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  • Axwell

    (396,238 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, club

    Axwell, along with Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello is one-third of of what has become known as the Swedish House Mafia.

  • Benvinda

    (10 listeners)

  • Capitão Fausto

    (3,938 listeners)

    portuguese, psychedelic rock, indie rock, rock

    Capitão Fausto is a Portuguese psychedelic pop rock band from Lisbon. Formed by Tomás Wallenstein (vocals and guitar), Domingos Coimbra (bass), Manuel Palha (guitar), Francisco Ferreira (keyboards) and Salvador Seabra (drums), the young band's sound is largely influenced by classic psychedelic and progressive rock and by modern bands like Tame Impala and Arctic Monkeys.

  • Carminho

    (6,725 listeners)

    fado, portuguese, female vocalists, portugal

    Official site (with long song extracts): www.carminho.net In 2009, Carminho sang "Fado". This was her fado, the one she owned since an early age, when she listened to her parents’ records, when she witnessed the gathering of fado singers in her own house and when, still a teenager, she began to sing in the Taverna do Embuçado.

  • Crookers

    (340,218 listeners)

    electro, electronic, fidget house, dirty electro

    Drawing from influences of house, hip hop and beyond, Crookers blend their beats with the kind of fidget house finesse that gives Potty Mouth Music its soiled swagger. Since 2003, DJs Phra and Bot have been drawing upon their collective musical backgrounds to create tracks that twist, startle and surprise with synthetic pop.

  • DJ Ride

    (1,570 listeners)

    hip hop, electronic, funk, portuguese

    Portuguese revelation in turntablism and beats production. A must to see and hear.

  • Drop Top

    (8,131 listeners)

    dubstep, house, fidget, electro

    Drop Top is a new project by portuguese producers ALiF and C-Netik, focusing on electro/fidget/techno music.

  • Gentleman

    (543,132 listeners)

    reggae, dancehall, german, german reggae

    Gentleman (⋆ as Tilmann Otto 1975 in Osnabrück, Germany) is a reggae musican. Gentleman resides in Cologne, but sometimes names Jamaica as his home away from home.

  • Gonçalo Bilé

    (70 listeners)

  • Like The Man Said

    (9 listeners)

    reggae, roots, rasta, seen live

    Like the man said are a Portuguese reggae band from Vale da Amoreira, Barreiro created in 2001. The band is composed of Mugsy (lead vocals), Vai Vai (keyboard), Zú (riddim guitar, lead guitar), Baiano (percussion), André (drums), Jiné (bass line, harmonies) and Dodas (riddim guitar, lead guitar, harmonies).

  • Mastiksoul

    (35,770 listeners)

    house, electronic, minimal, tech

    MastikSoul started his career in 92, in a time where his life was split between Portugal and France, and from where he watched the raise of a new musical culture, that in association with his strong African roots designed his talent in a unique form.

  • Os Azeitonas

    (3,406 listeners)

    portuguese, portugal, rock, musica portuguesa

    Os Azeitonas is a Portuguese band, formed in 2002, in Porto, Portugal. With about a 100 shows between 2009 and 2011, among including the country's largest Academic Weeks (Porto, Coimbra, Braga, Aveiro, Covilha, Vila Real, etc..) And some of the biggest festivals (Rock In Rio, Marés Vivas , Crato, etc.

  • Pow Pow Movement

    (725 listeners)

    reggae, dancehall, funk, dub

  • Quim Barreiros

    (8,351 listeners)

    pimba, portugal, portuguese, portuguese music

    Joaquim Barreiros, better known as Quim Barreiros, was born in Vila Praia de Âncora in the north of Portugal. He is a popular Portuguese songwriter-singer.

  • Style of Eye

    (85,543 listeners)

    minimal, tech house, minimal techno, house

    In the early 1990s, working from a studio in the northern-most parts of Sweden, Linus Eklow laid the foundations for what is now known as Style Of Eye.

  • The Heavy

    (359,437 listeners)

    funk, indie, soul, rock

    The Heavy are a soul-influenced indie rock band which formed in Bath, England in 2007. The band consists of Kelvin Swaby (vocals), Dan Taylor (guitar), Spencer Page (bass), Chris Ellul (drums) and formerly, Hannah Collins (keyboards).

  • Vengaboys

    (336,718 listeners)

    dance, eurodance, pop, 90s

    Vengaboys are a eurodance band that came to prominence in 1997. They were formed by Dutch DJ's Danski (Dennis van den Driesschen) and Delmondo (Wessel van Diepen), who toured Spanish beach parties in a bus.