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  • Booz 'N Blues

    (0 listeners)

  • De Coronas

    (10 listeners)

    comedy, coverband, seen live

  • De Dijk

    (49,561 listeners)

    dutch, nederlandstalig, nederpop, rock

    De Dijk is a dutch band from Amsterdam & Zaandam. Their style can be described as a mix of soul, blues and rock. The group is named after the Zeedijk street in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • De Jeugd van TegenwoordigUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (91,096 listeners)

    hip-hop, dutch, nederhop, rap

    De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig ("The Youth Of Today") is a hip-hop group formed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2005.

  • Go Back to the Zoo

    (47,687 listeners)

    indie, dutch, rock, indie rock

    Go Back to the Zoo (GBTTZ) is a poprockband founded in Nijmegen,The Netherlands by the 2 brothers Teun and Cas Hieltjes.

  • Guus Meeuwis

    (77,693 listeners)

    nederlandstalig, dutch, pop, nederpop

    Guus Meeuwis is a Dutch singer who mostly sings pop songs in Dutch. He was born in 1972 on the 23rd of March in the village Mariahout, close to Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands.

  • Henk en Ton

    (1 listener)

  • Janse Bagge Bend

    (1,440 listeners)

    limburg, dutch, vasteloavend, nederlandstalig

    Janse Bagge Bend is a Dutch band that is founded in 1979, in a Dutch town called Susteren. The band is still active. The band is strongly rooted in the Dutch province 'Limburg' and the biggest part of their fan base can be found there. They only perform 21 times a year, to keep the fun in their performances.

  • Julian Sas

    (36,773 listeners)

    blues rock, blues, blues guitarists, guitar

    My name is Julian. I was born on a river in 1970 in a small town in the center of the Netherlands called Beneden-Leeuwen. Since I was born I have been a restless person, This is something that I still have today. Only until I was 6 years old I knew where this was coming from; I saw this movie called the Toronto rock 'n roll festival.

  • Network

    (8,534 listeners)

    new wave, aor, punk rock, happy hardcore

    There are several groups with this name: 1) 'Network' were a New York hard rock band of the late 70s, which recorded two albums. Michael Ricciardella (drums, vocals) and Richie Cerniglia (guitar) were both in the late 60s heavy psychededlic band The Illusion. They were also both in the short-lived hard rock band 'Wiggy Bits' just before Network, which recorded one album.

  • Nick & Simon

    (32,480 listeners)

    nederlandstalig, dutch, nick en simon, nederpop

    Nick Schilder (November 6th, 1983) and Simon Keizer (May 16th, 1984) are two singing friends who live in the village Volendam in The Netherlands. This is where the famous Dutch bands BZN and The Cats come from as well. Another well known solo artist from Volendam is Jan Smit, whom is a good friend of Nick and Simon.

  • Roof

    (1,327 listeners)

    12, avant-garde, jazz, avant-prog

    There are 2 artists going by the name of ROOF (1) A popular French alternative rock band (2) A Romanian folk rock band (1) ROOF was - Tom Cora (cello) - Luc Ex (bass) - Phil Minton (vocals) - Michael Vatcher (drums) and became later 4WALLS.

  • Rowwen Hèze

    (19,957 listeners)

    dutch, limburg, folk, nederlandstalig

    Rowwen Hèze is a dutch band with frontman Jack Poels from America, Netherlands in the southern province Limburg. The band is well known for its poetic lyrics and partysongs in the Limburg dialect. They're strongly influenced by tex-mex and polka music.

  • Shakin DJ's

    (108 listeners)

  • The Scene

    (27,160 listeners)

    dutch, nederlandstalig, rock, nederpop

    The Scene is the name of at least five bands; one Dutch, one Canadian, one British, one German, and one English. 1) A Dutch rock band from Amsterdam called The Scene, formed around singer Thé Lau.

  • Thé Lau

    (3,577 listeners)

    dutch, nederlandstalig, singer-songwriter, all

    Thé Lau (born in Bergen in 1952, where he lived his formative years) is the lead singer from Amsterdam band The Scene since 1979. Thé Lau released two solo-albums in the late nineties.

  • Van Dik Hout

    (36,389 listeners)

    nederlandstalig, dutch, nederpop, rock

    Van Dik Hout is a Dutch pop band formed in Den Helder in 1989. Singing Dutch they had their breakthrough with the single Stil in mij in 1994, which has been voted best Dutch language song on multiple occasions.