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  • 30 Seconds to Mars

    (2,174,353 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, alternative, emo

    Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, United States by Jared Leto and his brother, Shannon, 30 Seconds to Mars initially began as a small family project. Matt Wachter later joined the band as bassist and keyboard player. After working with a number of guitarists (including Kevin Drake and Solon Bixler), the band auditioned Tomo Miličević to complete the band's official roster.

  • Acres

    (11,459 listeners)

    post-hardcore, post-metal, ambient, atmospheric

    Atmospheric Post-Hardcore from the UK, south coast. www.facebook.com/Acresband Their debut EP can be downloaded from http://acresuk.bandcamp.com

  • Adema

    (788,955 listeners)

    nu metal, alternative rock, rock, metal

    Formed in 2000, Adema began with Mark Chavez, Mike Ransom, Dave DeRoo, Tim Fluckey and Kris Kohls. The band later signed to Arista Records, releasing its first album, self-titled Adema, which was released in 2001. The first two singles from the album, The Way You Like It and Giving In, helped it sell over 600,000 copies.

  • Alastor

    (4,145 listeners)

    thrash metal, black metal, polish, heavy metal

    There's 6 Alastor: Alastor (Grc) - NS black metal Alastor (Aut) - black metal Alastor (Hrv) - heavy/thrash metal Alastor (Pol) - thrash metal Alastor (Prt) - black/thrash metal Alastor (Rus) - underground

  • Albita

    (12,061 listeners)

    salsa, latin, cuba, singer-songwriter

    Albita Rodriguez is a Cuban-born singer and songwriter who has performed and recorded throughout Latin America as well as in the US.

  • Angie Aparo

    (7,026 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, rock, alternative, indie

    Angie Aparo is an American musician and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Recently he created the band The Infidels and is in the process of recording recently written songs with this band.

  • Asphalt Blaster

    (11 listeners)

  • Avant

    (461,300 listeners)

    rnb, soul, avant, slow jams

    Avant (born Myron Avant on April 26, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio) is a multi-platinum American R&B singer. Despite numerous rumors Avant is a not a relative to the famed R&B singer, R. Kelly.

  • Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

    (14,396 listeners)

    jazz fusion, jazz, fusion, banjo

    Béla Fleck and Victor Wooten formed Béla Fleck and the Flecktones in 1988, along with keyboardist and harmonica player Howard Levy and Wooten's percussionist brother Roy "Future Man" Wooten, who played synthesizer-based percussion. Levy left the group in 1992, making the band a trio until Saxophonist Jeff Coffin joined the group onstage part-time in 1997, eventually becoming a permanent member.

  • Better Than Ezra

    (564,889 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, alternative, 90s

    Better Than Ezra is an alternative rock trio based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The band was formed in Baton Rouge in 1987 by Kevin Griffin while he and the other original members were attending college at Louisiana State University. By 1988 Better Than Ezra had released a demo cassette tape, Chime Street Studio Demo Tape.

  • Big People

    (93 listeners)

  • Blood, Sweat & Tears

    (180,981 listeners)

    classic rock, jazz rock, rock, jazz

    Founder Al Kooper conceived Blood, Sweat and Tears as an experiment in expanding the size and scope of the rock band with touches of jazz , blues , classical , and folk music.

  • Bo Diddley

    (396,204 listeners)

    blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, rock

    Bo Diddley (December 30, 1928 - June 2, 2008) "The Originator," was an influential American rock and roll singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is often cited as a key figure in the transition of blues into rock and roll, by introducing more insistent, driving rhythms and a harder-edged guitar sound.

  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

    (739,980 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, gangsta rap, hip hop

    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is a U.S. rap group formed in Cleveland, Ohio, United States in 1991. It consists of rappers Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, Flesh-N-Bone, Layzie Bone, and Bizzy Bone.

  • Bonnie Raitt

    (383,551 listeners)

    blues, female vocalists, singer-songwriter, rock

    Bonnie Raitt, (born November 8, 1949) is an American blues and R&B singer, songwriter, and guitarist who was born in Burbank, California, the daughter of Broadway musical star John Raitt.

  • Brizz

    (79 listeners)

  • Bruce Daigrepont

    (7,439 listeners)

    cajun, new orleans, louisiana, zydeco

    Bruce was born in New Orleans on July 11, 1958. His parents were part of a post-World War II migration of Cajuns to New Orleans from the rural farming communities of Avoyelles Parish.

  • Bubba Sparxx

    (3,947 listeners)


  • Bush

    (1,113,126 listeners)

    grunge, rock, alternative rock, alternative

    Bush may refer to at least 2 artists: 1. A British post-grunge band 2. A Canadian rock band 1. Bush is an English alternative rock band formed in 1992. The group chose the name "Bush" because they used to live in Shepherd's Bush, London.

  • Butch Walker

    (142,688 listeners)

    rock, alternative, singer-songwriter, indie

    See also Butch Walker & The Black Widows Butch Walker (born Bradley Glenn Walker on November 14, 1969) is a recording artist, songwriter, and record producer.

  • Cee-Lo

    (178,032 listeners)

    hip-hop, soul, funk, rap

    Cee Lo Green (born Thomas DeCarlo Calloway on May 30, 1974) is an American hip-hop/funk/soul and R&B musician. He is a singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer, best known as a member of Gnarls Barkley, Goodie Mob, and Dungeon Family. He has also recorded two successful solo LPs, Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections, (2002) Cee-Lo Green.

  • Charivari

    (3,787 listeners)

    cajun, accordion, groovy beats, brisk sound

    1] Charivari (pronounced shah ree – va ree) was a south Louisiana Cajun band. Its members varied and included Mitchell Reed (fiddle), Jonno Frishberg (fiddle, accordion), Randy Vidrine (guitar, vocals), Alfred “Bo” Ledet (bass), Matt Swiler (drums), Lois Sprague (bass), Zach Huval (accordion), and Ben Goodwin.

  • Cindy Wilson

    (29 listeners)

    beautiful voice, vegetarian, contagious enthusiasm, wonderful accent

  • City High

    (118,696 listeners)

    hip-hop, rnb, rap, hip hop

    City High is an American R&B/hip hop trio consisting of rappers/singers Ryan Toby, Robbie Pardlo and Claudette Ortiz.

  • Cornbread

    (604 listeners)

    hip hop, underground, progressive, cornbread

  • Counting Crows

    (1,807,266 listeners)

    rock, alternative, alternative rock, 90s

    Counting Crows is an American rock band originating from Berkeley, California, formed in 1991. They gained fame in 1993 following the release of their debut album "August and Everything After" featuring the hit song Mr. Jones. The band is formed by singer Adam Duritz (previously of The Himalayans and Sordid Humor) and guitarist David Bryson (Local producer and former member of the band Mr.

  • Course Of NatureUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (125,886 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, post-grunge, alternative

    The roots of Course of Nature entered the music scene with the singer, Mark Wilkerson, and guitarist, John Milldrum, in the band Cog. The band only released one album when Mark and John were involved, No Time At All, in March of 2001. After this they decided to leave the band and head in their own direction.

  • Darius Rucker

    (374,170 listeners)

    country, rock, new country, pop

    Darius Rucker (born May 13, 1966 in Charleston, South Carolina[1]) is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the American rock band Hootie & the Blowfish, of which he has been a member since the band's inception in 1989.

  • David Dunning

    (14 listeners)

  • David Lee Roth

    (250,412 listeners)

    hard rock, rock, classic rock, 80s

    David Lee Roth (born October 10, 1954 in Bloomington, Indiana) is an American rock vocalist, songwriter, rock climber, adventurer, actor, author, and former radio personality, perhaps best known for his work with the band Van Halen and his fast-talking, larger-than-life persona.

  • Disco Biscuits

    (30,756 listeners)

    jam, jamband, jam bands, rock

    With the release of The Wind at Four to Fly on SCI Fidelity Records, the Disco Biscuits enter their second decade as one of the most successful acts on the jam-band circuit.

  • Don McLean

    (609,551 listeners)

    classic rock, folk, singer-songwriter, 70s

    Don McLean (born October 2, 1945 in New Rochelle, New York) is an American singer-songwriter, most famous for his 1971 song "American Pie", released from the album of the same name, about the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper (Jiles Perry (J.

  • Doria Roberts

    (9,820 listeners)

    female vocalist, singer-songwriter, folk, folk rock

    DORIA ROBERTS BIO Internationally touring, Atlanta based singer/songwriter Doria Roberts was born and raised in inner city Trenton, NJ but schooled in the neighboring yet decidedly more affluent Princeton, NJ. Her first introduction to music was her sisters vinyl record collection including the Brothers Johnson, Marvin Gaye, the Sugar Hill Gang and Ricki Lee Jones.

  • Dropsonic

    (1,001 listeners)

    rock, atlanta, under 2000 listeners, indie

    Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia rock 'n' roll trio Dropsonic blends elements of indie rock outfits such as the Jesus Lizard and Shiner with the raw raucousness of classic rock icons such as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.

  • Earshot

    (316,668 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, alternative, alternative metal

    Looking beyond the status quo of the modern rock music of today, EARSHOT’s third studio album, slated for release August 2008, marks the start of what some believe is sure to be the beginning of a new and changing modern rock world of tomorrow.

  • Earth, Wind & Fire

    (895,832 listeners)

    funk, soul, disco, 70s

    Earth, Wind & Fire is an American funk band, formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1969. Led by Maurice White, they are best known for their hits of the 1970s, among them "After the Love Has Gone", "September," "Reasons," "Fantasy" and "Shining Star."

  • Edwin McCain

    (321,892 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, rock, acoustic, alternative

    Edwin McCain (born January 20, 1970 in Greenville, South Carolina) is an alternative and indie rock guitar player. While his albums are released under his name, he does have a permanent band, referred to as the Edwin McCain Band.

  • Familiar 48

    (12,666 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, grunge, post-grunge

    F48 is a modern rock band with Jayy Mannon on vocals. One album : Wonderful Nothing (2002). The band was previously known as Bonehead (and released the album "Fade" in 1999)…

  • Flickerstick

    (21,060 listeners)

    rock, indie, alternative, texas

    Flickerstick was an alternative rock band from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. The mischievous masterminds of this five-piece rock explosion have yet to experience a dull moment in their fledging music dynasty.

  • Francine Reed

    (1,584 listeners)

    blues, female vocalists, under 2000 listeners, illinois

    Francine Reed (born July 11, 1947, Pembroke Township, Illinois) is an American blues singer. Reed as a youth sang at church services, and her music was inspired and influenced by her gospel-singing father. She is the sister of jazz singer Margo Reed.

  • Garbage

    (1,472,160 listeners)

    rock, alternative, female vocalists, alternative rock

    Garbage is a Scottish-American alternative rock band formed in 1994 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The group members are Shirley Manson (vocals, guitars), Steve Marker (guitars, keyboards), Duke Erikson (guitars, keyboards, bass), and Butch Vig (drums, percussion).

  • Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie

    (423 listeners)

    cajun, folk, zydeco

    Son of zydeco musician John Delafose, Geno's the cowboy accordian player and his band is long one of the better known zydeco groups still playing today.

  • Georgia Satellites

    (20,393 listeners)

    southern rock, rock, hard rock, 80s

    From their bar band roots to their chart-crashing megahits to their current tour of sold-out shows, The Georgia Satellites have kept the world moving to sweet, gritty, three-chord rock n roll.

  • Giwayen Mata

    (0 listeners)

  • Greta Lee

    (7 listeners)

  • Headstrong

    (28,605 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, rapcore, nu metal

    There are at least three artists/bands under the same name: 1) Headstrong is a Canadian alternative metal band formed in 1998. 2) Headstrong aka Don Jackson is now regarded as one of the fastest rising new talents in the dance music scene and also one of the most prolific song writers and musicians.

  • Hoobastank

    (1,670,918 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, alternative, punk rock

    Hoobastank is an American post-grunge band best known for their crossover hit "The Reason" (2003) and by their continued success in the modern rock market.

  • Hot August Knights

    (1 listener)

  • Incubus

    (2,432,285 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, alternative, indie

    There are 8 known bands with this name: 1. A popular alternative rock band from California, United States 2. A thrash metal band from Louisiana, United States 3. A thrash metal band from Georgia, United States

  • Injected

    (26,098 listeners)

    rock, hard rock, grunge, alternative

    INJECTED was a hard rock band from Atlanta. After many, many years of owning the Atlanta rock scene, they signed a major label deal and put out the album Burn it Black (produced by Butch Walker) in 2002. They spent that year traveling the country rocking arenas, clubs, and everything in between, converting many unsuspecting audience members into hardcore INJECTED fans.