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  • Alain Briant

    (0 listeners)

  • Ambassador21

    (13,892 listeners)

    digital hardcore, industrial, breakcore, noise

    Ambassador21 (aka Ambassador 21), is a Minsk, Belarus duo of Alexey Protasov (aka DJ Jesus Christ) and Natasha Protasov. They have played industrial music, with strong hardcore and electro punk influences, since 2001.

  • Anaïs

    (52,078 listeners)

    chanson francaise, french, female vocalists, nouvelle scene francaise

    Anaïs, full name Anaïs Croze, is a French singer. She was born in Grenoble, Isère, France on August 20, 1976. Her first album, called The Cheap Show, was recorded live in January 2004 and released in 2005. The Cheap Show, which is also a pun on peep-show, owes its title to the fact that she's the only musician on stage and makes extensive use of her JamMan pedal.

  • Bends

    (192 listeners)

  • Black Cowboys

    (7 listeners)


    (0 listeners)

  • CocoRosie

    (790,785 listeners)

    indie, experimental, female vocalists, folk

    CocoRosie is an American duo formed in 2003 by sisters Bianca "Coco" and Sierra "Rosie" Casady. The sisters were born and raised in the United States (Sierra, the older of the two, was born in Iowa, and Bianca was born in Hawaii), but formed the band in Paris, France after meeting for the first time in years.

  • Deluxe

    (133,755 listeners)

    indie, spanish indie pop, spanish, indie pop

    Deluxe is name of at least four acts: (1) French hip-hop / downtempo / funk band (2) Spain rock soloist. (3) London, UK electro / synthpop soloist. (4) Australian hip-hop soloist.

  • Devotos

    (2,914 listeners)

    hardcore, brazilian punk, brazilian, punk

    A Devotos do Ódio nasceu em fevereiro de 1988, inspirado em "Devotos do Ódio" (título de um livro de José Louseiro, sugerido por Lael, baixista da banda SS 20) e simplesmente "Devotos" desde 2000. Mantém até hoje a mesma devoção, um compromisso com eles mesmos e com a sua comunidade, "retratar o social" , mantendo a atitude ao longo da história da banda.

  • Didier Super

    (31,590 listeners)

    humour, french, chanson francaise, punk

    Didier Super, real name Olivier Haudegond, is a French author composer born in Douai in 1973. His songs are funny and sarcastic. He's a committed artist who rejects freely any form of good taste and political correctness. In his songs he makes fun of poor people, catholicism, poodles and small children who make crappy toys and don't go to school.

  • DJ :[S20]:

    (11 listeners)

  • Dj Bluff

    (2 listeners)

  • Dj conic

    (1 listener)


    (0 listeners)

  • Dj Dard

    (1 listener)

  • Guns Of Brixton

    (8,033 listeners)

    dub, post-rock, dub rock, instrumental

    French dub band, Guns of Brixton mixes with genius all dub movements.

  • Headwar

    (136 listeners)

    resimler ve hayaller, midnight stallion, progstrumental, franeker de gangstars


    (0 listeners)

  • Human Alert

    (1,248 listeners)

    punk, dutch, under 2000 listeners, rock

    www.humanalert.com Power to the anarcho rockpunk-movement of Human Alert. For years this hard-boiling punkband from Amsterdam, Holland is rocking all over the world and is famous for their political awareness and great live-shows. The ‘Bravo Boys’ tear you apart with their humour and cynical irony while they march against fascists, commonness, hypocrisy, kapitalism and 9 to 5.

  • Husbands

    (12,446 listeners)

    synthpop, keyboard synth avant, homocore, under 2000 listeners

    There are multiple artists called Husbands... 1. A collaborative from Arkansas. 2. Not to be confused with "the husbands", husbands are a london DIY drum/synth couple into self reliance, making community, organised resistance, autonomous spaces, and counter-culture art as duty not career.

  • Kabal

    (1,040 listeners)

    hip-hop, french, rap, hip hop

    At less 2 bands with the name of Kabal: Kabal is a Death metal band from Catalonia. Kabal is a french rap band from Bobigny. Members are Djamal & D' (Kabal) (sing), Professeur K & DJ Toty (music).

  • Kap Bambino

    (77,829 listeners)

    electro punk, electronic, electroclash, female vocalists

    Born in October 2001 in Bordeaux, France along with their own label WWILKO, KAP BAMBINO (Orion Bouvier and Caroline Martial) play an effective and energetic contemporary electronic music.

  • Le Milieu

    (2 listeners)

    france, spoken-word, slam, caen

  • Le Peuple de l'Herbe

    (126,945 listeners)

    dub, electronic, french, drum and bass

    A group from Lyon, France, formed in 1997. The band mixes hip hop with drum & bass, rock, dub, jungle, jazz and trip hop. They are famous for their hypnotizing live acts.

  • Les Agamemnonz

    (90 listeners)

    surf rock

    Surely these four boys have created an "Agamemnonz"-sound, new and inimitable. The phrasing of their guitars, their musicality, the originality of their arrangements, supported by a subtle rhythm, is the secret of the stunning success of these boys through the entire world.

  • Melissmell

    (3,319 listeners)

    rock, singer-songwriter, folk rock, french

    Melissmell is the moniker of French singer-songwriter and graphic designer Melanie Francette Coulet, and the name of her band. Melanie got her stage name by combining her first name, the vocal technique melisma and the name of one of her favourite songs - Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.

  • Mick Hypnotik Sensation

    (3 listeners)

  • Mon côté punk

    (5,448 listeners)

    chanson francaise, french, punk, rock

    It is a collective, regrouping several musical groups and like La Rue Ketanou, Padam or Mektoub, or individuals like Loïc Lantoine - who wrote the song that names the group.

  • Orange Blossom

    (28,489 listeners)

    electronic, world music, french, dub

    Orange Blossom is a French band that plays a mix of electronic and world music. The band was formed in Nantes in 1993 with Pierre-Jean Chabot (known as PJ Chabot) on violin and Jean-Christophe Waechter (known as Jay C.) on percussions and vocals. In 1994, Éric Chauvière (organ) joined the band and a first audio tape was recorded in september.

  • Pompier

    (36 listeners)

    rap, hip-hop, underground rap, underground hip-hop

  • Punish Yourself

    (19,345 listeners)

    industrial, cyberpunk, industrial metal, french

    Punish Yourself are an ebm / industrial metal band from France, who incorporate: hammering beats, guitar riffs, loops / samples, ambient waves & techno. Current members include: Cyril Laurent, Pierre-Laurent Clément, Sandrine Caracci, Vincent Villalon & Xavier Guionie. Former members inlclude: Bud Silva, Olivier Menini, Stéphane Vanstaen & Thierry Latt.

  • Punish Yourself vs Sonic Area

    (286 listeners)

    experimental, industrial, post-industrial, electro-industrial

    Remember about the old “United we stand, divided we fall” slogan ? Punish Yourself (“Cult Movie”, “Pink Panther Party”…) and Sonic Area (“Insensé”, “Explore”) probably had this in mind when they decided to join forces on a common record.

  • Puppetmastaz

    (36,909 listeners)

    hip-hop, hip hop, german, hip-hop for people who do not like hip-hop

    The unfinished Story of the Puppetmastaz goes a little something like this: In the early 1990´s, when fat producers and brown bankers were casting innocent boys to clone teenage hysteria, the Puppetmastaz decided to form a toygroup. Often described as Hip Hop, the Mastaz stand firm in frameless puppetstyle.

  • R2jeux

    (561 listeners)

    dub, electro-dub, french, electronic

  • Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

    (24,040 listeners)

    rockabilly, portland, indie, indie rock

    Sallie Ford is originally from Asheville, NC. She moved to Portland, OR in October 2006. She started writing songs soon after. In April 2007, she met Ford Tennis, Tyler Tornfelt and Jeff Munger and they became The Sound Outside!

  • Sanseverino

    (76,732 listeners)

    french, chanson francaise, swing, jazz

    Stéphane Sanseverino, born in 1962, traces his Italian origins back to his grandparents, a pair of enterprising Neapolitans who emigrated to France in the 1950s.

  • seal of quality

    (8,743 listeners)

    chiptune, 8-bit, bitpop, vocoder

    seal of quality produces a unique sound covering most forms of electronic music often backed up by robotic vocals. http://www.seal-of-quality.net http://www.myspace.com/sealofquality

  • Simja Dujov

    (31 listeners)

  • Sonic Area

    (6,246 listeners)

    experimental, noise, ambient, industrial

    Cofounder of the audiotrauma collective. Formed in 1997. More than an experiment Sonic Area is a quest which tends to enlarge the doors of a living and therefore unpredictable sound universe. Carved with sampler, groove box and computer modifications, it's a disturbed and instinctive project which perceives each sound as the curve of a space.

  • Syntax Error

    (7,208 listeners)

    psytrance, darkpsy, electronic, hardcore

    There are several musical projects named Syntax Error. (1) An experimental music and media project based in Toronto, Canada. Members: Isosceles_CAT (Programming, Sequencing, Sound Design) & Jaf (Bass, Sound Design, Loops)

  • Sytri-x

    (97 listeners)

    hardtek, tekno, tribe, hardtekno


    (0 listeners)

  • The Trailer Trash Orchestra

    (93 listeners)

    cover, cramps, rifa, yorx


    (89 listeners)