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  • Alamaailman Vasarat

    (17,569 listeners)

    avant-garde, experimental, progressive rock, jazz

    The Finnish band Alamaailman Vasarat, which translates to "the Hammers of the Underworld" in English, create music influenced by Klezmer and other forms of European folk music and play it with the ferocity of a punk or metal act. Abandoning major keys for the most part and guitars all together, the group performs on such instruments as a pump organ, saxophone, and distorted cello.

  • Arne Lauri

    (48 listeners)

  • Atlantida Project

    (2,817 listeners)

    cyberfolk, russian, female vocalists, electronic

  • Bombillaz

    (606 listeners)

    reggae, ska, estonian, eesti

    Genre: Folk / Reggae / Reggaeton Location Tallinn-Tartu-Viljandi, EE Record Label Superbandiit Records ragga masta -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj4X_605qWM

  • Dagö

    (6,777 listeners)

    eesti, estonian, alternative, rock

    In the autumn of 1998 Lauri Saatpalu, Peeter Rebane and Tiit Kikas formed Dagö. The endeavours of the always improvising etno-folk trio culminated with an album by the summer of 2000, released by Hyperrecords, the only label brave enough to take the risk.

  • Elvin's Tales

    (284 listeners)

    estonian, folk, folk metal, celtic folk

    Elvin is over a thousand year old man who delivers the messages of truth and wisdom to the people through the music of Elvin's Tales. The band was formed in autumn of 2009 A.D. by Jevgeni Chernov (guitar) and Astrida Konstante (violin). The goal was to recreate the atmospheres of Medieval and Ancient music and endow them with a touch of modern rock rhythms.

  • Epifolium

    (125 listeners)

    canadian, folk, acoustic, under 2000 listeners

    Epifolium plays ambient, acoustic-electric folk. Drawing much of his material from traditional Estonian folk songs, Epifolium combines enchanting kannels, gentle guitars, haunting metallophones and soothing percussion into tranquil, cinematic soundscapes.

  • Evelin Võigemast

    (0 listeners)

  • Gandharvika

    (14 listeners)

    Gandharvika (Gabriele Johanna Fall) geb. in Voitsberg, Steiermark Studium Konzertfach Klassische Gitarre am Prayner Konservatorium in Wien bei Mag. Jorgos Panetsos mit einstimmiger Auszeichnung abgeschlossen Künstlerisches Diplom am Konservatorium der Stadt Wien bei Mag. Jorgos Panetsos

  • Gjängstas Päradais

    (0 listeners)

  • Greip

    (336 listeners)

    a cappella, estonian, beautiful, neofolk

    The Greip is an active vocal ensemble from Estonia, in a town called Pärnu and has five members who assembled in January, 2006. The ensemble consists of talented singers, who have now all graduated the Pärnu Ülejõe Gymnasium. They all have performed in choirs or as soloists and some members have also studied various instruments in music schools.

  • Hele Kõrve

    (3 listeners)

  • Jaagup Kreem

    (97 listeners)

    creamy, whipped cream, hapucore, vanad teksad ja katarr

  • Jaak Sooäär, Raul Vaigla, Tanel Ruben

    (11 listeners)

  • Jaanus Nõgisto

    (15 listeners)

    rock, estonian, eesti, seen live

  • Jäääär

    (2,188 listeners)

    estonian, eesti, folk, rock

    Jäääär began in January 21 1991 in Tartu by Jaan Sööt on guitar, Aivar Otsing on bass (both formerly of Pantokraator) and inBoil on vocals. Soon after Tõnu "Tõun" Timm (formerly of Beergrass) and Tarvo "Tarz" Jaaksoo joined. Jäääär has also included other well known Estonian musicians over time - Riho Sibul and Tõnis Mägi are but a few examples.

  • Kuokkavieraat

    (4 listeners)

  • Legshaker

    (41 listeners)

    punk, folk punk, estonian punk, seen live

    Liikmed HEINI SOOBIK- Lõõts,vilepill.- Varasemad kollektiivid- OTK,THE SHITHEADS,PICCOLO FOLK. ARGO MÄGI- Mandoliin. - Varasemad kollektiivid ja praegused- OTK,THE SHITHEADS,NEW MOON,PICCOLO FOLK,EESTI MANDOLIINIDE ORKESTER. TARMO TAMM- Laul.- Varasemad kollektiivid- OTK,NEW MOON.

  • Mantra Gora

    (316 listeners)

    folk, estonian, eesti, gomaz

    MG started out in january 2005, when all were 19 to 21 years of age. The roots of the band, however, reach back to January 2004 when there were just 2 singers. Name Mantra Gora, carries no specific meaning, but it combines in itself an incantation mantra, the magic from the mandrake root and greatness, a oneness and a feeling of air from gora.

  • Marko Matvere

    (212 listeners)

    folk, estonian, seen live

  • Melanie Dekker

    (520 listeners)

    canadian, under 2000 listeners, folk, acoustic

    Canadian born, of Dutch decent, Melanie Dekker's live shows are complete with wonder, teasing and sweating. She is a world-class strummer and has a voice like chocolate. She’s performed for President William J. Clinton, shared the stage with Diana Krall, Faith Hill & Bryan Adams, and she was up for humanitarian artist of the year and video of the year at the LA MUSIC AWARDS 2008.

  • Pööloy Gläänz

    (468 listeners)

    estonian, eesti, eesti punk, punk

    Start: 1989, Viljandi. Composition: Meelis Sarv - vocals and acoustic guitar Raer - bass and vocals Kalev - guitar and vocals Tom - drums Erik - accordion

  • tane mahuta

    (47 listeners)

    folk, world music, estonian, seen live

  • Tempera

    (357 listeners)

    psychedelic, drone, love, folk

    "...Tempera twist your synapses further, a hypnotic drone of squalling psych that squirms from the speakers, play loud." TERRASCOPE ONLINE

  • Tiit Kikas

    (255 listeners)

    ambient, violin experiments, folk, estonian

    Tiit Kikas was born 16 October 1975 in Tallinn. At the ripe old age of 4 Tiit had already begun to disturb his neighbours with violin practice. By the age of 5, having also taken up piano lessons, Tiit managed to destroy any and all of his parents aspirations that he might become something other than a musician…

  • Ukerdajad

    (15 listeners)

  • Untsakad

    (1,191 listeners)

    folk, estonian, estonian folk, eesti

    Untsakad is a folkband from Estonia, which plays Estonian folk music, including sailor songs, soldier songs etc. Lineup: Margus Põldsepp - harmonics, vocal Jaanus Jantson - acoustic guitar, vocal Marek Rätsep - bass, vocal

  • vem

    (101 listeners)

  • Vinland

    (104 listeners)

    folk metal, brazil, argentina, rac

    Vinland is a Estonian folk band. Born in year 2005 when was recorded their debut album "Vin-land". Vinland sings of a being human, and that person's perception of their own destiny.

  • Virumaa Noorteorkester

    (1 listener)

  • VLÜ

    (240 listeners)

    finnish, seen live

  • Wigla

    (33 listeners)

    folk, estonian, folk-acoustic, under 2000 listeners

    Wigla is a folk-acoustic stripling quartet consisting of Peeter Margus (vocals, violin), Päär Keedus (vocals, guitar), Siim Tanel Tõnisson (vocals, etc.) and Karl Markus Haavamägi (vocals, rebekk).

  • Zetod

    (737 listeners)

    folk, eesti, estonian, setu

    Zetod is a folk band from the Setumaa region of Estonia. They started out in 2003 as a school band and have since then caught quite a lot of attention in the Estonian folk music scene. Zetod are often concidered one of the best young Estonian bands.