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  • Amanda Mair

    (25,219 listeners)

    swedish, indie, female vocalists, indie pop

    Amanda Mair June, 14th, 1994- is a female vocalist / pianist from Stockholm, Sweden. She was discovered by Club 8's, Johan Angergård, while only 15 years old after he heard some demos she had recorded with Club 8's touring drummer.

  • Damien Rice

    (1,639,176 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, acoustic, indie, folk

    Damien Rice (born December 7, 1973) is an Irish singer-songwriter. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, to George and Maureen Rice and was raised in Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland.

  • Deportees

    (56,279 listeners)

    swedish, indie, pop, rock

    Deportees are a Swedish band from Vindeln and Umeå, formed in 2003, consisting of brothers Peder Stenberg (vocals) and Anders Stenberg (guitar), in addition to Thomas Hedlund (drummer) and Mattias Lidström (keyboard).

  • Dungen

    (140,712 listeners)

    psychedelic, swedish, psychedelic rock, indie

    Dungen (Swedish: "the grove", pronounced [ˈdɵŋən]) is a Swedish rock band based in Stockholm. Often classified as psychedelic rock, Dungen is also influenced by Swedish (and other) folk music, classic rock, progressive rock and indie rock.

  • Frida Hyvönen

    (111,280 listeners)

    swedish, singer-songwriter, female vocalists, indie

    Frida Hyvönen (born 1977) is a Swedish singer-songwriter. She grew up in Robertsfors, a small place just outside Umeå in the north of Sweden (which is also the hometown of the band Sahara Hotnights), and currently lives in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

  • Friendly Fires

    (897,081 listeners)

    electronic, indie, new rave, indietronica

    Friendly Fires are an indie band formed in 2006 in St Albans, United Kingdom. They consist of Ed MacFarlane (vocals), Edd Gibson (guitar) and Jack Savidge (drums). The band released their self-titled debut album on 1 September 2008. It contains the singles "Paris", "Jump in the Pool", and "Skeleton Boy".

  • Hooray For Earth

    (137,481 listeners)

    indie rock, post-punk, indie, chillwave

    These are anxious times. From unemployment and embattled governments to mysterious mass deaths of birds and fish, it's easy to wonder if 2012's apocalypse won't come a year early. It's heady fare for an indie rock record, but somehow the dense soundscapes from New York City's Hooray for Earth's True Loves find a way to float on thin air.

  • iamamiwhoami

    (227,104 listeners)

    electronic, ambient, experimental, synthpop

    iamamiwhoami is the electronic music and audiovisual project of Swedish musician and singer-songwriter Jonna Lee in collaboration with her long-time music producer [url=http://iamamiwhoami.wikia.com/wiki/Claes_Björklund

  • Icona Pop

    (615,353 listeners)

    electronic, electropop, swedish, synthpop

    Icona Pop are a Swedish duo who were formed in 2009, with electro house, punk and indie pop music influences.

  • Korallreven

    (68,300 listeners)

    electronic, balearic, chillout, indie

    Korallreven are Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder. It all started on the South Pacific island Samoa some years ago when Marcus was there for a longer vacation and one day, while chillin’ under a coconut tree, got a feeling of how he wanted the pop music of his dreams to be.

  • Little Dragon

    (684,423 listeners)

    trip-hop, electronic, female vocalists, chillout

    Little Dragon is an electronic music group formed in 2006 and based in Göteborg, Sweden. The band is made up of Yukimi Nagano (vocals), Fredrick Källgren (bass), Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards) and Erik Bodin (drums). Their new album 'Nabuma Rubberband' was released on May 13, 2014 on Loma Vista.

  • Love Antell

    (10,859 listeners)

    indie, swedish, scandinavian, sweden

    Love Antell, born 1980, singer and songwriter in the band Florence Valentin.

  • Major Lazer

    (699,796 listeners)

    dancehall, electronic, reggae, dub

    Major Lazer Place: Known Universe Galaxy: Unknown Time: 2008 Years after the zombie apocalypse ravaged the galaxy, Major Lazer went into isolation after bringing peace and order to Earth. With the help of a mysterious shadow government called Cinco he was cryogenically frozen as a safeguard for the future’s wellbeing.

  • Patrick Wolf

    (633,614 listeners)

    indie, singer-songwriter, electronic, folk

    Patrick Wolf (born Patrick Denis Apps on 30 June, 1983) is a singer-songwriter from London, United Kingdom. Wolf mixes electronics and samples with a wide range of instruments including viola, keyboards, ukulele, and percussion, all of which he plays himself to form a fusion of jazz, folk and electronic music.

  • Saint Lou Lou

    (15,490 listeners)

    dream pop, swedish, synthpop, new band of the day

    **2013 - Now re-named as 'Say Lou Lou'. ** Saint Lou Lou. Twin sisters born and raised in Sweden/Australia. They are the daughters of Steve Kilbey, the lead singer of the australian band The Church.

  • Sameblod

    (11,406 listeners)

    indie, swedish, sweden, chillwave

    Wild arctic nature. Big city pulse. Fearless synthesizers, miles and miles of reverb, and delicate rhythms. Delicious swedish indietronica from Stockholm by way of San Francisco and the cold northern regions of Sweden.Long nights of dancing and long hikes in the mountains.

  • Teddybears

    (233,226 listeners)

    electronic, swedish, indie, rock

    There is more than one group with the name Teddybears. 1. A popular Swedish electrorock band formed in 1991 2. The Teddy Bears were an American doo-wop group active in the 1950's which featured notorious producer Phil Spector. 3. A garage rock band from Norway formed in the early 2000's

  • Thåström

    (82,936 listeners)

    swedish, rock, punk, singer-songwriter

    Joakim Thåström is a former punk rocker from Rågsved in Stockholm, Sweden. He played in one of Sweden's most famous punk bands, Ebba Grön. Later he formed the rock group Imperiet. When Imperiet broke up, Thåström started a solo career. During the 1990's, he left Sweden and formed the industrial band Peace, Love & Pitbulls.

  • Urban Cone

    (132,260 listeners)

    indie, electronic, swedish, dance

    Indie-Electro-Rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. Members: - Rasmus Flyckt - Magnus Folkö - Tim Formgren - Emil Gustafsson - Jacob William Sjöberg since 2010 contact: urbancone@live.se http://myspace.com/urbancone

  • Vulkano

    (3,363 listeners)

    pop, swedish, indie, galego

    "From the ashes of Those Dancing Days rise these two Swedish post punk poppettes" The background: "I know it's out there!" goes the arresting refrain to Vision Kicks, the debut single from Vulkano.