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  • Admiral FallowUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (61,560 listeners)

    folk, scottish, indie, acoustic

    Admiral Fallow is a Scottish folk/pop group based in Glasgow. Formerly known as Brother Louis Collective, the band was formed in 2007 and around the singer/songwriter Louis Abbott.

  • Animal KingdomUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (70,391 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, britpop, british

    Animal Kingdom Richard Sauberlich – Vocals/Guitar/Piano Hamish Crombie – Bass Geoff Lea – Drums “..And if the looking it gets too much, well you can just tune out And if the mirror reflects too much, well you can just tune out And if the picture it gets too sharp, well you can just tune out

  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich

    (364,745 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, indie, indie folk

    Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Born September 4, 1989) is an English singer-songwriter from York. Leftwich began playing music at the age of ten and grew up listening to The Rolling Stones and Nina Simone before discovering such singer-songwriters as Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, and Elliott Smith.

  • Blaudzun

    (70,716 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, folk, dutch, indie

    Blaudzun is the alias of Dutch singer-songwriter Johannes Sigmond from Arnhem, The Netherlands, who has been working on his own behalf since 2007.

  • Deep Sea Arcade

    (52,789 listeners)

    australian, indie rock, rock, indie

    NEW SINGLE BLACK CAT - Out on iTunes now! http://bit.ly/BlackCatiTunes Sydney, Australia’s DEEP SEA ARCADE’s reverberated pop recalls guitar based music from across the ages yet with a character and charm that is undeniably unique.

  • Jonathan Boulet

    (59,811 listeners)

    folk, indie, australian, pop

    Jonathan Boulet is an Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, currently based in Berlin, Germany but originally from northern Sydney, New South Wales. He is best known for his solo material, as well as his time spent playing drums in indie rock band Parades and bass in grindcore band Snakeface.

  • Kakkmaddafakka

    (119,937 listeners)

    indie, norwegian, indie rock, alternative

    KAKKMADDAFAKKA are somewhat of an anomaly in today's music scene. Their sound is almost impossible to categorise, containing elements from almost all the musical movements of the past century. But what else would expect from the latest band to emerge from the innovative Bergen music scene that produced Kings Of Convenience, Datarock, Royksopp and Casiokids.


    (2,023 listeners)

    german, berlin, indie rock, under 2000 listeners

  • Moneybrother

    (156,077 listeners)

    swedish, indie, rock, pop

    Anders Wendin 'Moneybrother' (Born 16 March, 1975 in Ludvika, Sweden) is a singer that combines several music genres in his songs, including rock, soul and pop. Anders started his solo- project 'Moneybrother' after leaving his former punk-rock group Monster. He wanted to play the kind of music he himself liked to listen to, like rock, soul, punk, reggae and pop.

  • MS MR

    (340,679 listeners)

    indie, electronic, dream pop, alternative

    Shadowy New York-based chillwave duo MS MR first caught the public's attention with their infectious single "Hurricane," a dark yet sinfully melodic heartbreak anthem that blended the iciness of Phantogram and Bat for Lashes with the commercial grandeur of Adele and Florence and the Machine.

  • Nagel

    (3,554 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, acoustic, singer-songwriter

    There are more than one artist called Nagel: 1. Nagel is a singer/songwriter from the north of Norway. In 2002 Clearpass Records put out his debut album "Vel heim". 2. Singer of Muff Potter and head of Freunde der Nacht/Ruhe.

  • Reptile Youth

    (30,831 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, indie rock, alternative

    Contrary to their official bio, which claims they’re a duo from Denmark, Reptile Youth are actually the relocated souls of a thousand long-lost Brooklyn post-punk bands, cousins of the Rapture and Radio 4 who have been summoned back to this cold, dead earth for one last dance.

  • Steaming Satellites

    (7,397 listeners)

    progressive rock, psychedelic, space rock, progressive

    A description by the band itself: They have the lead weight of Led Zeppelin, the spherical reach of Pink Floyd and the significance of Bob Dylan; all combined and pimped with some electronical and synthy stuff. They are what they are: an up to date rock band that knows how to honor the past.

  • Swim Deep

    (97,350 listeners)

    indie, dream pop, indie rock, surf rock

    Swim Deep are an indie pop band from Birmingham, England consisting of Austin Williams (vocals), Tom Higgins (guitar), Zachary Robinson (drums), Cavan McCarthy (bass) and James Balmont (keys).

  • The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

    (351,727 listeners)

    indie, alternative, female vocalists, pop

    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a psychedelic pop band which formed in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band currently consists of Mette Lindberg (vocals), Lars Iversen (bass, keys), Mikkel Baltser Dørig (guitar, keys), Miloud Carl Sabri (trumpet, keys) and Rasmus Valldorf (drums).

  • The Minutes

    (10,736 listeners)

    indie, garage rock, rock, rock'n roll

    THE MINUTES: “LIVE WELL, CHANGE OFTEN” Dublin's finest rock 'n' roll renegades The Minutes return with their brand new album “Live Well, Change Often”.

  • The View

    (515,439 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, british, scottish

    The View is the name of two bands: 1. A four-piece indie rock/punk rock band from Dundee, Scotland. 2. A five-piece alternative pop-rock band from Sydney, Australia, now known as Planet of the Stereos.

  • Wintersleep

    (144,481 listeners)

    canadian, indie, indie rock, alternative

    Wintersleep are a Canadian indie rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. What started out as a side-project, eventually turned into one of the most popular live shows in Atlantic Canada.