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  • A*S*Y*S

    (15,699 listeners)

    hard trance, hardstyle, acid, trance

    A*S*Y*S (Acid Save Your Soul), is the alias of German producer/DJ Frank Ellrich. Frank Ellrich has long been an icon of the hard edged scene, however it is his ability to evolve and remain at the very cutting edge that has seen him rise above many of his contemporaries- Frank is unquestionably hard dance royalty.

  • Activator

    (19,308 listeners)

    hardstyle, stoner rock, stoner, hardbass

    There are multiple artists with the name Activator. 1) An Italian hardstyle DJ and producer 2) A heavy rock band from Austin, Texas. 3) An afropunk metalcore band from New York. 1) Activator is an Italian hardstyle DJ and producer.

  • AK-Industry

    (1,352 listeners)

    hardcore techno, industrial hardcore, hardcore, darkstep

    AK-Industry a.k.a Homeboy and DJ Mayhem. Industrial Hardcore producers from Portugal, owners of Nekrolog1k Recordings and AK-Industry Events. They started to work toghether in Switzerland as AK-Industry in 2006. Remixing I:Gor's GangBang tune on his first full length EP "The Art of Distortion", they got their first release out on Strike Records in '08.

  • Alex Kid

    (2,678 listeners)

    techno, minimal, tech-house

  • Alphaverb

    (10,260 listeners)

    hardstyle, techno, electronic, avio

    For him there has always been a love for electronic dance music. The first single CD he ever bought was “DJ Jose vs G-Spot - Wrong Is Right”, this is a track he can still enjoys.

  • Alpha²

    (9,466 listeners)

    hardstyle, hardcore, rave, alpha2

  • Ambassador Inc.

    (2,404 listeners)

    hardstyle, spotify

    Ambassador Inc. consists of Coone & Fenix.

  • Anne Savage

    (5,062 listeners)

    hard house, electronic, dance, electronica

    Anne Savage is a leading UK hard dance DJ, playing styles including hard house, hard trance and techno. Savage is an established and popular DJ in the UK hard dance scene and plays mainly in England, but also plays around the world, such as in Ibiza. Savage has released mix albums under Telstar, Tidy Trax and Ministry Of Sound.

  • Art of FightersUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (25,580 listeners)

    hardcore, gabber, hardcore techno, italian hardcore

    Art of Fighters started out in Brescia (Italy) in 1997, from the idea of 3 guys: Cristian Nardelli, Matteo Pitossi and Luca Lorini.

  • Audiofreq

    (5,758 listeners)

    hardstyle, experimental, elektro-jump-hardstyle, audiofreq

    Audiofreq or better known as 'Bioweapon' or Sam Gonzalez needs no introduction to the hardstyle scene, being one of the most recognizable and infectiously passionate artists to date.

  • Bass Chaserz

    (54 listeners)

  • Bass Modulators

    (17,077 listeners)

    hardstyle, techno, hardbass, electronic

    Bass Modulators is a cooperation between Roland Evers and Rick Buijtenhek which started in 2006. Two friends since high school, both with a great passion for music, started their musical career both in their own way. Rick began to produce mostly trance and hardtrance music at the age of 17.

  • Bastard

    (8,587 listeners)

    hardcore, crust, japanese hardcore, punk

    There are at least 8 bands with this name. Note: There also is a French rock band with the same name but different spelling - Bästard.) 1. A short lived but legendary crust punk / d-beat band from Japan. 2. Death metal band based in Iceland. 3. An alternative rock band from Argentina formerly known as Blood Thirsty Bastards.

  • Bestien

    (1,606 listeners)

    hardstyle, french tek, tekstyle, all

  • Bootsman2Bootsman

    (0 listeners)

  • Bountyhunter

    (1,310 listeners)

    hardstyle, electronic, rave, hardcore techno

  • Brennan Heart

    (65,844 listeners)

    hardstyle, electronic, hardbass, hardcore

    Biography was taken from official Brennan Heart site: www.brennanheart.com Fabian Bohn (28), better known as Brennan Heart has been active as a DJ and producer for several years now. At age 14, his passion for electronic music started to grow. Within a few years he learned to master all facets of studio technique and producing.

  • Brian Sanhaji

    (6,107 listeners)

    techno, minimal techno, minimal, electronic

  • Buzz Fuzz

    (3,329 listeners)

    gabber, hardcore, electronic, dutch

    Mark Vos is aHardcore DJ and producer from Holland. His career began in the clubs in 1986, leading to his notoriety. With The Prophet, DJ Dano and later on DJ Gizmo, Buzz Fuzz formed The Dreamteam, which was the base for Dreamteam Productions. A talented producer, he contributes largely to the Dutch hardcore scene, and is known for using various aliases for both DJing and Producing.

  • Carita La Niña

    (1,593 listeners)

    electronic, deep house, under 2000 listeners, mc amsterdam

  • Code BlackUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (12,085 listeners)

    hardstyle, voices, fusion, brennan heart

    Code Black (real name Corey Soljan) is a hardstyle producer from Sydney, Australia. He came to prominence with Sam Gonzalez (also known as Audiofreq) in the hardstyle collaboration known as Bioweapon.

  • Coone

    (30,422 listeners)

    hardstyle, jumpstyle, belgium, hardcore

    From a young age, Coone born on the 30th of May 1983, has been mesmerized by music in all its different shapes and forms.

  • Counterfeit

    (3,076 listeners)

    hardcore, gabber, darkcore, industrial hardcore

    There are 3 artists by this name: 1) Kevin Van Den Brink a hardcore/darkcore producer from Holland. 2) A band from Lyon (France) with a progressive rock influenced by Tool, Isis, Neurosis. Official website www.counterfeit-band.com

  • Critical Mass

    (26,342 listeners)

    happy hardcore, hardcore, rave, electronic

    Disambiguation; There are 7 Groups with the same name. 1) A death metal band from Poland started in 2004; 2) A rave/happy hardcore group from The Netherlands, popular in the Mid-Nineties.

  • Crypsis

    (10,256 listeners)

    hardstyle, thrash metal, dutch, dutch hardstyle

    There are more than 1 band/artist with this name: 1. DJ Crypsis, who is also known as Grzegorz Luzynski, was born in Zielona Gora (Poland), in 1985. When he was 6, his parents decided to go to Holland, to Denekamp to be precise.

  • Da Tweekaz

    (21,910 listeners)

    hardstyle, norwegian, techno, underground

    If we go way back, it all began with a simple mixer and a set of cd-decks (pretty obvious huh?). Marcus Nordli and Kenth Kvien got their interest in electronical music way back as youngsters, looking up at the major djs. As time flew by, the both started djing and met up at a local party here in Oslo, Norway (2004).

  • Davoodi

    (2,490 listeners)

    jumpstyle, stompy, ghetto tech, french tek

  • DaY-már

    (282 listeners)

    hardcore, industrial, darkcore, seen live

    Real Name: Dagmar Otto Profile: Dutch Hardcore DJ, born May 24th, 1984. Dagmar started DJing in 2003, and had her breakthrough with her appearance on the Masters Of Hardcore party at Thialf Heerenveen in April 2005. Links: www.djdaymar.nl

  • De Cultuurbarbaren

    (44 listeners)

    electro, dubstep, drum n bass

    De Cultuurbarbaren are from a town called Venray, the Netherlands. Heavily doused in electro house, dubstep, acid techno, glitch, heavy rock, indie rock and hip-hop they produce a wide variety of music and sets, which are at it's best in a live setting.

  • Deetox

    (680 listeners)

  • Demoniak

    (3,722 listeners)

    jumpstyle, belgian, elektro-jump-hardstyle, hardstyle

  • Digital Punk

    (7,314 listeners)

    hardstyle, dutch, hardbass, spotify

    Digital Punk, born as René de Bruijn in 1985, in Dordrecht, has become a respected DJ/Producer in the Hardstyle scene. With his own recognizable sound and unique DJ sets this energetic DJ knows how to get the crowds wild and euphoric, time and time again, which results in a growing number of followers.

  • Dimavi

    (230 listeners)

    techno, acid, hard trance, hardstyle

  • Dock 45

    (24 listeners)

  • Dr. RudeUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (6,730 listeners)

    hardstyle, jumpstyle, techno, hardbass

    Dr. Rude – Always ready to operate On the 16th of November 1982, it was time for one of the biggest multi-talented DJ’s to check out what it would be like to be on planet Earth.

  • Dub Elements

    (7,147 listeners)

    drum and bass, techstep, breakbeat, technoid

    Dub Elements have been considered by many as one of the most versatile and promising DnB producers established in Spain since their formation in 2007, but today they also decided to make an effort to enter the Break Beat scene.

  • Evanti

    (2,448 listeners)

    hardstyle, hard trance, schranz, psychedelic

    Evanti started producing music almost ten years ago. During that time he developed a specific kind of music.He hooked up with DJ Thilo and started producing a combination of techno with hardstyle.

  • F&E

    (11 listeners)

  • F8trix

    (2,124 listeners)

    hardstyle, electronic, general club dance

  • Fabian Kempe

    (119 listeners)

    dub techno, techno, deep

  • Fanny West

    (24 listeners)

  • Fausto

    (9,939 listeners)

    portuguese, portugal, folk, hardstyle

    There are currently 3 musicians known as "Fausto" 1. Carlos Fausto Bordalo Dias, widely known as Fausto, is a Portuguese singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist born in 1948. 2. A Dutch DJ, born in 1970, Amsterdam. 3. British Hardcore/Hatemosh. The two track demo, 'The Racecar demo' recorded and released in 2012.


    (6,340 listeners)

    jumpstyle, rap, hip-hop, hardstyle

  • Flamman & Abraxas

    (7,653 listeners)

    happy hardcore, hardcore, all, gabber

    Flamman & Abraxas were a popular dutch hardcore group during the 1990's

  • Franz & Shape

    (6,367 listeners)

    electro, electronic, electroclash, minimal

    Franz & Shape are the Italian deejay/producer Francesco Spazzoli and the sound engineer Chris Shape, releasing on Headman/Manhead's label Relish Records. Their musical influences come mainly from the new wave and electronic scene of the 80's. Their live performance is characterised by their unique slamming electro touch with synths and samplers.

  • Frontliner

    (47,154 listeners)

    hardstyle, jumpstyle, hardcore, scantraxx

    Dutch hardstyle DJ and producer Frontliner (Barry Drooger, born 1984) is well known for his versatile approach to the genre.

  • Gave

    (604 listeners)

    elektro-jump-hardstyle, jumpstyle

  • Geck-o

    (4,465 listeners)

    hardstyle, acid, hardtrance, under 2000 listeners

    Geck-o is the artistname of Rik van Dam from the Netherlands. Born in 1989 his love for electronic dance music developed at a young age. He learned to play keyboard and he got into (hard) trance. With the coming of labels like Uberdruck and Tracid Traxx he got hooked to the early sounds of Hardstyle and he started to produce.

  • Gunz For Hire

    (8,003 listeners)

    hardstyle, raw hardstyle, electronic, netherlands

    In early 2011 an underground alliance was formed in the shadows. Two colossal hardstyle assassins with an unmatchable, intrinsic passion for music joined forces and fused together years of sonic creation. The collaboration resulted in a sound unlike anything heard before: dark, hard, and unquestionably raw.

  • Hard Driver

    (5,819 listeners)

    hardstyle, hardcore, all, dirty workz

    What started as a mysterious live act, with an unparalleled energy and magic - the man behind the helmet tore through the Hardstyle scene with sheer force. A shock and awe attack bringing a new flavour to the sound we all adore.