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  • Andre & the J-Tones

    (1 listener)

  • Bad Influence

    (6,780 listeners)

    crust, hardcore punk, hardcore, anarcho-punk

    1.) A hardcore band out of Tacoma, Washington formed in 2011. 2.) a Hardcore Punk band from San Fransisco that released the Wars No Fun demo tape in 1983 3.) another Hardcore Punk band, this time from Antwerp, Belgium. Formed in 1985. 4.) UK blues band formed in 1986.

  • BluesBeaten Redshaw

    (20 listeners)


  • Bob Hall

    (483 listeners)


    Robert 'Bob' Hall (born 13 June 1942, in West Byfleet, Surrey), is a leading English boogie-woogie pianist. A long-time collaborator of Alexis Korner, he also performed regularly with bottleneck bluesman Dave Kelly and his sister, Jo Ann Kelly.

  • Clare Free

    (287 listeners)

    british blues, blues, blues rock, free

    Clare is an artist who is redefining the blues for the modern world. Her roots lie in the blues but her influences go way beyond the genre making her one of the most exciting new artists writing and performing in the blues world today. A passionate, award nominated, songwriter and a fabulous guitar player, she has an excellent band. Clare’s performances are fiery, exciting and heartfelt.

  • Danny Kyle

    (136 listeners)

    celtic, americana, blues, acoustic

    There appear to be 2 Danny Kyle's now. The 'original' Scottish folk singer one who is now deceased, and another one who released an album in 2004 it seems.

  • Dave Peabody

    (528 listeners)

    need to rate, blues, under 2000 listeners

  • Five Field Holler

    (29 listeners)

    rhythm and blues, blues, funk, new orleans

    Four guys from the Southwest London area, who like to get together and jam on some funky blues grooves.

  • Franck Ash

    (7 listeners)

  • Jules Benjamin

    (4 listeners)

  • Lewis Cohen

    (61 listeners)

    Whether its giving solo performances blending classic pre-war country and acoustic blues music with his own self-penned material, or singing and playing guitar with the alt.Bluegrass band The Wagon Tales, Lewis delights audiences with his passion, conviction and humour.

  • Northsyde

    (49 listeners)

    rock, female vocalist, british, bluesy

    They are little bits of everything, mushed together. Mix up some Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul... make it funky...

  • Papa George

    (127 listeners)

    guitar, blues

    Internationally acclaimed bluesman Papa George is admired on the club scene as an extremely well respected musician. Over 35 years he has forged a reputation for stunning performances on the blues circuits and festivals, “Highly regarded, both here and in the US, and Europe, for the gritty passion of his voice and his finesse on the blues frets…” Paul Jones BBC Radio2.

  • Richard Clarke Band

    (0 listeners)

  • Robin Bibi Band

    (14 listeners)

  • Steve Brooks

    (78 listeners)

  • The Delteurs

    (3 listeners)

  • The Mustangs

    (4,209 listeners)

    instrumental, surf, rautalanka, 60s garage

    There are (at least) 3 band sharing the same name: 1) The Mustangs are a breath of fresh air on the British blues scene. They combine the power and punch of traditional R’n’B with great original songs and a show-stopping stage set. They have established a formidable reputation as one of the hardest-working and most charismatic bands in British blues.

  • Tommy Allen

    (33 listeners)


  • Trevor Burton Band

    (8 listeners)