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  • Capsula (band)

    (628 listeners)

    rock, surf, punk, noise

  • dEUS

    (305,358 listeners)

    alternative, rock, indie, belgian

    dEUS is an alternative/experimental rock band based and formed in Antwerp, Belgium. dEUS’s lineup has changed frequently, with only singer and guitarist Tom Barman and multi-instrumentalist Klaas Janszoons remaining from the original setting. The other current members are guitarist and vocalist Mauro Pawlowski, bassist Alan Gevaert and drummer Stephane Misseghers.

  • Dinero

    (9,007 listeners)

    rock, indie, gangsta rap, alternative

    Dinero se forma en Junio de 2007 con la incorporación de Ekain Elorza a la batería. Completan la formación Sean Marholm y Rubén Giménez, guitarra y bajo respectivamente. Siguiendo las bases de trío potente y compacto, lo adornan con melodías pegadizas e intensas, adquiriendo especial relevancia en coros y juegos de voces.

  • Django Django

    (296,885 listeners)

    psychedelic, indie, experimental, british

    Django Django consists of vocalist and guitarist Vinny Neff, drummer Dave Maclean (a brother of Beta Band's keyboard player John Maclean), Jimmy Dixon on bass and Tommy Grace on keyboards. They met at Edinburgh College of Art but formed in Dalston, London in 2008.

  • Dorian

    (97,493 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, spanish indie pop, spanish

    There are several artists/bands with the name Dorian: 1) Dorian is a Spanish electro-pop band. They were born in 2002 in Barcelona, Spain with the common necessity to develop a sound that conjugated the tradition of the Spanish pop with contemporary electronic music.

  • Eme DJ

    (900 listeners)

    disco, spanish, electronica, indie

  • Fira Fem

    (1,875 listeners)

    all, madrid, under 2000 listeners, seen live

    Fira Fem has evolved in pursuit of an identifiable sound, fleeing obvious references focusing on the song format.

  • Joan S Luna

    (0 listeners)

  • Justice

    (1,524,350 listeners)

    electronic, electro, french, dance

    There are Nine artists with this name: 1. a popular French electronic music duo 2. a Belgian hardcore band 3. a German thrash metal band 4. an English drum 'n' bass producer 5. an Irish folk band 6. a reggae musician

  • Kill The Hipsters

    (42 listeners)

    spanish, electronica, electro house, electronic

  • Kimbra

    (247,120 listeners)

    indie pop, female vocalists, soul, alternative

    Kimbra (Kimbra Lee Johnson Zottola), born and bred in Hamilton, New Zealand has been writing a fusion of jazz and soul for over 5 years, known for her erratic but graceful voice inspired by the likes of Björk and Jeff Buckley.

  • Kings of Convenience

    (1,251,305 listeners)

    indie, acoustic, norwegian, indie pop

    Kings of Convenience are a music duo formed in Bergen, Norway, playing a style that features acoustic instrumental playing and their two voices. The band consists of Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe. They met as children at a geography competition. They are known for their delicate tunes, calming voices, and intricately subtle guitar melodies.

  • Le Traste

    (423 listeners)

    folk, alternative rock, under 2000 listeners, rock

  • Lüger

    (7,268 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, psychedelic, krautrock, avant-garde

    There are two artists with the name Lüger: (1) Lüger is also the name of a psychedelic space rock band from Madrid, Spain, born in 2008. All the band's music is freely available at http://luger.bandcamp.com

  • Napoleon Solo

    (16,435 listeners)

    ska, rock, indie, indie rock

    Napoleon Solo was formed in the summer of 1984 by eight youngsters living in Copenhagen and they played their first gig that year. The unique blend of Sixties-influenced soul, R&B, Jamaican ska and British Two-Tone proved from the beginning to be a great success. All the time Napoleon Solo has been known for a lively performance with a fresh attitude. Always sharply dressed.

  • Niños Mutantes

    (28,273 listeners)

    spanish indie pop, indie pop, indie, indie rock

    Spanish Indie Pop band from Granada (Spain)formed in 1994 with 3 members (Nani Castañeda on drums, Migue Haro on bass and J.A. Martínez on lyrics and guitar). Nani and Migue were members of the band Mama Baker. The name comes from an art exhibition in Berlin with rare pics of Mutant Children.

  • Ocho y Medio djs

    (0 listeners)

  • Sigur Rós

    (1,903,031 listeners)

    post-rock, ambient, icelandic, alternative

    Sigur Rós are an Icelandic post-rock band. The name is derived from the name of lead vocalist Jónsi Birgisson's little sister, Sigurrós. They hail from the same creative and vibrant Icelandic music scene as múm and Amiina. They released their first ever foray into film-making with their tour documentary, Heima in late 2007.

  • Supersubmarina

    (44,927 listeners)

    indie, spanish, rock, alternative

    Supersubmarina is a Spanish indie pop-rock band from Baeza (Jaen).

  • Syberia

    (2,632 listeners)

    post-rock, post-metal, spanish, instrumental

    There are a couple of bands/projects called Syberia. 1. Syberia is a Post-Metal/Instrumental from Spain. Have released 1 album "Drawing A Future" 2.

  • The Killers

    (4,127,055 listeners)

    indie, rock, indie rock, alternative

    There are at least five artists which use, or have used, this name: 1) an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2001 2) a Uruguayan rock band from the early 1970s 3) an American hardcore band from Chicago, IL, from the 1990s 4) an American band from Cleveland, Ohio, from the 1980s

  • The Kooks

    (2,420,206 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, british, britpop

    There are two musical groups with the name The Kooks: 1. British indie rock band - formed in Brighton, England, United Kingdom in 2004.

  • The Right Ons

    (11,295 listeners)

    rock, spanish, indie rock, funk

    The most American sounding Rock n' Roll band that isn't from America. The Right Ons, are in fact from Madrid, Spain - and sing entirely in English. Drawing heavily on the Detroit Garage Sound, as well as funk and soul from the 60's and 70's, the band's energetic live show has become legendary on the festival circuit in Spain.

  • The Shoes

    (148,730 listeners)

    electronic, french, electro, indie

    There are five artists known as The Shoes: 1) The Shoes are an electro duo from Reims, France and you could say they are France’s answer to Calvin Harris. They feature Guillaume and Benalways. Debut album ‘Crack My Bones’ was released on Green United Music in 2011 and features a number of guest appearances including Esser, CocknBullKid and Wave Machines.

  • Triángulo de amor bizarro

    (44,690 listeners)

    shoegaze, indie rock, indie, noise pop

    Triángulo de Amor Bizarro (Bizarre Love Triangle) is a band from A Coruña, Spain. Their palette of sounds moves between the obsessiveness and hypnotism of shoegazer geometry, exactly as The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine used to do. They are followers of No Wave and Kraut progression taken from the legacy of bands such as Stereolab.