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  • A*S*Y*S

    (15,792 listeners)

    hard trance, acid, hardstyle, trance

    A*S*Y*S (Acid Save Your Soul), is the alias of German producer/DJ Frank Ellrich. Frank Ellrich has long been an icon of the hard edged scene, however it is his ability to evolve and remain at the very cutting edge that has seen him rise above many of his contemporaries- Frank is unquestionably hard dance royalty.

  • Dimavi

    (231 listeners)

    techno, acid, hard trance, hardstyle

  • Evanti

    (2,459 listeners)

    hardstyle, elektro-jump-hardstyle, hard trance, schranz

    Evanti started producing music almost ten years ago. During that time he developed a specific kind of music.He hooked up with DJ Thilo and started producing a combination of techno with hardstyle.

  • Nitrouz

    (4,342 listeners)

    hard trance, hardstyle, spotify

    NitrouZ, aka JP Pirrello, is considered to be one of the biggest Hardstyle Talents in Australia. At a young age he was surrounded by music; learning to play the piano and singing in the school choir and other youth choirs. His singing was quite successful, performing at the openings of some of Sydney’s most prestigious events as well as singing on albums.

  • Organ Donors

    (18,016 listeners)

    hard trance, trance, hard house, dance

    Hard dance / hard trance producers... best check their official website www.organdonors.dj

  • Scot Project

    (5,876 listeners)

    hard trance, tech trance, german, trance

    Previously, until 2004, known as DJ Scot Project.