock A wonderful retro band from Berlin formed in 2009. Their music offers tasty blues tinged rock, firmly rooted in the late '60s and early '70s, with an amazing vintage sound and intoxicating female vocals.

  • Wooloomooloo

    (245 listeners)

    rock, funk, listen to this, under 2000 listeners

    “Wir waren so verschieden, aber so kreativ! Beim Jammen konnte ich nicht anders als mich hysterisch zu freun.“ (Tobi, Bass)