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  • Chisu

    (39,610 listeners)

    finnish, pop, female vocalists, electronic

    Chisu (born Christel Sundberg in 1982) is a Finnish pop artist, songwriter and producer. She wrote her first single "Mun koti ei oo täällä" for the soundtrack of a movie called "Sooloilua". In 2008 Chisu released her first album titled "alkovi". Her second album "vapaa ja yksin" was released in 2009 through Warner Music Finland and has already sold over 30,000 copies.

  • Eppu Normaali

    (64,175 listeners)

    finnish, rock, suomirock, punk

    Eppu Normaali is a Finnish rock band formed Ylöjärvi, Finland in 1976. The band has enjoyed quite a stable line up throughout their career, still featuring original members Martti Syrjä (vocals), Mikko Syrjä (guitar), Juha Torvinen (guitar) and Aku Syrjä (drums).

  • Haloo Helsinki!

    (35,683 listeners)

    finnish, rock, female vocalists, punk rock

    Haloo Helsinki! is a young rock band based in the metropolitan area of Helsinki, Finland. Their first self-titled single “Haloo Helsinki!” was released in October 2007.

  • Happoradio

    (62,736 listeners)

    finnish, rock, suomirock, pop

    Happoradio is a Finnish rock band formed in 2001 in Helsinki, Finland. They achieved their first success with the single Pois Kalliosta (2003).

  • Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset

    (32,698 listeners)

    finnish, rock, alternative rock, post-punk

    Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset released its first album "Sata vuotta" on February 6th 2008. The members of the band are Herra Ylppö (vocals) of Maj Karma fame, Hamid Moeini (guitar), Jami Westergård (bass), Joona Kukkola (keyboards) and Jukka Kröger (drums). Their first tour was called "Tunti peruskomppia ja perseet olalle". Their second album "Pojat ei tanssi" was released on January 22nd 2010.

  • Jukka Poika

    (38,863 listeners)

    reggae, finnish, fi-reggae, dub

    Jukka Poika (Jukka Rousu, born 1981) took his stance as the most widely known Finnish reggae vocalist and song writer in 1999-2002. During that time his lyrical and vocal charisma lead both his collaborations (Soul Captain Band, Kapteeni Ä-ni) into success. Since 2003 he has participated in various projects and released five reggae albums, plus an album tributing the folk genius Veikko Lavi.

  • Kaija Koo

    (42,562 listeners)

    finnish, pop, female vocalists, iskelma

    Kaija Koo (real name Kaija Kokkola, b. 10 September 1962) is a Finnish vocalist and lyricist. She started her career in a band called Steel City at the age of 17 and released her first solo Kun savukkeet on loppuneet in 1986. Her next album,Tuulten viemää was her first major breakthrough.

  • Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu

    (3,192 listeners)

    finnish, alternative, rock, singer-songwriter

    Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu was a Finnish rock band active from early 80's to early 90's, debuting with the album Steppaillen (1980).

  • Lauri Tähkä

    (13,488 listeners)

    finnish, suomi, pop, suomipop

    Lauri Tähkä (Jarkko Suo) is a Finnish singer. He was member of former band Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu. http://www.lauritahka.com/

  • PMMP

    (104,876 listeners)

    finnish, pop, female vocalists, rock

    PMMP was a popular pop band from Finland. Although the name PMMP is often thought to refer only to singers Paula Vesala and Mira Luoti, the band consists of the female vocalists and three male musicians, Mikko Virta, Juho Vehmanen, and Heikki Kytölä.

  • Popeda

    (50,620 listeners)

    finnish, rock, suomirock, pop

    Popeda is a Finnish rock band hailing from Tampere's Ikuri and one of the staples of Manserock. Epe Helenius, who signed the band for Poko Rekords in 1977, called the band "Finnish Rolling Stones". Musically their style is a combination of rhythm'n'blues and boogie, with humorous lyrics by their vocalist Pate Mustajärvi, often concerning girls, cars and drinking.

  • Vesku Jokinen & Sundin Pojat

    (1,978 listeners)

    rock, all, vesku jokinen

  • (50,438 listeners)

    finnish, rock, suomirock, pop

    Yö ("Night") is a Finnish rock band, established in 1981. The only member of the band from the original lineup, that is still with the band is Olli Lindholm. Although usually thought of as a band from Pori, nowadays they're more or less from Tampere.