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  • Ellen Ten Damme

    (9,648 listeners)

    female vocalists, dutch, rock, singer-songwriter

    Ellen ten Damme is a multi-talented Dutch singer and actress from Warnsveld, The Netherlands. She was born on 7 October 1967 and acted in a few Dutch movies and in German tv-series.

  • Spinvis

    (95,885 listeners)

    dutch, singer-songwriter, nederlandstalig, alternative

    Spinvis is Erik de Jong, a Dutchman living in the suburban jungle of Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. In 2001 he produced his first album, Spinvis, in his attic with computers, samplers, musical instruments and other objects laying around. Most remarkable are his poetic lyrics, that are at times nonsensical and non-consecutive.

  • Ali B

    (17,112 listeners)

    hip-hop, dutch, nederhop, nederlandstalig

    There are two Ali B's: 1) The Dutch rapper 2) The British DJ 1. Dutch rapper Ali B (born in Zaanstad on 16 October 1981 as Ali Bouali) is a very famous rapper in The Netherlands. At the age of 14 he came in contact with rap. In 2004 he won a lot of awards: Essent Award, Megaward, Zilveren Harp, Popprijs, Dutch Urban Award and two Mobo awards, and last but not least he won a TMF Award.

  • ISH

    (5,769 listeners)

    electronic, ambient, idm, jamaican

    There are 5 different acts with the name ISH. 1. iSH is Canadian actor and recording artist of Jamaican and Irish decent. He spent his early years traveling, splitting most of his time between Canada and Jamaica. He later moved to the Cayman Islands and then after high school moved to New York City to attend the prestigious Academy of Dramatic Arts.

  • Ricky Koole

    (1,025 listeners)

    dutch, singer-songwriter, female vocalists, female

    Ricky werd geboren op 11 september 1972 in Delft. Groeide op in Schipluiden (naast het pannekoekenhuis van haar ouders) en vanaf haar tiende jaar vooral in Delft. Ze ging in Delft naar de middelbare school. Daar haalde ze eerst haar HAVO-diploma (1989) en ging daarna, omdat ze nog te jong was voor een theaterschool, door met het VWO.

  • Nico Dijkshoorn

    (384 listeners)

    lowlands 2009, seen live

    Dutch writer, poet and columnist. www.nicodijkshoorn.com www.twitter.com/dijkshoorn

  • Ocobar

    (337 listeners)

    pop, dutch, seen live

    OCOBAR is a music-collective based in The Netherlands. It consists of Cok van Vuuren, Rob Wijtman and his brother Bart Wijtman. In their studio in Rotterdam they create contemporary music. OCOBAR's music is a remarkable combination of divers, film-based compositions, especially suitable for use in documentaries, commercials, TV shows and theatrical productions.

  • Leo Blokhuis

    (194 listeners)

    met, seen live

    Leo Blokhuis (Zevenbergen, 9 november 1961) is Dutch and writes books, composes and hosts musical programmes on radio and television. Also he composes musical theater.

  • Sven Ratzke

    (98 listeners)

    seen live - 2010, seen live

  • Egon Kracht & The Troupe

    (50 listeners)

    rock, jazz, zappa cover band, zappanale