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  • Ania et le Programmeur

    (340 listeners)

    noise, electronic, machine rock, under 2000 listeners

    ANIA ET LE PROGRAMMEUR is an electro machine rock band formed in Paris in the early 2005 by ANIA J.(machines) and Hanri G.(vocals, guitars and machines).

  • Basketball

    (1,279 listeners)

    psychedelic, experimental, madness, under 2000 listeners

    In a time warp of traditional patterns synchronized with futurist paradigms, Basketball conjures up a tapestry of shamanic disco coupled with hypnotic and nocturnal hooks. From the Persian scales to the gypsy-esque spirit, their live performances, like pseudo-religious rituals, induce mass dancing, roping bodies into possession.

  • Hayvanlar Alemi

    (7,013 listeners)

    experimental, turkish, psychedelic, post-rock

    Biography Hayvanlar Alemi is a psychedelic folk rock band founded in Ankara. They got together in secondary school in 1999, when they were 14.

  • High Places

    (179,480 listeners)

    experimental, psychedelic, folktronica, indie

    High Places began as an experiment in collaboration: two people with diverse artistic backgrounds coming together to merge their skills, aesthetic tastes, and music-making approaches. Robert Barber grew up listening to punk and hardcore, and Mary Pearson studied bassoon performance, but both gravitated toward a DIY compositional style and a love of layers.

  • Keep Shelly In Athens

    (120,399 listeners)

    chillwave, electronic, lo-fi, lounge

    Keep Shelly in Athens are an electronic / downtempo duo from Athens, Greece. Their debut 12" vinyl EP, "In Love With Dusk" released in 2010 and quickly sold-out.

  • Lucky Dragons

    (65,796 listeners)

    experimental, electronic, ambient, folktronica

    any recorded or performed or installed or packaged or shared pieces made by Luke Fischbeck, Sarah Rara, and any sometimes collaborators.