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  • Dead Letter Circus

    (47,329 listeners)

    alternative rock, progressive rock, australian, progressive

    Dead Letter Circus is a five-piece music group from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Their music style is a combination of melodic alternative rock and indie rock, with alternative metal and progressive rock influences.

  • Hilltop Hoods

    (128,342 listeners)

    hip-hop, australian, rap, aussie hip-hop

    Hilltop Hoods are an Australian a hip hop group, formed in 1991, from Adelaide, South Australia. Their name refers to Hilltop Road In Blackwood, an Adelaide suburb in which they lived as children, and a part of Adelaide known by all the local B-Boys as The Hilltop. One day, another local rapper, Flak from the Cross Bred Mongrels, said that's what they should call themselves, and the name stuck.

  • Regurgitator

    (73,121 listeners)

    australian, alternative, rock, electronic

    Regurgitator is an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia which formed in 1994. It consists of lead singer/guitarist Quan Yeomans, bassist Ben Ely, drummer Peter Kostic and newly recruited keyboardist Seja Vogel.

  • San Cisco

    (136,541 listeners)

    indie pop, australian, indie, indie rock

    San Cisco are from Fremantle in sunny Western Australia. On the weekends they love to go skateboarding, play Nintendo 64 and make a bit of indie pop on the side. Scarlett bangs the drums, Nick plays the electric bass, Jordi & Josh are the guys that play the guitars, write the songs and sing them.

  • The Cat Empire

    (332,688 listeners)

    ska, jazz, funk, australian

    The Cat Empire is a six-piece alternative band from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound has been described as a fusion of jazz, funk, and rock with heavy Latin / Salsa influences (not to mention reggae, ska and dub).

  • The Living End

    (246,624 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, australian, rock

    The Living End formed in 1994 after lead singer/guitarist Chris Cheney and bassist Scott Owen were introduced to each other by their older sisters at Wheelers Hill Secondary College in Melbourne, Australia.