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  • 3R2

    (1,872 listeners)

    j-core, happy hardcore, electronic, hardcore

    3R2 (Kevin Shih) is a music producer and DJ from Taiwan, and has been producing tracks since 2003 and DJ'ing since 2011. He is the first composer that specializes Hardcore music to appear in Taiwan.

  • Biochip C.

    (4,578 listeners)

    techno, acid, electronic, electro

    Alias of Martin Damm, better known as The Speed Freak.

  • CustomMummy

    (44 listeners)

  • Dab

    (112,959 listeners)

    chillout, ambient, lounge, downtempo

    DAB stands for Digital Analog Band, started in Zaragoza, Spain in 2001. Pedro Andrew and Luis Sancho worked as producers at Atico13 Studios and soon they decided to work together with the Digital Analog Band, joining together their different musical experiences.

  • Dantalion

    (4,137 listeners)

    black metal, depressive black metal, atmospheric black metal, suicidal black metal

    Dantalion was formed in Vigo, Spain, in mid 2004 by Naemoth, Neztja and Zeukram after the split-up of their previous band, completing the line-up with Maiestas.

  • DJ MasterKOHTA

    (133 listeners)

    chiptune, 8bit, 1h1d

    Kyoto-based chiptune artist, DJ and owner of Cafe La Siesta.

  • DJ Melancholia

    (778 listeners)

    happy hardcore, gabber, hardcore, under 2000 listeners

    Romanian gabber/speedcore producer, currently residing in the United States in the state of Arizona. DJ Melancholia composes original works both independently and for the US-based hardcore label Allkore. Website:

  • Dj Plague

    (2,113 listeners)

    speedcore, terror, hardcore, gabber

    Co-founder of Canadian Speedcore Resistance (CSR), Canada's biggest speedcore label. Born in Toronto Canada, DJ PLAGUE, started DJ'ing to expose Canada to show the public that there was much more to hardcore than what was being heard at the time.

  • DJ SBZ

    (134 listeners)

    hardcore, sbz, allkore, dj speedbeatz

    DJ SBZ / DJ Speedbeatz (Ian Willett-Jacob) is the owner and manager of US-based hardcore label Allkore. Founded in 2009, Allkore is a label which strives to create a unity between Japanese hardcore and worldwide audiences, featuring talent

  • Dj SpeedyCake

    (55 listeners)

    Happy Hardcore influenced Japanese DJ that blends European influences and UK Hardcore into Japanese styles.


    (628 listeners)

    dance, collage, frenchcore, tribecore

    DJ Wildparty is a Hardcore producer from Yokohama, Japan. He is also a member of Shot Bass Idiots along with USAO

  • Djイオ

    (458 listeners)

    techno, nerdcore, electronic, rave

    japanese DJ & track maker.started in 1998.

  • Dustboxxxx

    (754 listeners)

    gabber, breakcore, electronic, frenchcore

  • GHDA

    (812 listeners)

    hardcore, breakcore, electronic, everything

    ghda.bandcamp.com myspace.com/ghda

  • Helblinde

    (7,543 listeners)

    j-core, gabber, uk hardcore, hardstyle

    Christofer “Helblinde” Nilsson is a 23 year old DJ and producer from southern Sweden. He’s been in the business for only 3 years now but are one of the few who consider himself lucky enough to be where he is today. He grew fond of hard dance music and techno at a very early age which in the end pushed him towards hardstyle during 2006.


    (5,486 listeners)

    happy hardcore, uk hardcore, hardcore, j-core

    Josh McInnes, or JAKAZiD as his predominantly internet-based following knows him, is a music composer and producer from Portsmouth, United Kingdom. The majority of his works focus on the fundamentals of happy hardcore with influences of freeform and Japanese dance music, though he has also written house, trance and drum 'n' bass music in the past.

  • Lolipo

    (1,034 listeners)

    speedcore, j-core, gabber, lolicore

  • Lulickma

    (692 listeners)

    speedcore, breakcore, gabber, j-core

  • Myosuke

    (180 listeners)

  • Neodash Zerox

    (167 listeners)


  • Rex Buron

    (611 listeners)

    Rex Buron is a hardcore producer from Germany. He got his start releasing under the name "Magnum Force", with a planned release on Mascha Records that didn't get released due to the label dying. After that, he had various collaborations with Claymore from United Speedcore Nation. He later joined with CPU War Records, and Darkspell Records when CPU War died. Following a period of inactivity, his talent was again noticed and he joined Allkore under the current name Rex Buron.

  • Shoujo

    (651 listeners)

    hardcore, hardstyle, jumpstyle, d'n'b


    (2,925 listeners)

    uk hardcore, happy hardcore, j-core, hardcore

    TANUKI is a 19 year old UK based artist/DJ who has now been producing electronic music for a little over a year. Having Started playing guitar when he was 14, he mainly focused on Heavy Metal. However, a year later a friend of his let him hear one of DJ Sharpnel's tracks, which then introduced him to J-Core and electronic music in general - he has been hooked ever since.

  • Tentsuru

    (32 listeners)

  • umio

    (970 listeners)

    breakcore, idm, electronic, drill'n'bass

    Umio is a breakcore producer from Japan. He publishes most of his work for on web or net labels. https://soundcloud.com/umi-o