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  • 30Y

    (13,573 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, indie, alternative rock

    30Y is a Hungarian alternative band from the city of Pécs. Established in 2000, over the years they became permanent performers at clubs and summer festivals in Hungary. The band is formed from the band Körök (Circles/Rounds). The band name (30Y) is a song title from Körök. The song is about travelling by bus. 30Y was a busline in a hungarian city, Szombathely.

  • A Kutya Vacsorája

    (647 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, jazzy, lo-fi

    A kutya vacsorája (The Dog's Dinner in english) was formed in 2003 by Livius Varga also known from Quimby.

  • Akkezdet Phiai

    (5,544 listeners)

    hip-hop, hungarian, underground hip-hop, rap

    Ujonc (Rookie) and Saiid started writin beats and lyrics in 1996 as HTA (Higher Tone Alliance). First lyrics were in English, then after about a year, they chose to use their mother tounge for rapping, thus the name had to be changed to Hungarian too, so the group's name was finally changed to Akkezdet Phiai (Sons of Outset) in 1999.


    (0 listeners)

  • Blind Myself

    (2,796 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, hungarian, metal

    -Greg Toth (singer of the band) is the HOST and PRODUCER of the Hungarian HEADBANGERS BALL. He’s VJing other MTV shows as well

  • Brains

    (10,012 listeners)

    drum and bass, ragga, ragga-jungle, hungarian

    There are three acts with the name Brains - a Hungarian ragga/drum 'n' bass act, a punk band from Dunedin, New Zealand (bandcamp) and a rock band from Cork, Ireland.

  • Budapest Bár

    (3,150 listeners)

    jazz, hungarian, gypsy, salon

    A Budapest Bár Farkas Róbert zenekara és projektje, amely egy pár éve létező formáció: igényes szalonzenét, jazzt és cigányzenét játszanak. Farkas Robertet a Besh o dromból, a Romano Dromból és a Kistehén tánczenekarból ismerheti a közönség. A Száztagú Cigányzenekar prímásaként kezdte pályafutását, de néhány éve nagyon sok műfajban otthonosan mozog.

  • Bëlga

    (12,731 listeners)

    hungarian, hip-hop, rap, comedy

    Founded in 1998, Bëlga is a popular Hungarian underground quartet playing mainly hip-hop, with a load of comedy relief and parody, criticizing the society and fans. Members are: Bauxit, Mégötlövés, Titusz, Tokyo.

  • Chew Lips

    (129,705 listeners)

    electronic, electropop, indie, female vocalists

    Chew Lips are three kids - Tigs (vocals), James Watkins (bass, synths) and Will Sanderson (guitar, synths) - from London who play infectious lo-fi tech tunes and have been together since about March 2008. They have released two singles, the self-produced 'Solo' and its follow-up, 'Salt Air', through Kitsune, and their debut album, 'Unicorn,' came out in January 2010.

  • Drastik Putto

    (10 listeners)

  • DSP

    (8,500 listeners)

    hip-hop, ninja tune, psytrance, hungarian hip-hop

    Various artists named DSP. 1. DSP is the new name for Dynamic Syncopation 2. DSP is also the name of a Hungarian hip-hop trio. 3. DSP is also a remixer from Japan.

  • Esti Kornél

    (1,149 listeners)

    indie, hungarian, grunge, indie rock

    az esti kornélt 2006 nyarán alapította néhány mezőtúri gimnazista egy önkényesen próbateremmé átalakított mélygarázsban.

  • Európa Kiadó

    (1,632 listeners)

    hungarian, underground, alternative, 80s

    Európa Kiadó is a Hungarian underground band, which was mostly popular during the 1980's. The name literally translates as Europe Publishers - the name of a prominent Hungarian publishing house - but an alternative interpretation is readily available as 'kiadó' also means ' to let/for rent'.

  • Ferenczi György és a Rackajam

    (287 listeners)

    blues, hungarian, country, folk

    http://www.rackajam.hu/ http://www.myspace.com/rackajam

  • FISH!

    (2,183 listeners)

    hungarian, rock, funk, hard rock

    Funk rock/metal band from Hungary. Their sound is comparable to Faith No More, Hoobastank, Incubus. Official homepage: http://www.fishonline.hu/ There's also a british rock band called with the same name. They released two EPs.

  • Ganxsta Zolee

    (243 listeners)

    rap, hip-hop, hungarian, magyar

    The original name of this band is "Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel".

  • Grand Mexican Warlock

    (326 listeners)

    progressive rock, psychedelic rock, alternative rock, hungarian

    The band with the mysterious name was founded by Laci Szabó (ex-The Idoru), who now you can see playing the guitar instead of banging the drums, but beside that he is responsible for the songs and the unique sound of the band.

  • Halott Pénz

    (1,253 listeners)

    hiphop, all, hungarian, hungary

    Avantgárd hip-hop, vagy gitár riffekkel operáló intelligens party-himnusz? A pécsi Marsalkó Dávid szólóprojektjeként indult Halott Pénz mára hétfős élőzenekar, a hazai hip-hop színtér üde színfoltjából, pedig egyre inkább a legjobb élőzenés klubok és fesztiválszínpadok állandó vendége.

  • Heaven Street Seven

    (9,740 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, britpop, rock

    Popular indie/britpop band of Hungary. After several years of planning, and playing acoustic teahouse gigs, as well as several ametuer demo recordings made in the girls showers at the college, the band known as Heaven Street Seven came into being in 1995.

  • Hõsök

    (315 listeners)

    rap, hip-hop, hungarian, hungarian rap

  • Inspector Cluzo

    (29 listeners)

    seen live

  • Intim Torna Illegál

    (2,027 listeners)

    alternative, hungarian, rock, folk rock

    Intim Torna Illegál is a Hungarian alternative rock group. It was founded in 2010 in Budapest, Hungary by Dorogi Péter, Kiss Sándor, Gálos Ádám, and Nádasdi János. The band has released the following albums: Cirkusz (2010), Kísérlet (2012). Its official website provides lyrics and information about upcoming concerts.

  • Irie MaffiaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (9,923 listeners)

    reggae, hungarian, ragga, hip-hop

    Irie Maffia Being formed in 2005, Irie Maffia soon became a firm favourite with the young party-goers of Budapest, which can hardly be considered a surprise given the powerful medley of reggae, hip-hop, rock and funk they play, and the impressive line-up in terms of the Hungarian underground-music scene.

  • Isten Háta Mögött

    (3,230 listeners)

    progressive metal, hungarian, experimental, stoner

    Isten Háta Mögött is a hungarian unlabelable band, formed in 1999. Their name is a reference to a hungarian quote, which is used to describe abandoned or wasted places. It can be translated best as "Behind God's Back".

  • Jazzékiel

    (1,130 listeners)

    hungarian, hip-hop, jazz, hiphop

    Jazzekiel are a jazz-hiphop band from Dunaújváros, Hungary since 2001. They first popular song was the Az Utolsó Lemezlovag on their EP Legenda. Their genuine genre made them unforgettable, like they mix jazz, hip-hop, latin grooves in the songs.

  • Kaláka

    (1,228 listeners)

    hungarian, folk, folk rock, magyar

    The Kaláka music band was formed in 1969 in Budapest. The name "kaláka" means "work done together, helping each other out", originally applied to house building in Transylvania. Members and musical instruments: Becze Gábor: double-bass, guitar Gryllus Dániel: flutes, zither, panpipe, clarinet, revealing, bagpipe

  • Kelemen Kabátban

    (790 listeners)

    hungarian, funny, soul, sexy

    Kelemen Kabátban (Kelemen in the Coat) is a Hungarian comedy-trash-hip-hop country-r&b-pop band consisting of two members: M-PAPA and Szerecsenkirály. http://kelemenkabatban.blog.hu/ http://soundcloud.com/kelemenkabatban

  • Kipu

    (42 listeners)

    seen live

    A Kipu zenekart 3 fiatal srác alapította Velencén, 2006 nyarán Fekete Gyula – ének, gitár Katona Attila – basszusgitár Riethmüller Róbert – dob

  • Kiscsillag

    (6,002 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, alternative rock, rock

    Kiscsillag is a rock band formed in 2005, in Hungary. Kiscsillag means "Little star", but it can be also used as a form of address. The name may also be a reminiscence to an early song - Kicsi csillag - of Kispál és a Borz.

  • Kistehén

    (1,331 listeners)

    alternative, hungarian, funny, folk

    The punk intellectual who talks to the animals BIOGRAPHY The current political crisis in the EU and the mass protests on the streets in his home country throw light on what a vital voice Lazlo is – not just for Hungary, but for all of us.

  • Konyha

    (186 listeners)

    indie, alternative, alternative rock, indie rock

    Konyha (in english: Kitchen) is a eclectic pop/alternative band with three members, Márk Badics (drums), Attila Herr (bass guitar) and Mátyás Szepesei (vocals, guitar). Their music is a mixture of lots of retro styles from soul to garage rock.

  • Képzelt Város

    (4,969 listeners)

    post-rock, hungarian, experimental, indie

    Képzelt Város is a hungarian alternative, experimental, indie, post-rock band, which was formed in Budapest in 2005 by four architects. Current members: Gyöngyi Barta, Ákos Kovács, Márton Miskolczi, Máté Győrffy, Szilveszter Kocsis and Dániel Gál. Be our friend on facebook.

  • Longital

    (6,656 listeners)

    slovak, alternative, indie, electronic

    Longital are Shina Lo (Šina) - vocal and bass Yatnolas (Daniel Salontay) - vocal, guitars, bow and the virtual Xi Di Nim - organic electronics: ambient sounds, loops & samples, toys, touchscreen Lemur Jazz Mutant

  • Magashegyi Underground

    (5,942 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, alternative rock, magyar

    Magashegyi Underground is a Hungarian alternative pop group. It began as the side project of Kardos-Horváth János, the lead singer of the alternative-rock group Kaukázus. Now the group comprises Bocskor Bíborka (vocals), Demeter Zoltán (bass), Fodor Máriusz (keyboards), Fűrész Gabor (guitar), Szalai Anesz (vocals), and Toldi Miklós (drums).

  • Marionette ID

    (3,329 listeners)

    post-rock, indie, hungarian, post-hardcore

    Marionette ID new songs from the new album Alluvion are available here.

  • Marlboro Man

    (69 listeners)

  • Maybeshewill

    (233,615 listeners)

    post-rock, instrumental, experimental, math rock

    Maybeshewill are an instrumental band based in Leicestershire, UK where they were formed in 2005. They are James Collins (drums), Matt Daly (keyboards) , John Helps (guitar), Robin Southby (guitar) and Jamie Ward (bass). They’ve worked tirelessly over the last five years through endless touring and three full-length albums to build a loyal and enthusiastic following across the world.

  • Modestep

    (341,653 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, chillstep, uk

    Modestep is a band from North London, England which formed in 2010 . The band started with Josh Friend {Vocals / Production / Keys}, Tony Friend {Turntables / Production / Guitar}, Matthew Curtis {Drums & Percussion} and Nick Tsang {Guitar}.

  • Nemjuci

    (1,283 listeners)

    indie, hungarian, pop, female vocalists

    Nemjuci is a hungarian rock band formed in 2008. The lead member and singer of the group is Judit Németh, previously member of Anima Sound System (famous electronic/folk/dub band of Hungary). Other members of Nemjuci: Tamás Faragó (guitar), Máté Fischer (bass), Áron Szabó (drums).

  • Népi papa és a Haverok

    (79 listeners)

    post-punk, indie, seen live

    "Tulajdonképpen ez egy gimnáziumi zenekar, csak 15 évet késtünk a megalakulással.” A geek chic fogalmát simán kimerítő Népi Papa és a Haverok is házibulikon és indie-táncesteken lép fel, tagjai között prominens újságíró és indie-zenész egyaránt megtalálható.

  • Odett

    (1,023 listeners)

    hungarian, magyar, female vocalist, pop

    Polgár Odett (born September 8, 1988 in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary), known by her stage name Odett, is a Hungarian pop singer-songwriter.

  • Paso

    (2,143 listeners)

    ska, hungarian, pannonia allstars ska orchestra, hungarian ska

    This is an incorrect tag for Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do last.fm and yourself a favor. Fix your artist tags.

  • Psycho Mutants

    (625 listeners)

    psychobilly, swing, country and western, alt-country

    If anybody is still trying to define the style of their music, the Psycho Mutants have long ago given up.

  • Punnany Massif

    (4,664 listeners)

    hip-hop, hungarian, underground hip-hop, hungarian hip-hop

    A "Punnany" a Jamaicában beszélt pathois nyelven "nőket" jelent - finoman szólva. A "massif" pedig annyit tesz: csoportosulás. Olyan mint a "gang", vagy a "crew".

  • Pál Utcai Fiúk

    (6,068 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, alternative rock, rock

    Pál Utcai Fiúk is one of the most popular hungarian rock band. It was founded on the summer of 1983 by friends and schoolmates in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary. The founders (who are still members today) are: Leskovics Gábor (guitar, vocals), Potondi Anikó (vocals). Apart from them several drummers, saxophonists and guitarists contributed to the band's successes during the years.

  • Péterfy Bori & Love Band

    (14,565 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, female vocalists, pop

    Péterfy Bori & Love Band is a Hungarian alternative rock band founded in 2007. As of 2012, they have released four studio albums.

  • Quimby

    (18,515 listeners)

    hungarian, alternative, alternative rock, rock

    Quimby has its root in one of the biggest industrial cities of western Hungary. The band members met during their high school years in Dunaújváros, Hungary at the end of the eighties and played covers of their favorite artists under the moniker October.

  • RATM Tribute

    (0 listeners)

  • renk

    (213 listeners)

  • Ripoff Raskolnikov

    (157 listeners)

    blues, singer-songwriter, seen live

    Both an accomplished blues guitar player and a prolific singer/songwriter, Austrian-based Ripoff Raskolnikov must be considered one of the most idiosyncratic figures on the European blues scene. Like thousands of his colleagues, he admires and reveres such blues greats as Blind Willie McTell, Skip James, Robert Johnson or John Lee Hooker.