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  • A.Balter

    (348 listeners)

    progressive psytrance, psychedelic, psychedelic trance, progressive techno

  • Aerospace

    (26,064 listeners)

    indie pop, swedish, psytrance, progressive trance

    Atleast 2 bands/artists using name Aerospace 1. Twee and 2. Psytrance 1. Aerospace is: Torbjörn Thorsén, vocals and guitar; Kristian Rosengren, guitar; John Boqvist, piano and organ; Christer Nilsson, bass; Fredrik Balck, drums.

  • Ajja

    (8,109 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic trance, psychedelic, darkpsy

    Ajja S.F. Leu is an eclectic and multi-talented Swiss artist who channels his creativity through parallel careers as musician/producer/dj, Peak Records label manager, graphic artist and tattoo artist. Born in London in 1975, AJJA grew up roaming the planet with his world-renowned family of tattoo-artists and travellers.

  • Animatronica

    (159 listeners)

  • Argaman

    (4,296 listeners)

    ambient, psybient, psychill, psydub

    Itai Argaman, was born in 1980 and lives in the north of Israel , He taught himself to play the piano from the age of 6 and has been playing the guitar since the age of 9.


    (4 listeners)

  • ATMA

    (8,613 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic, goa, spiritual hip hop

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Atma is a spiritually and politically aware underground hip hop artist from Chicago, IL.

  • Basic

    (12,043 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic, full-on, electronic

    1) Basic is Benny Risher & Shahar Fahima. The duo, both hailing from northern Israel, met at a party a little over two years ago where Shahar was the DJ. They teamed up and started producing together under the name Basic.

  • Ben Evans

    (240 listeners)

    australian, under 2000 listeners, mellow, singer-songwriter

  • BIM

    (6,758 listeners)

    electronic, trip-hop, acoustic, pop

    Two groups share the name BIM #1 Rebecca and Tim are new London-based electro-pop band, Bim. With their blend of harmonies, piano duets and electro beats, the duo have already made a name for themselves online - charting at #6 in the iTunes electro charts and having over 650,000 YouTube hits for their single, Stay In My Memory; and thousands following their Twitter, Facebook and Myspace pages.

  • Blue Bliss

    (999 listeners)

    chill out, chillosophy, a perfect circle, chillosophie

  • Boom Shankar

    (60 listeners)

    psytrance, goa, full-on, fullon

    Armin, a 27 year old student of Anthropology and Dj from southern Germany got known to the Goa scene back in 1996 on magical gatherings in Switzerland, where he immediately fell in deep love with the family atmosphere, the fantastic decorations and especially the music. Two years later he started to play the music he became addicted to as a Dj on parties in Southern Germany and Switzerland.

  • Brainiac

    (43,243 listeners)

    noise rock, experimental, indie rock, post-punk

    Brainiac formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1992 with vocalist and keyboard (particularly Moog synthesizers) player Tim Taylor, bassist Juan Monasterio, guitarist Michelle Bodine and drummer Tyler Trent.

  • Broken Toy

    (21,019 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic trance, psychedelic, full on

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1. James Copeland, a psytrance producer from Cape Town, South Africa. 2. Alexander Popp, a breakcore producer from Toulouse, France. 1. Broken Toy is James Copeland from Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Burn in Noise

    (8,909 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic trance, psychedelic, full-on

    Burn in Noise (Gustavo Manfroni Amaral de Souza) was born in Brazil. He was brought up dedicating his time and interest completely to music. He's been playing the guitar since his early days. He played in 2 rock bands, up to the day when, during a trip to London, got in touch with the psychedelic trance music.

  • Captain Hook

    (6,615 listeners)

    progressive psytrance, psytrance, psy-prog, progressive trance

    Progressive psytrance-act formed in 2010 by Reshef from Quantize and Sheff with lots of upcoming releases. http://www.myspace.com/reshefhook

  • Corona

    (244,505 listeners)

    dance, eurodance, 90s, pop

    Olga de Souza artistically known as Corona was born in Rio de Janeiro in a musical family, her father beign a musician and her mother a singer, music has been her passion ever since she was young.

  • Cosmic Tone

    (12,008 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic, full-on, goa

    בזכותך התחלתי לשמוע טראנס פסיכדלי תודה Cosmic Tone is Roei Nissan - located up in the peaceful northern city Naharia (Israel).

  • D-ther

    (58 listeners)

    D-ther is a solo project of the Belgian producer Diether Verheyen. Born and raised in Pulle, he started going to music school at the age of 8 where he practiced playing the piano and drums.

  • Day Din

    (8,107 listeners)

    progressive trance, psychedelic trance, psytrance, electronic

    Behind the name Day.Din we find Deniz Aydin from Hamburg, a city not only with a rich musical scene in general but also a city which has spawned some of the biggest names in the German and international psytrance scene through the years.

  • Deviant Species

    (2,108 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic trance, psychedelic, home collection

    Deviant Species is Santos de Castro. The project is still active.

  • Dickster

    (3,545 listeners)

    psychedelic trance, psychedelic, psytrance, under 2000 listeners

    Dick Trevor started making music while at college doing sound engineering. He and Matt Coldrick teamed up and had a go at making a trance track which TIP bought straight away ,from then on they became the Green Nuns of the Revolution. They made tracks for most of the english labels then and various compilations,releasing only one album on Flying Rhino.

  • Digicult

    (10,928 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic, psychedelic trance, goa

    DigiCult consists of DJ Nemesis (Bert De Decker) and Alpha (Davy Piessens). Alpha had been producing all kinds of music for a long time, with interests evolving throughout the years from techno to trip hop.

  • Eat Static

    (78,006 listeners)

    psytrance, electronic, goa, psychedelic

    Eat Static is Merv Pepler, an electronic music project from England, UK formed in 1990. Joie Hinton left the group in February 2008 after 18 years to spend more time with his family.

  • Egorythmia

    (8,716 listeners)

    progressive psytrance, psytrance, progressive trance, psychedelic trance

    The progressive trance project EGORYTHMIA was founded in 2008 by Boban Lazovski from Skopje, Macedonia. His first experience in producing music dates back to 2001, when he spent time experimenting with different genres of music, and took part in several psy-trance projects such as IMAGINARY SIGHT with whom he had several releases.

  • ElectrypnoseUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (40,128 listeners)

    psytrance, darkpsy, ambient, psychedelic

    Electrypnose, the electric hypnosis, is Vince Lebarde's multi-flavored musical project. Created in 2001, Electrypnose is exploring the electronic music-and-noise world and tries to share its sound universe.

  • Entropy

    (4,862 listeners)

    thrash metal, psytrance, psychedelic, darkpsy

    There are at least 2 artist with the name Entropy: 1. Trash metal band from Canada and 2. Dark psychedelic trance duo from Israel. (1) Entropy - Thrash metal band

  • Etic

    (6,139 listeners)

    psytrance, progressive trance, progressive psytrance, psychedelic

    Blending in power and passion, that's what ETIC does best. After years of musical production AND involvement Etay Harari (aka ETIC) launched his debut release in 2004. Blending in a spectrum of patterns and atmospheres, loaded with percussive elements, sophisticated and intelligent.

  • Feeding Spring

    (281 listeners)

    psytrance, progressive, progressive trance, progressive psytrance

  • Feel

    (71,290 listeners)

    polish, pop, pop rock, rock

    There are multiple artists named "feel": 1. Feel is a Polish band which was formed in Katowice (Upper Silesia) in 2005. Originally called 'Q2', the band later adopted 'Kupicha Band' as its name and then finally 'Feel'.

  • Flippers

    (3,744 listeners)

    schlager, deutsche schlager, party, deutsch

    Correct naming for the German Schlager group is Die Flippers. Flippers is a progressive house and techno project of Aviv Shriki from Haifa, Israel which found support from leading DJs Dave Seaman, Jerome Isma-Ae, Markus Schulz, Spektre, Ticon, Omid 16B, Kasey Taylor, Lemon 8 and Alex Kenji.

  • Green Nuns Of The Revolution

    (20,250 listeners)

    goa, psytrance, goa trance, psychedelic

    Green Nuns of the Revolution (GNOTR) are Dick Trevor, Neil Cowley and Matt Coldrick, a psychedelic trance project. Matt Coldrick was also a session guitarist for Gabrielle, and Neil Cowley played keyboards for the Brand New Heavies.

  • Hypogeo

    (1,712 listeners)

    zenonesque, zenon records, psygressive, dark progressive

    HYPOGEO is Nicola Grigatti’s dark progressive project,already well known as COMA SECTOR, combo Darkpsy founded in 2004 together with his close friend Luca Folli (aka Anx-Void Controller).

  • Jaia

    (26,701 listeners)

    ambient, psytrance, progressive trance, goa

    JAÏA is made up of Jean-Michel Blanchet and Yannis Kamarinos. They've worked with other techno artists like Dado or Jean Marie K., and been asked to remix other bands (Univers Concept to name just one) but also "non techno" artists like JPex or the moroccan singer Tyoussi.

  • K.U.B.A. Network

    (0 listeners)

  • Kino Oko

    (7,025 listeners)

    psytrance, experimental, progressive trance, electronic

    Kino Oko, better known in his hometown of Warsaw as Grzegorz Magnuszewski, has been previously released as now legendary Tromesa and is part of the most innovative duet in trance scene - Bigwigs.

  • Klopfgeister

    (20,149 listeners)

    psytrance, progressive trance, progressive psytrance, goa

    In 2002 Jens Schefzig and Thorsten Paul met on a party and Jens told him that he has some Music-Equipment at home and Thorsten said, that he was able to play some instruments. So the Project KLOPFGEISTER was founded by accident.

  • Kox Box

    (1,838 listeners)

    home collection

    See Koxbox.

  • Liquid SoulUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (55,666 listeners)

    progressive trance, psytrance, acid jazz, progressive psytrance

    There are at least 2 different artists named Liquid Soul: 1) an American acid jazz band and 2) a psytrance Swiss DJ

  • Logic Bomb

    (27,711 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic trance, goa, psychedelic

    Logic Bomb are Jonas Pettersson, Johan Kraft, and Jonas Bergvall, a psychedelic trance project from Sweden.

  • Loud

    (9,980 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic, rock, electronic

    There are several artists who have performed under the name Loud. 1) Loud were a British band led by Chris McLoughlin, who had been a live guitarist with the band New Model Army.

  • M.O.S

    (493 listeners)

    ambient, lounge, chill, dance

  • Mad Actors

    (805 listeners)

    psychedelic trance, seen live

  • Materia

    (9,843 listeners)

    math metal, metal, progressive metal, hardcore

    There are 6 bands with the name "Materia": 1) Materia is a progressive metal band from Szczecinek, Poland formed in 2007. In 2009 the band recorded a demo CD named "Vandals" and the EP Holidays On The Angels Insland in 2011. In 2013 Materia released a debut album "Case of Noise".

  • Mechanix

    (3,589 listeners)

    thrash metal, psytrance, heavy metal, metal

    Years Active : 2005 - Present Origin : Dhaka, Bangladesh Genre : Heavy Metal Members : Vocal : Tridib Guitars : Zeheen Guitars : Tamzid Bass : Nadwee Drums : Reaz


    (95 listeners)

  • Mind Complex

    (827 listeners)


    Gleb Gold is the name behind the project "Mind Complex". Gleb started dj'ing and producing electronic music in 2000 and already played at important clubs and open airs around the world gathering a huge experience for his professional career.

  • Mindwave

    (4,513 listeners)

    progressive psytrance, psytrance, full-on, psychedelic

    We are surrounded by all the communication opportunities technology has to offer. However, as humankind had progressed and became more urbanized, it lost something on the way. The more we moved away from nature, we lost the natural gifts that were given to us, such as the ability to mediate without words, what some call telepathy.

  • Neelix

    (51,490 listeners)

    psytrance, progressive psytrance, progressive trance, goa

    Hamburg based artist Henrik Twardzik, better known as Neelix started to produce music in the early 1998. After DJing for some years he finally decided to create his own sound. His first track he recorded was "Neelix - The Fourth", released on a NOVA TEKK compilation called Maverixx in 2002, which was followed by numerous releases on different labels from all around the globe.

  • Nerve

    (5,981 listeners)

    drum and bass, electronic, industrial metal, industrial rock

    There are several bands called Nerve: (1) a scottish punk rock group from the late 90's to 2003. (2) a dutch industrial metal outfit from the mid 1990s. (3) a live drum & bass collective headed by drummer Jojo Mayer.