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  • Acid Drop

    (635 listeners)

    7 stars, under 2000 listeners, punk, leeds

    ACiD DROP is what would happen if you get US east coast punk and west coast fatwreck punk and mix them both in a blender, sing songs about sk8ing, drinking and things that peave us off. Blasting through from 100mph breakneck speed to the odd foot tapping slow tune.

  • Beat the Red Light

    (649 listeners)

    ska-core, punk, ska, crossover

    Beat the red light are a ska metal, hardcore band from High Wycombe, United Kingdom. They recorded their first EP 'BTRL' in 2009 which was later re-released on TNS Records.

  • Billy Liar

    (434 listeners)

    folk, acoustic punk, folk punk, punk

    "This is important music and maybe the proudest thing I've been involved in." ACEY SLADE (ex Trashlight Vision/Murderdolls)

  • Bootscraper

    (576 listeners)

    folk, folk punk, country and eastern, aggro folk

    Formed in the summer of 2008 in the backstreets of Leeds, 7-piece Aggro-folk mob Bootscraper quickly gained themselves a reputation for their highly skilled musicianship, brilliant song-writing, and a captivating, energetic live show both locally and nationally.

  • Broken Aris

    (667 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, skate punk, punk, skate-punk

    Broken Aris is a fourheaded skatepunkmachine from northern Sweden. When founded in the city of Sundsvall in the winter of 2006/2007 we began our mission to speed up the world.

  • Cheapskates

    (158 listeners)

  • China Shop Bull

    (240 listeners)

    ska, tantrum records, sicknote, uk

    China Shop Bull play a lively 6 piece mix of ska rave and drum and bass, They have been on the festival, punk and party scene since 2006, releasing one album ‘Rave To The Grave’ and a new 12" vinyl on Tantrum Records.

  • Crazy Arm

    (10,483 listeners)

    punk rock, folk punk, punk, folk

    Devon roots-punks, Crazy Arm, didn't know what they wanted to be when they grew up so they decided to throw everything, six full decades of inspiration, against the wall and see what stuck. The result is a creative and catholic sound that pays tribute to hardcore punk, ‘60s protest music, American, English and Irish folk, anarcho-punk and classic rock’n’roll in equal measure.

  • Dirty North

    (304 listeners)

    punk, blues, indie, reggae

    Dirty North are the Manchester music mob who prefer to casually skank their way to glory rather than swagger with misguided confidence.

  • Dub Pistols

    (170,806 listeners)

    dub, electronic, breakbeat, hip-hop

    From their early singles for Concrete Records to their genre defying ‘Worshiping the Doller’ lp, the Dub Pistols have always added a much needed Rock n Roll swagger to the UK’s dance scene. Chewing up hip-hop, dub, techno, ska & punk & spitting them out in a renegade futuristic skank they have consistently defied genres & exceeded the highest of expectations.

  • Dubtallica

    (0 listeners)

  • Electric River

    (288 listeners)

    get, seen live

  • Faintest Idea

    (1,621 listeners)

    ska punk, skacore, punk, streetpunk

    Faintest Idea are a fast explosive punk and two tone ska band with deep, hard hitting dual vocals and addictive brass. From there energetic live performance, its no suprise they have an ever growing army of loyal fans.

  • Frazer King

    (50 listeners)


    magpie gypsy pop from wythenshawe, manchester

  • Goldblade

    (4,399 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, british, punkabilly

    Led by music journalist and ex-Membranes frontman John Robb, Goldblade are a punk band that incorporate ska, rockabilly and other different musical style into their music. They have toured the world always tearing it up live with their live show that's been dubbed 'the greatest live show in the world' for its high octane sweaty high energy anthemic punk rock assault.

  • Hated Til Proven

    (92 listeners)

    punk, ska, ska punk, antifa

    Punk and Ska on TNS Records! In our own words...Break neck punk with big choruses along with skankin' ska! Hated till Proven are a 5 piece Punk/Ska band based in warrington in the Northwest of England.

  • Louise Distras

    (531 listeners)

    folk punk, acoustic punk, punk, punk rock

    Described as ‘the 21st Century Joe Strummer who personifies punk rock spirit, free-thinking and the renegade soul’, Louise Distras is the sworn enemy of injustice, apathy and X Factor culture – Simon Cowell’s plague of commercially-engineered pop stars sucking the life out of auto tuners. Girl groups like The Saturdays “embarrass the music scene,” she says.

  • Murderburgers

    (113 listeners)

  • Neck

    (29,898 listeners)

    folk punk, celtic, celtic punk, irish

    There are several artists with this name: - Innovative hardcore band from New York: http://www.myspace.com/neck

  • New Model ArmyUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (145,159 listeners)

    post-punk, rock, alternative, punk

    New Model Army are an English post-punk/alternative rock band formed in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1980 by its lead singer and main composer Justin Sullivan. Their name was taken form Oliver Cromwell's anti-royalist military force.

  • Only Strangers

    (61 listeners)

    the gaslight anthem, spy versus spy, get bent, off with their heads

    Only Strangers are a four-piece melodic punk band from Stoke-on-Trent, England. The band formed in Spring 2011 and consists of Paul Beard (Drums), Adam Gater (Bass/Vocals), Joe Hawthorne (Guitar) and Dec O'Reilly (Guitar/Vocals).

  • Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

    (757 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, manchester, 7 stars, punk

    Manchester based 3 piece, on TNSrecords, who play lightning fast melodic punk, which draws comparison to Zeke and the Lawrence Arms.

  • Roughneck Riot

    (28 listeners)

    This is an incorrect tag for The Roughneck Riot. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do yourself and last.fm a favour and correct your tags.

  • Run Out The Guns

    (10 listeners)

  • Stand Out Riot

    (3,705 listeners)

    british, ska-punk, ska punk, ska

    Stand Out Riot are a Skacore/Gypsy/Punk band from Manchester, UK. Formed in 2004, the band have released 2 full length albums (Carnival Militia & The Gentleman Bandits) and 5 EPs, including a split release with Sense of Urgency and A War Against Sound.

  • Strongbow

    (919 listeners)

    punk, streetpunk, punk rock, punkrock

    Risen from the ashes of some kickass eastern Germany juvenile bands in 2001. Located in Dresden they released 3 full lenght albums and a 7inch EP. Strong influenes by american bands like Bonecrusher, The Generators, Street Dogs, Bouncing Souls and Social D. Since 2009 distributed in the U.S. by Longshot Records ( http://www.longshotmusic.com/ )

  • The Jim Jones RevueUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (33,223 listeners)

    rock and roll, garage rock, british, rock 'n' roll

    The Jim Jones Revue is a UK garage rock and roll band composed of Jim Jones, Rupert Orton (brother of folf singer Beth Orton), Henri Herbert, Gavin Jay and Nick Jones.

  • The Kirkz

    (326 listeners)

    punk, mcpunk, under 2000 listeners, need to find to rate

    Those bastard bastard Kirkz. Blastin out of Macclesfield for the last 12 years with their rabid punk rock. This is lean hungry music from the bottom of the food chain and that never gets dull.

  • The Lovely Eggs

    (14,067 listeners)

    garage rock, lo-fi, british, indie

    David and Holly are lovely eggs. They like to play music together and share a drink (although David doesnt like Strongbow anymore. It doesnt agree with him.) Holly likes books and historical things.