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  • Eric Prydz

    (693,802 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, trance

    Eric Prydz is a Swedish DJ and producer best known for his 2004 hit single "Call On Me", his remix of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" (known as "Proper Education") and more recently the anthem "Pjanoo".

  • Nero

    (776,623 listeners)

    dubstep, drum and bass, electronic, dnb

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Dubstep and Drum and Bass producers from UK. 2. Rap artist from New York, USA. 3. Hardcore Techno alias of Alec Empire 4. Alternative Rock band From Ireland.

  • Eva Simons

    (297,418 listeners)

    pop, dance, electronic, electro

    Amsterdam-born singer Eva Simons hails from a long line of musicians with a pianist-father, trumpeter step-father, and vocalist mother.

  • Bingo Players

    (306,476 listeners)

    house, electronic, techno, dirty house

    Bingo Players (Paul Bäumer & Maarten Hoogstraten) have been left gasping for air after a seriously hectic year with bookings in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • Excision

    (295,487 listeners)

    dubstep, darkstep, electronic, grime

    There are at least five artists called Excision. 1) Excision is the alias of Jeff Abel, an electronic musician from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. A producer of dubstep, drum and bass, and breakbeat, Abel is known for his dark, bass-heavy music, incorporating the morphing basslines of drum and bass, the aggressive energy of metal, and the laid-back vibes of hip-hop.

  • Madeon

    (308,677 listeners)

    electronic, dance, french, disco house

    "Madeon is a french electronic musician who talks about himself in the third person - what a snob." ~ Hugo Leclercq (Madeon)

  • Showtek

    (197,196 listeners)

    hardstyle, techno, jumpstyle, hardbass

    Showtek brothers Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen are called world dominators leaving their mark wherever they go.

  • Rye Rye

    (142,065 listeners)

    hip-hop, electronic, female vocalists, rap

    Rye Rye (b. Ryeisha Berrain aka RyeRye), is a rapper from Baltimore, MD, USA. She met Blaqstarr, a friend of her sister's, and worked with him on her early material. She met M.I.A. in a studio after M.I.A. overheard one of Rye Rye's songs. She then worked with Diplo to make Wassup Wassup and other songs including: "Gangsta Girl", "Hardcore Girls" (with The Count & Sinden), and "Reasons".

  • Arty

    (122,630 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, electronic, anjunabeats

    Artem Stolyarov, or Arty for short, is one of a rising breed of Russian trance producers now starting to make their mark on the scene.


    (113,414 listeners)

    electronic, house, electro house, electro

    DVBBS is an electro/house duo from Orangeville, Canada. Alex & Chris write and produce bangers that are sure to keep the party going.

  • Le Castle Vania

    (66,709 listeners)

    electro, electronic, disco punk, dance

    http://www.lecastlevania.com http://www.facebook.com/LeCastleVania http://www.myspace.com/castlevaniadisco http://twitter.com/LeCastleVania

  • Audrey Napoleon

    (6,379 listeners)

    underground pop, female vocalists, techno, pop

    Audrey Napoleon is a new arrival to the hallowed halls of dance-music production—she released her first track at the end of 2010—but she’s an established force behind the decks, thanks to her residencies at Los Angeles’ Avalon nightclub and the Music Box.

  • Stephan Jacobs

    (5,677 listeners)

    dubstep, dub, beats, all

  • The Eye

    (2,638 listeners)

    black metal, atmospheric black metal, ambient black metal, french

    Formed in Mondeville, Lower Normandy, France, The Eye is a side-project of Vindsval, a member of Blut aus Nord. Much like the early Blut aus Nord albums, Vindsval recorded everything on his own, and the style of music is quite similar to that of the first two BaN albums and of his other side-projects including Vlad and Children of Mäani.

  • JDevil

    (510 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, electronic rock, rave

    JDevil is the satanic electronic side project of Jonathan Davis from Bakersfield, who is best known as the vocalist and frontman of nu metal band Korn. The project begain in 2012. He has uploaded two JDevil tracks to his official SoundCloud, "JDevil feat Datsik and Downlink - Lick Me" and "HUORATRON - Bug Party (JDevil Catholic Nun Remix)".