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  • Damon & Naomi

    (40,272 listeners)

    dream pop, indie, folk, indie pop

    Damon & Naomi are an American duo formed in 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States by Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, both formerly of Galaxie 500.

  • Dirty Three

    (168,863 listeners)

    post-rock, instrumental, australian, indie

    Dirty Three is an Australian instrumental rock band, consisting of Warren Ellis (violin and bass guitar), Mick Turner (electric and bass guitars) and Jim White (drums). They formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1992. During their career the group have spent much of their time overseas, when not performing together Turner is based in Melbourne, White lives in New York, and Ellis in Paris.

  • 旺福

    (2,432 listeners)

    taiwan, indie, pop, tw indie pop

    旺福 or WonFu is a Taiwanese alternative band. They have a very American sixties pop music sound and even dress like they came from the era of the Beatles or the Beach Boys. Their songs are in Mandarin and some are in Taiwanese. WonFu are formed in 1998. In August 2007, they released their fourth studio album "青春舞曲". Subsequently on Sep. 19, 2007, this album was also released in Japan.

  • 濁水溪公社

    (530 listeners)

    indie, rock, taiwan, punk

    濁水溪公社 (LTK Commune) is a well-known Taiwanese 'underground' band founded in 1990. Their music has been variously described as having elements of punk, rock, nakasi, and Taiwanese folk songs.

  • 錫盤街

    (234 listeners)

    post-rock, taiwan, post rock, indie

    錫盤街 (Tin Pan Alley) is a Taiwanese post rock quartet formed in 2000.