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  • 12th Planet

    (81,776 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, experimental, hip-hop

    Born in Los Angeles in 1982, John Dadzie aka Infiltrata aka 12th Planet prescribes a transatlantic flavour to Med School.

  • Alvin Risk

    (40,595 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, electro, electro house

    Singer/ Producer / DJ http://alvinrisk.com http://facebook.com/alvinrisk http://twitter.com/alvinrisk

  • Archnemesis

    (8,950 listeners)

    dubstep, glitch hop, bass, electronic

    Formed as the musical brainchild of Justin Aubuchon and Curt Heiny, Archnemesis creates its distinctive sound by combining original music with samples ranging from early 20’s blues and jazz to modern hip-hop and soul.

  • Bassnectar

    (508,422 listeners)

    dubstep, breakbeat, electronic, glitch

    Bassnectar is the stage name of Lorin Ashton, a freeform electronic music producer and DJ based in Santa Cruz, California. He is best known for his live performances, light shows, and community engagement. He made his debut in 2001 with the release of his debut studio album Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks

  • Big Gigantic

    (103,023 listeners)

    electronic, dubstep, trip hop, chillout

    One thing Dominic Lalli (Motet saxophonist/producer) is not afraid of is trying new things. Big Gigantic is Lalli’s latest project that showcases an array of gripping compositions combining elements of a DJ and a live band setup. Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken, mix thoughtful melodic ideas, with pulsating dance tunes, sure to energize the dance floor.

  • Excision

    (295,382 listeners)

    dubstep, darkstep, electronic, grime

    There are at least five artists called Excision. 1) Excision is the alias of Jeff Abel, an electronic musician from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. A producer of dubstep, drum and bass, and breakbeat, Abel is known for his dark, bass-heavy music, incorporating the morphing basslines of drum and bass, the aggressive energy of metal, and the laid-back vibes of hip-hop.

  • Feed Me

    (436,024 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, electro, house

    There is more than one artist called Feed Me. 1) Feed Me is Jon Gooch (AKA Spor)'s electro house project. The first release by Feed Me was 'Mordez Moi', on Noisia's Division label, the second was 'The Spell / Raw Chicken' released on Mau5trap.

  • MantisUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (13,359 listeners)

    dubstep, deathstep, psychedelic rock, stoner rock

    1) Mantis is a prog rock band from 1973 that has become a real lost gem from the likes of such great songs like eyes of fire . If you can not find the tune here than input mantis eyes of fire into your you tube browser and you will then understand what i mean by a real lost gem.

  • MiM0SA

    (22,060 listeners)

    dubstep, dub, electronic, idm

    MiM0SA, aka Tigran Mkhitaryan, is an Armenian-born electronic music producer who spent most of his life in Oakland & Los Angeles. His albums include: FUTURE TRiLL Vol.1, Hostilis, Flux for Life, Psychedelic Stereo, Silver Lining, 58 Degrees, and Sanctuary.

  • Paul Basic

    (11,109 listeners)

    electronic, breakbeat, downtempo, chillout

    From the artists page on http://www.prettylightsmusic.com/therecordlabel Over the last several years, Colorado producer Paul Basic (Paul Brandt) has developed his own brand of beats fusing dusty samples with hard hitting drums and razor-sharp basslines.

  • Savoy

    (63,674 listeners)

    norwegian, rock, a-ha, indie

    * Official MySpace There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Savoy is an electronic trio based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Made up by Ben Eberdt, Gray Smith and Mike Kelly, the band has played all over the United States. Their MySpace is http://www.myspace.com/savoyband , their official site at http://www.savoyband.com

  • Skrillex

    (1,252,481 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, breakcore, electro

    Skrillex is the pseudonym used by Los Angeles, California, USA musician Sonny Moore to differentiate his electronic solo work from his work with From First to Last and his other solo projects.

  • Street Lurkin

    (3,714 listeners)

    dubstep, brostep

    Street Lurkin is not your run of the mill DJ/Production duo. Formed in 2010 by Atlanta's own Ryan Purcell and Lee Bates, this duo set out to turn dance floors into mosh pits (a common occurrence, actually). In no time, Street Lurkin was supporting acts such as A-Trak, Kid Sister, Le Castle Vania, Treasure Fingers, Borgore, and Steve Aoki.

  • Supervision

    (29,371 listeners)

    electronic, chill, dubstep, christian

    1. Electronic Artist (USA): The sounds created and played by SuperVision are the works of Richard Blake Hansen. With a DJ career spanning over 12 years and 1000+ gigs, his place in the music industry has been found. Within a couple of years of DJing he was cutting his teeth in music production.

  • Zeds Dead

    (241,873 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, grime, electro

    Zed's Dead are an electronic music duo from Toronto, Canada composed of DC and Hooks. DC and Hooks have been producing music together since 2004, formerly as Mass Productions. In the summer of 2007, they released one Hip-Hop influenced album as Mass Productions, entitled Fresh Beetz, before launching Zeds Dead in 2009.