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  • 28 Degrees Taurus

    (754 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, ambient, noise, female vocalist

    We are an ambient/psychedelic rock band from Boston called 28 degrees taurus. Our musical ideals are somewhere between the late 60s, early 90s and all the gorgeously catchy cheese inbetween.

  • Autochrome

    (160 listeners)

    Autochrome is a post-punk band based in Boston, Massachusetts. Jeff Bartell - bass, vocals Patrick Florance - drums Richard Murillo - guitar, bass Katherine Murray - guitar, keyboards http://www.autochromeband.com

  • Boom Said Thunder

    (58 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, massbands featured-acts

    Boom Said Thunder is an independent band that plays loud, minimal, fuzzed out rock and roll. Formed on a rainy day in the Spring of 2011 by three designers working together at a firm in Boston, Abby Bickel, John Magnifico, and Will Thomas create original rock songs with a unique, guitar-less sound, and a give-it-all-you-got mentality.

  • Bundles of Joy

    (4 listeners)

  • Concord Ballet Orchestra Players

    (823 listeners)

    experimental rock, under 2000 listeners, psychedelic, terrascopic

    Concord Ballet Orchestra Players originally convened to perform a one-time live tribute to the 1970s "krautrock" group Faust -- but then enjoyed playing together so much that they decided to carry on together with original trout-stream-of-consciousness performances.

  • Fedavees

    (87 listeners)

    garage rock, garage, lo-fi, 5432fun

    Fedavees (aka The Fedavees) is the Cambridge, MA based project of Jhnystvns, also of Headband and Thundersun. Fedavees began as a solo project, and now includes Noah Bond (Creaturos, DOOMSTAR!) on bass and Tommy Allen (Drug Rug) on drums.

  • Ghost Box Orchestra

    (2,325 listeners)

    post-rock, psychedelic rock, psychedelic, shoegaze

    Cathedral keyboards and fuzzed out guitars levitate above pounding, tribal polyrhythms while sparsely placed vocals echo in the dense sonic landscapes. Ghost Box Orchestra infuses psychedelic western soundtracks with desert rock and surf reverb. Ghost Box Orchestra is an instrumental band from the Boston area.

  • IS/IS

    (1,475 listeners)

    rock, indie, alternative, 5432fun

    "If the new Is/Is record "III" sounds somewhat familiar to you when you hear it for the first time this week, it may be because many of the tunes have already been made widely available for early listening. We have been enjoying “Hate Smile,” “Lie Awake,” and “Bomb Me” for much of this spring already.

  • Lead Stones

    (493 listeners)

    psychedelic, psychedelic rock, electrick gypsy service, garage rock

    Comprised of Ernie Stone, Rudy Stone and Sweetie Stone, Lead Stones are a psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, NY. They were formerly known as Set and Setting. http://leadstones.tumblr.com

  • Night Fruit

    (429 listeners)

    rock, indie, ambient, indie rock

    Night Fruit are a three-piece indie/post-rock band from Boston, MA. Formed in early 2010, they enjoy heavy reverb and delay and interwoven guitar melodies. Night Fruit features members of Hot Box and Left Hand Does.

  • Nights

    (2,322 listeners)

    shoegaze, indie rock, video games, psychedellic

    1. Soundtrack of NiGHTS into Dreams 2. Cleveland-based indie-rock band 1.The correct name is NiGHTS, it's the soundtrack of the 1996 sega saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams. 2. Nights is fronted by artist Jenna Fournier on vocals and guitar. Frank Maraldo is the lead guitarist, Vincenzo Mauer is on bass, and Chris Dalman on drums.

  • Screen Vinyl Image

    (25,593 listeners)

    shoegaze, electronic, noise pop, psychedelic

    Screen Vinyl Image blend electronica and psychedelia creating intense sonic soundscapes. Swarming with heavy samples, Blade Runner era synths, and echoed guitars and vocals, the music here is ever expanding atop an array of beats ranging from the darkest moments of Suicide & The Jesus and Mary Chain to the deep grooves of early Hank Shocklee productions, dub, and Can era kraut.

  • Sharp Darts USA

    (38 listeners)

    boston, boston indie, beyondwithins newbreed

    Sharp Darts is the project from Lockgroove front-men Ryan and Martin Rex. After a 10 year successful career with Lockgroove (who is still officially together, by the way) the Twins began piecemeal demos for their upcoming record "The Con" in January 2004.

  • Sky Picnic

    (1,000 listeners)

    psychedelic, psychedelic rock, under 2000 listeners, lo-fi

    Sky Picnic is a psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Consisting of Chris Sherman (guitar/vocals), Leah Cinnamon (bass/vocals) and Pete Meriwether (drums), their debut record was released in 2011 on Nasoni Records.

  • Soccer Mom

    (489 listeners)

    rock, indie, indie rock, breakcore

    Soccer Mom consists of Dan Parlin, Danielle Deveau, Justin Kehoe, and William Scales. Their origins lie in the late 2000's when singer/guitarist, Parlin, returned to Massachusetts from San Francisco armed with a wealth of ideas that, with time, brought the group to life.

  • Sun Sister

    (632 listeners)

    eardrumspop, indie, xx, under 2000 listeners

    i think they are from boston. they are my favorite band ever. sooooo good.

  • The December Sound

    (22,161 listeners)

    shoegaze, psychedelic, space rock, noise pop

    This cult of noise-terrorists cloak themselves in melting guitars, dangerous songwriting, evil drones, hypnotic bass-lines, maniacally distorted beats, heavily effected/detached vocals & otherworldly soundscapes. It's dark and extreme, influenced by existentialism and avant-garde/radical/underground currents.

  • The Invisible Rays

    (41 listeners)

  • The Milling Gowns

    (569 listeners)

    shoegaze, under 2000 listeners, have to check, gloom-pop

    The Milling Gowns are a Gloom-Pop, Post-Punk, Shoegaze band from Boston. The Milling Gowns began in the bedroom of lead singer M.

  • The New Highway Hymnal

    (294 listeners)

    drone, western, reverb, fuzz guitars

    The New Highway Hymnal is a neo-psychedelic rock and roll band from northern Massachusetts. Together they combine the dirt and soul of delta blues with Doors-inspired grooves and vintage drones reminiscent of the Velvet Underground into a loud, heavy, reverb-drenched sound.

  • The Suicide Dolls

    (681 listeners)

    pillmagnet, babes in toyland, indie, noise

    Drawing influence from scattered genres like Punk, Post-Punk, No-Wave, Alternative, Shoegaze and Pop, the Suicide Dolls have worked hard over the years to put their own spin on the classic alternative sound.

  • This Scarlet Mourning

    (33 listeners)

    rock, indie, shoegaze, under 2000 listeners

    This Scarlet Mourning is a female fronted five piece band from Massachusetts. Drawing on their diverse musical backgrounds they have created a sound that is unique yet familiar. Brothers Patrick Barry (drums) and Don Barry (bass) create a foundation that ranges from tribal to

  • Velah

    (74 listeners)

    Velah is a Boston based band which was formed in 2011 by members of ex-Static of the Gods and ex-The Acre. The band consists of four members Daniel McNair on Guitar/Bass/Keys, Jen Johnson Vocals/Guitar, Mike Latulippe for Percussion, and Nick Murphy on Vocals/Guitar/Bass.