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  • Avtomat

    (359 listeners)

    electropop, electronic, alternative, electroclash

    Avtomat is an audiovisual project born in 2005 in the head of a Polish graphic designer, DJ and vocalist - Kajetan Łukomski. It combines humane melodies, vocals and harmonies with a punk-inspired energy and a distorted sound.

  • Bloodgroup

    (33,137 listeners)

    electronic, icelandic, synthpop, indie

    Having released one of the very best albums of 2009 in Iceland according to critics and others alike, Bloodgroup have risen from making simple electro pop in run-down houses in East-Iceland to something much bigger.

  • Julia Marcell

    (72,247 listeners)

    female vocalists, polish, piano, acoustic

    Julia Marcell is a singer-songwriter from Poland who currently resides in Germany. Julia Marcell composed since she was 14 years old, and circa 2007 she learned how to play the piano. In 2007 she released her first album, the extended play Storm EP, which featured piano oriented compositions with string arrangements.

  • Koncert na Ścianie

    (0 listeners)

  • Krojc

    (612 listeners)

    electronica, experimental, polish, electronic

  • Mammoth

    (4,483 listeners)

    post-metal, post-rock, rock, sludge

    There are 4 bands that share the name Mammoth and one band formerly known as Mammoth: (UK) 1. After the split of Gillan in 1982, the bearded John McCoy (bass guitar; 19 stone) recruited session musicians 'Tubby' Vinnie Reed (drums; 22 stone), 'Big' Mac Baker (guitars; 24 stone) and Nicky Moore (vocals; 20 stone and 5'6") for his solo project.