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  • A Guy Called Gerald

    (149,522 listeners)

    electronic, drum and bass, house, acid house

    http://guycalledgerald.com Where do you start with A Guy Called Gerald? A hidden gem, the gateway between Chicago house / Detroit Techno and the UK dance music explosion in the late 80s.

  • Alicia Hush

    (365 listeners)

    minimal, tech house, archipel musique, re-radio

  • Apparat

    (511,374 listeners)

    idm, electronic, ambient, experimental

    Apparat is a German electronic musician (Sascha Ring) living in Berlin, Germany who since 1999 has been running the Berlin based record label "Shitkatapult" together with T.Raumschmiere. Starting out with dance floor-oriented techno, he later started to create ambient music and recently became "more interested in designing sounds than beats".

  • Basic Soul Unit

    (11,057 listeners)

    techno, minimal techno, house, all

    Basic Soul Unit aka Stuart Li - originally from Hong Kong - is now situated in Toronto, Canada. He released a bunch of records throughout the past decade on labels like 'Versatile Records', 'Left On The Dial' and many many more, resembling oldschool sounds and strongly influenced by the likes of Detroit Techno and Chicago House.

  • Benoit & Sergio

    (35,159 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, electronica, indie

    Hailing from Washington DC, Benoit & Sergio are an electronic-pop duo whose sound owes as much to Galaxie 500 or The Jesus & Mary Chain as to any house or techno pioneers.

  • Bernardino Femminielli

    (509 listeners)

    ambient, weird canada, drone, electronic

    Bernardino Femminielli of Montréal, Canada creates epic cosmic psychedelic instrumental ambient electronic music. Femminielli has released recordings on: Hobo Cult Records Fixture Records

  • Biosphere & Lustmord

    (1 listener)

  • Blondes

    (39,757 listeners)

    deep house, electronic, techno, house

    There are two artists with the name Blondes, neither of which are to be confused with The Blondes.


    (17,112 listeners)

    techno, house, electronic, experimental

    Pushing the envelope of experimentalism within electronica, the soundscapes of BNJMN are deep, intrinsically melodic and densely layered. Intelligently referencing the early 90’s whilst still sounding totally contemporary, the young artist deftly treads a hybrid ground between house, techno and dubstep.

  • Champion

    (120,412 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, youth crew

    There are four known artists with this name: 1) Energetic, positive Straight Edge Hardcore from Seattle.

  • Clark

    (256,196 listeners)

    idm, electronic, experimental, warp

    There are several artists with the name Clark. (1) Chris Clark is an English electronic artist currently signed to Warp. With the 2006 release of Throttle Furniture, he shortened his alias to Clark. His latest, self-titled LP, was released on Warp Records in 2014 and is a follow up to 2012’s Iradelphic.

  • Container

    (11,729 listeners)

    techno, minimal techno, experimental, electronic

    There are 5 artists named Container. 1. A minimal techno project by Ren Schofield of God Willing 2. Container is Fridtjof Nilsen and Fredrik Wallumrød – together with some of their favorite singers they have made their self-titled debut album. 3. Slovak punk rock band from Zlaté Moravce formed in 1989.

  • Danuel Tate

    (1,159 listeners)

    techno, minimal, electronic, wagon repair

    The extraordinary jazz pianist Danuel Tate is more commonly known as the keyboardist behind the music of Cobblestone Jazz, exemplifying their free and improvised approach to the creative process.

  • Dave Aju

    (18,732 listeners)

    techno, electronic, minimal, house

    The anomaly known as Dave Aju appeared on the DJ scene in 1995. Disgruntled with industry standards, he set out on the long-term mission to 'rescue dance music from the blahs.' In his hometown of San Francisco, Dave Aju infiltrates various genre-strict circles and exposes unsuspecting heads to his sound with results varying from frustration to salivation.

  • Deniz KurtelUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (16,748 listeners)

    house, deep house, techno, tech house

    Deniz Kurtel developed a deep love and connection to the sentiments of electronic music during her studies in the USA.

  • DKMD

    (397 listeners)

    horror, dance

    DKMD is a Montreal collaboration between the ever-prolific David Kristian (Synths, Sequencers, and Rhythm Programming, Treatments) and singer Marie Davidson (Vocals, Violin, Synths, Treatments), DKMDs varied output pulls us into the glamourous world of cosmically charged classic disco.

  • Espen Sommer Eide

    (12 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, norwegian

  • Farben

    (43,579 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, microhouse, glitch

    Farben is a microhouse project of Jan Jelinek with influence from soul and funk. As Farben he focuses more on the dance aspect and is more minimalistic compared to music released under his real name. He is best categorized by heavily use of clicks and cuts, complicated rhythms, loops and elements of microsound.

  • Jacob Korn

    (8,994 listeners)

    house, uncanny valley, deep house, all

    Jacob Korn is an artist in residence at the Trans-Media-Lab (TMA) in Dresden-Hellerau, Germany, working on the connection of interactive participation offers in the context of electronic dance music. The search

  • Jeff Mills

    (116,346 listeners)

    techno, detroit techno, electronic, minimal

    In the course of the eighties Jeff Mills was an influential radio DJ on WJLB under the pseudonym The Wizard. Mills' sets were a highlight of the nightly show from "The Electrifying Mojo," Charles Johnson. Complimenting Mojo's eclectic playlists, Mills would spin obscure detroit techno, hiphop, electro, freestyle, miami bass, chicago house and classic new wave tracks.

  • Jeremy Greenspan

    (2,447 listeners)

    techno, house, leftfield

    Jeremy is one half of the duo Junior Boys.

  • Jesse Voltaire

    (187 listeners)

    techno, minimal, minimal techno, electronic

  • Jimmy Edgar

    (78,998 listeners)

    electronic, idm, warp, experimental

    Jimmy Edgar (b. 1983, Detroit, MI, USA), is a producer, photographer and multi-instrumentalist. He is seen by some as a poster child of sound culture and began performing music in 1998 (at fifteen years old).

  • Keith Fullerton Whitman

    (47,474 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, experimental, drone

    Keith Fullerton Whitman, from Somerville, Massachusetts, USA, is a composer/performer obsessed with electronic music; from its mid-century origins in Europe through its contemporary worldwide incarnation as "digital music."

  • KiNK

    (21,598 listeners)

    deep house, house, techno, electronic

    KiNK is an Bulgarian acid techno and acid house producer, also known with his attempts in experimental styles. His his first release - "Same ol' thing" was released by the UK label Odori and hit the house charts of several online vinyl shops.

  • Kode9Up-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (126,668 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, grime, hyperdub

    Kode9 (born Steve Goodman in Glasgow, Scotland) is a leading figure in the South London Dubstep scene. As a producer and DJ he most known for his collaborations with MC the Spaceape (aka Daddi Gee). He is also the founder of the pioneering UK label Hyperdub. Along with Pinch, Kode9 was one of the few producers at the dawn of Dubstep not from Croydon.

  • Krause Duo

    (3,031 listeners)

    electronic, minimal, musik krause, icke micke


  • Larry James

    (19 listeners)

  • Le révélateur

    (1,744 listeners)

    ambient, drone, psychedelic, progressive electronic

    Modern excursions onto the outer shores of classic kosmische by longtime Montreal musician Roger Tellier-Craig. Melodies dappled in sunlight, shimmering like beads of sea water on the skin and reflecting out on waves of heartbeat rhythms.

  • Leboeuf et Laviolette

    (4 listeners)

  • Les Momies De Palerme

    (536 listeners)

    11, ambient, canada, noise

    Les Momies de Palerme was formed in Montreal in Autumn 2006 by multi-instrumentalists Xarah Dion and Marie Davidson.

  • Magnanime

    (14 listeners)

  • Mathew Johnson

    (2,076 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, k7 showcase at popkomm 2008

  • Matt Thibideau

    (393 listeners)

    minimal, tech house, dub techno

    Matt Thibideau is from Toronto, Ontario. He currently is releasing projects as Coordinates, Altitude, & Repair. His music is available from such labels as ... Cynosure Sub-Static Open Concept Records Dumb-Unit Secret Weapon Records

  • MFO

    (6,092 listeners)

    turkish rock, turkhis pop-rock

  • michel plamondon

    (7 listeners)

  • Minilogue

    (141,471 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, techno, electronic

    Minilogue are a Swedish progressive house/tech-house/minimal techno music project of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson. The name is a portmanteau of minimal (the musical style) and dialogue, which refers to music as a form of communication.

  • Monolake

    (156,872 listeners)

    minimal, idm, electronic, ambient

    Monolake was formed in 1995 as the duo of Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke, although on later albums the group consisted of Henke alone, with Behles focusing his time on running the Ableton software company. Their sound can generally be described as minimal techno filled with nice touch of fine tech dub, although the 1999 Gobi.

  • Ms. Haptic

    (3 listeners)

  • Nautiluss

    (5,579 listeners)

    techno, electronic, punk, house

    Nautiluss is the alias of Canadian DJ and producer Graham Douglas Bertie, raised in Montreal and now based in Toronto.

  • Nelly-Eye Rajotte

    (0 listeners)

  • Nicolas Jaar

    (304,618 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, deep house, house

    Nicolas Jaar was born the 10th of January 1990 in New York but spent most of his childhood in Santiago de Chile, only to return to his place of birth as a teenager. Haunted by Mulatu Astatke, Erik Satie, Ezekiel Honig and Villalobos’ “Thé au Harem d’Archimède”; Nico started to make organic electronic music in 2004 at the age of 14.

  • No UFO's

    (2,326 listeners)

    drone, experimental, ambient, electronic

    Abstraction, improv, song, sketches, programming, drone, the TB-303, vocal, guitar, samples, field recordings, cut + paste tangents, hypnotic streams, etc;

  • Nouveau Palais

    (949 listeners)

    juke, footwork, future garage

    It's Ango & Lunice & Prison Garde. they have a release on Red Bull Music Academy tilted Avant Gang Extended Play that you can download for free.

  • Paul White

    (49,606 listeners)

    hip-hop, electronic, beats, experimental

    A talented library producer with BBC and Channel 4 credits to his name, Paul White crafts his distinctive psychedelic nuggets at his South London studio. Paul’s earliest transmissions took the form of a series of mesmerizing beat tapes: rapid-fire scrapbooks of rough-edged artifacts passed between small circles of music-lovers.

  • Pierre Bastien

    (7,565 listeners)

    experimental, electronic, avant-garde, instrumental

    Pierre Bastien (born 1953 in Paris) is a French musician, composer, and instrument builder. He began building mechanical-based musical instruments at an early age, using items such as metronomes, cymbals, and pulleys. In 1977 he began collaborating with Pascal Comelade and composing music for dance companies.

  • Public Lover

    (1,730 listeners)

    minimal techno, electronic, minimal, techno

    Public Lover is a deeper version of Ninca Leece and Bruno Pronsato. It's the inevitable result of two people making music for years. People who grew up on My Bloody Valentine, Roxy Music, and good-ol' techno and house. It's the sort of baby they have always wanted. It might be their golden child, or perhaps their golden squirrel?

  • Robin Fox

    (6,321 listeners)

    dance, techno, electronic, trance

    There is more than one artist with this name:

  • Roll the Dice

    (12,439 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, minimal, experimental

    Roll The Dice is a name of at least two bands: 1) A Stockholm, Sweden duo of producers Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon.

  • Roly Porter

    (8,773 listeners)

    drone, dark ambient, noise, ambient

    Industrial-strength drone, art-techno, noise and moody synth experimentation from Roly Porter, formerly of Vex'd.