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  • Anti-Pasti

    (13,568 listeners)

    punk, anarcho-punk, punk rock, british punk

    Founded in 1978 in Derby, England, Anti-Pasti comprised of Martin Roper on vocals, Dugi Bell on guitar and with the addition of Stu Winfield on bass and Stan Smith on drums, released their debut EP, "Four Sore Points", featuring the all time punk rock classic "No Government", on their own Dose record label. They played many gigs in and around Derby and rapidly built up a large following.

  • Discharge

    (98,469 listeners)

    d-beat, hardcore punk, punk, crust

    1) Punk / D-beat from Stoke On Trent, UK. 2) Hardcore / punk from Middlesbrough, UK. https://www.facebook.com/discharges http://www.discharge-dbeat.com/ https://myspace.com/20050962 http://discharge_dbeat.perso.neuf.fr/

  • Glen Matlock

    (260 listeners)

    punk, rock, classic rock, 70s

    this is the one - the only Glen Matlock. An original Sex Pistol, fighting out of the blue & white corner that is West London, the white city whirlwind. The man who wrote Anarchy in the UK, God Save the Queen & Pretty Vacant. Now in The Philistines...

  • Infa Riot

    (21,617 listeners)

    oi, punk, street punk, punk rock

    The North London band's rise to fame began with a live review in Sounds, written by none other than Mensi of the Angelic Upstarts, who was so impressed by the group that he raved about them for weeks after, and this was only their fourth gig. While supporting Chelsea and The Dark at the Lyceum, they apparently blew both bands off the stage, getting rave reviews inserval fanzines of the time.

  • Ruts DC

    (3,031 listeners)

    punk, reggae, dub, punk rock

    FOLLOWING ON FROM THE RUTS Ruts DC was the follow up name used by the surviving three members of The Ruts following the death of singer Malcolm Owen in 1980. They released two albums: Animal Now (a rock record on Virgin in 1981), and Rhythm Collision (a dub reggae record on their own imprint, Bohemian, in 1982, engineered by Mad Professor).

  • The BusinessUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (100,316 listeners)

    oi, punk, street punk, punk rock

    The Business is an English Oi!/punk band that formed in the late 70s. Their classic album 'Suburban Rebels' became a seminal record for the Oi! movement.