Satans Convention 2012 at Halle 101


Saturday 29 December 2012


Halle 101
Am Neuen Rheinhafen 6
67346 Speyer
Germany Tel: +496232-629 840

Lineup (9 artists)

  • Angantyr

    10,301 listeners

    Copenhagen, Denmark (early), Sweden (now) Angantyr is a Danish black metal band which started as a synth/ambient project in 1997 by Ynleborgaz (Make a Change... Kill Yourself, Profezia, Tågefolket, Zahrim, Vardlokkur (live)). It quickly developed into a raw black metal band, and in 1998 the first demotape "Endeløs" was recorded. "Endeløs" contains 5 tracks of ear-mutilating blackmetal.

  • Baptism

    9,299 listeners

    Baptism is a Black metal band formed at year 1998 in Ylöjärvi, Finland. They're signed to Season of Mist. Current Line-up: Kommander Lord Sargofagian (Ossi Mäkinen) - All instruments and Vocals (Ymir, Valonsurma). Live members: sg.7 - Guitar (also session bass on some recordings) (Horna, Prevalent Resistance, Slave's Mask, The True Black Dawn)

  • Darkend

    83 listeners

    DarkEnd is a Dark Instrumental Metal band, with a Demo titled "10 Wasted Years", released in 2002.

  • Eisregen

    67,901 listeners

    Eisregen is a German, lyrically extreme, dark metal band which was founded in 1994. The members are from Tambach-Dietharz, a village in Thüringen (Thuringia). By using morbid German lyrics unlike those of other bands of this genre, they got the attention of German authorities, causing the banning of three of their albums, one EP and one live-video.

  • Inquisition

    39,672 listeners

    There are at least two bands with the name Inquisition Inquisition (Unites States - Season Of Mist Records artist) is a black metal band from Seattle, Washington USA with origins in Colombia South America where the founder, Dagon, was living at the time.

  • Ketzer

    3,742 listeners

    Ketzer spawned the earth, uprising from the darkest depths of ancient hell, two thousand and three years after the birth of the king of Jews.

  • Svartsorg

    31 listeners

    SVARTSORG was formed in autumn 2007 by Grubotnik and Lord Judas Iscariot, after a spontaneous recording session. The music is rooted in the depressive black-metal genre, although the pace and mood of the songs vary very often and therefore a unique style is evident.

  • Taake

    85,808 listeners

    Taake (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈtoːkə]) is the solo vehicle of Ulvhedin Høst (Ørjan Stedjeberg), also known as Høst or Hoest. The band was formed in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. During 1993, originally billed as Thule, Hoest proceeded to issue a brace of demos in 1993's 'Der Vinterstormene Rast' and 1994's 'Omfarnet Av Svarte Vinger' prior to adopting the new title of Taake.

  • Weird Fate

    484 listeners

    Black Metal band from Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Released first demo (Seelennacht) in 2004 and a split with Membaris in 2008. Lineup: Oliver - Drums Aposthatha - Guitar Nils - Session Guitar, Vocals (Membaris)