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  • Killswitch Engage

    (1,133,045 listeners)

    metalcore, metal, hardcore, melodic death metal

    Killswitch Engage is a metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts, United States. Formed in 1999 after the disbandment of Overcast and Aftershock.

  • Trivium

    (915,208 listeners)

    metalcore, thrash metal, metal, heavy metal

    Trivium is a heavy metal band which formed in Orlando, Florida, United States in 2000. The band currently consists of Matt Heafy (vocals, guitar), Corey Beaulieu (guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass) and Mat Madiro (drums). Heafy is the band's only remaining original member. Since their formation, the band has released six studio albums.

  • Five Finger Death Punch

    (846,762 listeners)

    metalcore, groove metal, metal, thrash metal

    Five Finger Death Punch were formed in 2005 by guitarist Zoltan Bathory (formerly of U.P.O.). The American Capitalist Songfacts states that Bathory came up with the name after being amused by a scene involving a five finger punch in Kill Bill 2. Other members recruited to the band include former Motograter & Ghost Machine vocalist Ivan Moody, former W.

  • Shadows Fall

    (352,195 listeners)

    metalcore, metal, thrash metal, melodic death metal

    Shadows Fall formed in 1996 in Springfield, Massachusetts and rose up as a prominent member of the bustling Massachusetts metal and hardcore scene that has recently produced bands such as Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, and Unearth. Guitar duo Jonathan Donais and Matt Bachand got together in '96 and had the original lineup complete within a year.

  • Emmure

    (258,300 listeners)

    metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, moshcore

    Emmure is an American deathcore band formed in 2003. Originally based in New Fairfield, Connecticut, but now residing in Queens, New York, the group has a total of seven releases.

  • God Forbid

    (171,382 listeners)

    metalcore, metal, thrash metal, melodic death metal

    God Forbid is a metalcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey that was formed in 1998. Their style is different than the styles presented by other, popular metalcore bands: God Forbid's influences are deep-rooted in thrash metal.

  • Pop Evil

    (115,948 listeners)

    post-grunge, alternative rock, hard rock, rock

    In January 2010, the band announced that they are heading back into the studio to record a new album, which is titled War of Angels, scheduled to be released in February 8th, 2011.[1]

  • Janus

    (49,483 listeners)

    gothic, darkwave, german, industrial

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Janus were a UK band who had much more success in Germany than in their home country. Hard rock was the name of the game, and it is exemplified perfectly in the opening track to their sole 1972 album. 'Red Sun' is the song that prompted me to get the album after I heard it on a compilation tape some years ago.

  • Otherwise

    (24,706 listeners)

    alternative metal, hard rock, alternative rock, post-grunge

    Otherwise is a hard rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They have produced two albums and an EP. Their album True Love Never Dies was produced by Jay Baumgardner. --------------------------------- Discography - Otherwise

  • Red Line Chemistry

    (10,888 listeners)

    post-grunge, hard rock, alternative rock, rock

    In late 2004, Red Line Chemistry emerged and was immediately embraced by the masses and has since seen regular play on multiple radio stations throughout the Midwest.

  • Battlecross

    (8,536 listeners)

    melodic death metal, thrash metal, metal, power metal

    Battlecross play a technical and brutal blend of Thrash & Death for metalheads of the old and new alike.

  • Wayland

    (968 listeners)

    power metal, alternative, alternative rock, pop rock

    Formerly known as "Whiskey Circus", Wayland is a rock n' roll band named after their home town area in Wayland, Michigan. Their music is similar to that of a modern day version of Journey meets The Black Crowes. Band influences are Journey, Led Zeppelin, The Killers, Kings of Leon.