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  • Aroma di Amore

    (1,735 listeners)

    new wave, post-punk, belgian, belgium

    NEW ALBUM 'SAMIZDAT' OUT NOW! Aroma Di Amore is a group that made a trademark out of their biting and politically inspired lyrics.

  • Berry Quincy

    (17 listeners)

  • Cara & De Kapoentjes

    (25 listeners)

  • Compact Disc Dummies

    (27 listeners)

  • Customs

    (21,211 listeners)

    post-punk, indie rock, belgian, indie

    Customs is a rock band from Leuven, Belgium, formed in 2008. A combo of four retrofuturists, known for melody, atmosphere and mathematical edge. Influences detected by several journalists include: The House of Love, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Sound, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Cocteau Twins.

  • Daan

    (30,796 listeners)

    belgian, electronic, belgium, electro

    Daan (Stuyven) is a Belgian artist who has already been active in the music business for about 20 years. He was first known for his work with alternative/experimental rock band Dead Man Ray. His first two solo albums were made while still playing with Dead Man Ray.

  • De Held

    (771 listeners)

    belgian, singer-songwriter, belgium, 2012s discoveries

    Local hero Jo Jacobs wordt groot. Na 14 jaar sleutelen aan het perfecte debuut verscheen eind januari 2012 zijn titelloze eerste album. De eerste single Typisch Belgisch Weer werd grijs gedraaid op Radio 1. De zender maakte het album ook Meteen Mee-cd. En in De Morgen werd hij als CD van de week bekroond met 5 sterren.

  • De Mens

    (24,907 listeners)

    belgian, belgium, rock, nederlandstalig

    De Mens is a Flemish rock band from Ghent. The current members of the band are Frank Vander linden, Michel De Coster, and Dirk Jans.

  • Diablo Boulevard

    (388 listeners)

    hard rock, southern rock, belgian, metal

    In one of the age's most uncertain hours, with streets on fire, random murders and the Nightwalker gaining in strength with every step he takes, a spark of dark light was raging through the old and downtrodden paths of the once glorious city of Antwerp.

  • Geike

    (2,700 listeners)

    indie pop, female vocalists, indie, belgian female vocalist

    Geike is the solo project of former Belgium based Hooverphonic singer Geike Arnaert (born in Poperinge, 13 September 1979) She left the band in 2008, after eleven years and many Belgian awards for her vocal performances, and finally released her début solo single Rope Dancer in 2011. In October 2011 she released her début album as a solo artist For The Beauty Of Confusion.

  • Guido Belcanto

    (4,652 listeners)

    nederlandstalig, levenslied, belgium, singer-songwriter

    Guido Belcanto (real name Guido Versmissen, born 23 May 1953) is a Belgian chansonnier, singing in Dutch.

  • Hong Kong Dong

    (223 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, alternative, seenlive, belgian

  • Intergalactic Lovers

    (38,637 listeners)

    indie, belgian, indie rock, alternative

    Intergalactic lovers is brought to you by a collective of four good crazy individuals from all over this globe.

  • J. Keens Balloon Flight

    (2 listeners)

  • Kapitan Korsakov

    (4,484 listeners)

    noise rock, belgian, noise, noise-rock

    Kapitan Korsakov is the band of noise rock formed in 2007 in Ghent, Belgium. The band bathe themselves in a mudpool of noisy guitars, screaming vocals and a noisy rhythm section.

  • Lauren Anny J

    (115 listeners)


  • Liesa Van Der Aa

    (2,190 listeners)

    alternative pop, belgian, eurosonic 2013, dutch

    1991. Liesa is only five years old when she first plays the violin. Bach and Mozart are her loyal companions. Along the way, the old masters have to share Liesa with contemporary artists like The Velvet Underground, Prince and Chet Baker.

  • Safi & Spreej

    (2,361 listeners)

    hiphop, belgie, vlaanderen, top notch

    Eigenlijk is het nooit de bedoeling geweest dat ze een duo zouden vormen. De Mechelse Safi (24-05-1990) en de uit Gent afkomstige Spreej (19-07-1988) timmeren namelijk al flink aan de weg als ze bijna tweeënhalf jaar geleden besluiten eens samen te werken.

  • Sarah Ferri

    (1,513 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, indie, female vocalist, piano

  • Shameboy

    (65,198 listeners)

    electro, electronic, belgium, belgian

    Shameboy (°2004) has its own, unique sound. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Sounds like electro, with the same vibe as rock. Based on tight beats, with lots of soul. And interspersed with smooth melodies as body-moving as funk.

  • Soulbrothers

    (145 listeners)

  • Statue

    (3,005 listeners)

    post hardcore, hardcore, thrash metal, post-hardcore

    There are at least three bands named Statue: 1. Alex & Chris from Chain Of Strength put forward a project that leans much closer to the Dischord sound of the mid 80's as opposed to the Minor Threat influenced Chain. The presence of early post hardcore DC bands' influence doesn't stifle their own energy.

  • Summerbummerdownerfolk

    (9 listeners)

    belgian, seen live

    Summerbummerdownerfolk is een akoestische viermansband die in augustus 2009 is ontstaan vanuit een overdaad aan elektrisch geweld. Het is een vluchtroute, een muzikaal dagboek, een open brief.

  • The Rubettes

    (113,401 listeners)

    70s, pop, glam rock, oldies

    The Rubettes were a Pop band from England assembled in 1973 by the songwriting team of Wayne Bickerton, the then head of A&R at Polydor Records, and his co-writer, Tony Waddington after their doo-wop and 1950s American pop-influenced songs had been rejected by a number of existing acts.

  • Uma

    (5,067 listeners)

    visual indies, hypnotic, rainy day music, intense

    There's more than one band with the name Uma: 1. Uma — an experimental rock band. 2. UMA — an experimental electronic pop duo from Berlin. 1.