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  • 1994!

    (12,212 listeners)

    math rock, post-hardcore, screamo, emo

    Intricate, melodic and mathy post hardcore from this Lancaster, PA drum and guitar duo. Imagine Hoover in overdrive or Ghosts & Vodka with vocals. Throw in the revolution summer influence of bands like Embrace and Rites of Spring and you will start to have an idea of what to expect.

  • A Wilhelm Scream

    (140,416 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, punk, punk rock, hardcore

    A Wilhelm Scream is a punk rock/melodic hardcore band from New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States. Their name is a reference to the Wilhelm scream, a famous stock sound effect which mainly is used in films. The band previously went by the names Smackin' Isaiah, Koen and Adam's Crack, though the former was the only name to be used in any major release.

  • After the Fall

    (24,603 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, rock, australian, punk

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. After the Fall is a rock band from Sydney, New South Wales and formed in 2000.

  • Algernon Cadwallader

    (58,800 listeners)

    emo, math rock, indie, indie rock

    Algernon Cadwallader was a band from the Philadelphia, PA region. Included former members of Halfway to Holland. Members now play in Hop Along, Business Models, Mike Bell & The Movies and Dogs On Acid.

  • All Dinosaurs

    (427 listeners)

    bands i booked, punk, thrash, original

    “Maybe it’s me. I’m going to leave it up to you. You look like a reasonable person. But I remember a time when music had soul, music had conscience and music had balls. Do you recall that at all or am I just romanticizing the past?” – Bill Hicks. ALL DINOSAURS is a heavy technical thrash punk band from Cleveland.

  • All Eyes West

    (870 listeners)

    punk rock, alternative rock, chicago punk, punk

  • American Pinup

    (659 listeners)

    rockabilly, pop punk, surf, punk rock

    American Pinup formed in 2010, emerging from the suburban sprawl and unsung underground music scene of Westchester County, New York.

  • American War

    (5,026 listeners)

    folk punk, folk, indie, ohio

    Semi-acoustic folk-punk from Kent, Ohio. Has a split with Andy Cook from Ghost Town Trio called "Through Leaves, Over Bridges" and a new record called "Rhetoric" out now, both on Sunshine Records. For fans of anything.

  • Anchors

    (5,023 listeners)

    hardcore, melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, australian

    There is more than one artist with this name 1. Anchors are a fast, melodic punk band from Melbourne, Australia. facebook Their debut album is available here

  • Andrew Cream

    (251 listeners)

    folk, rock, acoustic, under 2000 listeners

    Many people start off life in punk bands and ultimately go solo. Andrew Cream - hailing from Stamford near Peterborough - is no different. What separates Andrew from his peers is the rather upbeat nature of his music and his poppy vocal delivery.

  • Andrew Jackson Jihad

    (174,285 listeners)

    folk punk, folk, acoustic, punk

    Andrew Jackson Jihad is an American folk/punk/rock group from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2004. They have been classified as everything from indie rock to anti-folk to Americana.

  • Anti-Flag

    (759,416 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, political, political punk

    Anti-Flag is a punk rock band based in the United States, formed in 1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and known for its outspoken left-wing political views, focusing on anti-war activism, imperialism, class struggle, human rights, and other sociopolitical sentiments.

  • Antillectual

    (9,441 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, punk rock, punk, hardcore punk

    Antillectual is a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. They are one of the hardest working punkrock bands in Europe. Since 2005 the band released 3 full-lengths and 2 EP’s

  • Arliss Nancy

    (4,352 listeners)

    alt-country, americana, country, indie

    Arliss Nancy is a five-piece group from Fort Collins, Colorado who play a blend of rock and roll, punk, and alt-country. Their first demo, RUST EP, was self-released in 2008, and their first full length, Dance to Forget , was released in 2009. 2010 saw the release of the Truckstop Roses EP.

  • Arms Aloft

    (4,882 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, orgcore, no idea

    Arms Aloft is a punk rock band from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Although influenced by artists such as Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music, it would be safe to say that they have their own Midwestern take on punk. Expect big things from Arms Aloft. In 2008 the band released their first 7'', "Comfort At Any Cost" on Dead Format.

  • Assholeparade

    (3,782 listeners)

    powerviolence, hardcore, power violence, grindcore

    Assholeparade is a hardcore punk/thrash band from Gainesville, Florida with an aggressive style of playing that brings in influences primarily from old-school hardcore and grindcore, and more occasional nods to underground death/black metal.

  • Astpai

    (4,625 listeners)

    hardcore punk, punk rock, melodic hardcore, hardcore

    blasting out of a dirty basement's rehearsal room there comes the straight forward punkrock sound of austria's very own ASTPAI. think of paint it black meets some kid called dynamite and tries to kiss none more black's nose at the same time. they are even drawing some influences from bands such as from ashes rise, aus-rotten and a little choking victim/leftovercrack, just without the odd ska.

  • Averkiou

    (4,185 listeners)

    shoegaze, dream pop, indie, american

    The band, pronounced (AH-VER-KYOO) released their debut album "Throwing Sparks" on Nov. 11th 2007 courtesy of Gainesville, Florida's own Clairecords and Barracuda Sound. Soon after the band released the 7" single "Wasted and High" (which was recorded in the same sessions as the LP) b/w "No One's Holding A Gun To Your Head (previously titled You Wouldn't Be Here)".

  • Banner Pilot

    (47,832 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, pop punk, orgcore

    Banner Pilot is a punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their sound is similar to the musical styles of bands such as The Lawrence Arms, Dillinger Four, Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine and American Steel. ex- members of Rivethead and Off With Their Heads. In 2009, after releasing a split 7" single and a full length on Go-Kart Records, they signed to Fat Wreck Chords.

  • Bear Trade

    (463 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, british

    Bear trade is punk band based in Sunderland in the North East of England. We’ve all been around the block, more than we care to remember, but we’re trying to remain positive. Some of our other endeavours…. Blocko Broken Few Former Cell Mates The Mercury League

  • Best Practices

    (546 listeners)

    punk, local, global, efficient

    the best practices release 'The EP LP', despite a glaring error in the track listing, sounds impeccable. the guitars are nicely balanced, the bass is present throughout and the drums cut nicely through the mix. vocalist jeff byers can be seen drawing influence from earlier projects, such as Richmond-VA based Wow, Owls! but exhibits growth apparent in the interim of the projects.

  • Big Eyes

    (9,207 listeners)

    punk, indie rock, all, female vocalists

    Rock 'n roll band from Brooklyn, NY who released their debut 7" on Evil Weevil Records in 2010. MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/bigeyesband Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Eyes/111853008843453 Twitter: http://twitter.com/bigeyesband

  • Billy Wallace

    (510 listeners)

    louisiana rock n roll, folk, rockabilly, alternative

    Billy Wallace (March 26, 1917 - June 3, 1978) was an American country and rockabilly singer, songwriter and guitarist.

  • Black Clouds

    (1,674 listeners)

    post-rock, instrumental, post-metal, experimental

    We are Black Clouds. Everything Is Not Going To Be OK.

  • Blacklist Royals

    (9,328 listeners)

    punk rock, folk punk, punk, alternative rock

    Coming out of Nashville with heartfelt punk 'n' roll anthems big in sing-alongs and spiced with a country tinge, Blacklist Royals have played hundreds of shows over the last three years including the entire 2006 and the 2007 Vans Warped Tour, appearances at both The Fest 6 and The Fest 7…

  • Bomb the Music Industry!

    (115,885 listeners)

    ska, punk, ska punk, punk rock

    Bomb the Music Industry! (commonly abbreviated as BtMI!) was a musical collective originally from Baldwin, Nassau County, New York in 2004. They write, produce, record, and distribute all of their music under the leadership of songwriter and producer Jeff Rosenstock, and you can get their albums free at quoteunquoterecords.com

  • Braid

    (125,296 listeners)

    emo, indie, post-hardcore, indie rock

    Braid is an American emo band from Urbana, Illinois that formed in 1993. After forming, the band went through several line-up changes but eventually settled on Bob Nanna on vocals and guitar, Todd Bell on bass, Chris Broach on guitar and vocals and Roy Ewing on drums.

  • Bridge and Tunnel

    (21,309 listeners)

    post-hardcore, punk, punk rock, indie

    There is more than one artist with this name: Bridge and Tunnel (NY) are an LI-based band with ex-members of Slingshot Dakota, Latterman, Regarding, I and a member of Fellow Project.

  • Broadcaster

    (4,771 listeners)

    lindenhurst, powerpop, british, indie rock

    (NOTE: there are 2 active bands named Broadcaster, as well as a number of non-active bands with that name)

  • Broadway Calls

    (45,482 listeners)

    pop punk, punk, punk rock, melodic punk

    Broadway Calls is the sometimes pop, sometimes punk, always ultra-catchy band hailing from Rainier, Oregon. Having been compared to bands like Latterman, Green Day, Alkaline Trio and Kid Dynamite, Broadway Calls appeals to an audience of intense, genuine music lovers: The kind of crowd that loves to sing every word to every song.

  • Brokedowns

    (191 listeners)


  • Cadillac Blindside

    (3,140 listeners)

    punk, emo, pop punk, rock

    Cadillac Blindside was a post-hardcore rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Formed in 1997, Cadillac Blindside combined slower chords with fuzzy guitar sounds and darker melodies for a sound decidedly more "rock" than emo. They were signed to Fueled by Ramen of Gainesville, Florida.

  • Campaign

    (2,329 listeners)

    hardcore, punk, punk rock, melodic hardcore

    1) CAMPAIGN is a punk band from Atlanta, Ga. The band draws sounds from punk, hardcore, rock, and shoegaze. www.ITLIKESTOPARTY.com for free downloads, tour dates, and physical purchases. PARTY. (tracks listed here for free download)

  • Capsule

    (119,619 listeners)

    electronic, japanese, shibuya-kei, j-pop

    There are at least two groups using this name: 1) capsule (Japan), an electronic duo on their own label, Contemode. 2) Capsule (Miami, Florida), a hardcore/screamo band currently signed to Robotic Empire.

  • Captain We're Sinking

    (4,868 listeners)


  • Carpenter

    (3,151 listeners)

    punk rock, canadian, indie rock, farmcore

    John Cougar is God Like many of us, Dan Sioui is obsessed with the 1982 classic American Fool by John Cougar Mellencamp.

  • Catalyst

    (8,147 listeners)

    jazz, funk, fusion, punk rock

    There are at least 5 groups named Catalyst. 1) Catalyst was a funk/jazz quartet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose material presaged the work of later jazz fusion artists. The group encountered regional success in the 1970s and have become more widely known since the re-release of their material on CD.

  • Caves

    (7,636 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, chillwave, alternative punk

    There is more than one artist named Caves: 1.) CAVES are a raw, melodic, pop punk three piece from Bristol, UK with releases on Kiss of Death, Yo-Yo Records, Dead Broke Rekerds, Bombed Out Records and Specialist Subject Records .. More info can be found at http://wearecaves.tumblr.com , www.facebook.com/wearecaves , http://caves.bandcamp.com and www.twitter.com/wearecaves

  • Ceremony

    (124,245 listeners)

    hardcore, shoegaze, hardcore punk, post-punk

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Ceremony is a hardcore punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area that formed in 2005. http://www.ceremonyhc.com

  • Cheap Girls

    (28,900 listeners)

    indie rock, power pop, alternative rock, alternative

    Cheap Girls are an American alternative rock band from Lansing, Michigan that formed in the spring of 2007. The members are Adam Aymor (guitar), Ben Graham (drums), and Ian Graham (vocals and bass guitar). The band spent the better part of their first year in Ben's basement working out the songs that would become their first full length LP, "Find Me A Drink Home"

  • Chemical Ache

    (29 listeners)

    punk rock, florida

    punk rock from Orlando, FL with ex/current members of New Mexican Disaster Squad, Gatorface, VRGNS, and How Dare You. http://methmouthrecords.bandcamp.com/album/chemical-ache-chemical-lake

  • Cigarette Crossfire

    (380 listeners)

    finnish, punk, punk rock, melodic hardcore

    Cigarette Crossfire is from Finland playing guitar-driven, politically charged, rough yet catchy punk rock in the vein of Hot Water Music, Leatherface and Manifesto Jukebox. http://www.cigarettecrossfire.com/

  • City Mouse

    (1,957 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, under 2000 listeners, california

    Bonnie Tyler's inner brat wears Chuck Taylors and kicks rocks. City Mouse is a punk rock band started by Miski Dee Rodriguez in Lexington, KY and has since relocated to Riverside, CA.

  • City of Ships

    (9,017 listeners)

    post-hardcore, post-metal, progressive rock, experimental

    City of Ships is an active three-piece progressive / "post-" influenced rock band originally from Pensacola, Florida, United States formed in 2005. Members live in New York City and Austin, TX. Their third full-length album, "Ultraluminal" will see release on March 20, 2015 via Golden Antenna (EU) and Translation Loss (US).

  • Cobra Skulls

    (49,708 listeners)

    punk, folk punk, punk rock, political

    Cobra Skulls are a punk rock band from Reno, Nevada who are signed to Fat Wreck Chords. History Cobra Skulls were formed in 2005 by Devin Peralta (bass, vocals), Charlie Parker (guitar) and Chad Cleaveland (drums). They released an EP titled Draw Muhammad in 2006. The EP caught the attention of Red Scare Industries who signed the band and released their debut album "Sitting Army" in 2007.

  • Code Orange Kids

    (29,252 listeners)

    hardcore, sludge, hardcore punk, chaotic hardcore

    Code Orange Kids (aka Code Orange as of 2014) are a mathcore/sludge metal band formed in Pittsburgh, PA in 2008. The band consists of Jami Morgan (drums, vocals), Reba Meyers (guitar, vocals), Eric Balderose (guitar, vocals), and Joe Goldman (bass). They are currently signed to Deathwish Inc.

  • Coffee Project

    (3,322 listeners)

    acoustic, folk punk, punk, gainesville

    Coffee Project is the brainchild of good friends Buddy Schaub (Less Than Jake) and Jake Crown (Rehasher). The band tracked eleven songs at Schaub’s home studio and is currently mixed at Roger Lima (Less Than Jake/Rehasher) Moat House Studios.

  • Comadre

    (32,191 listeners)

    screamo, hardcore, punk, hardcore punk

    There are 2 bands with the name Comadre - 1. 2004-2013 Comadre was a band from Redwood City (a suburb of San Francisco), California, comprising of former members of Heartcrosslove, One's Own Ruin, and Light This City. Their sound is an off-shoot of hardcore and punk played fast and chaotic with an abundance of energy, but also a large focus on melody and tunefulness.

  • CreepoidUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (7,009 listeners)

    shoegaze, grunge, philadelphia, philly

    Creepoid is another one of those buzz-worthy local bands crawling out from basements of homes/makeshift practice spaces/recording studios lately in Philly.

  • Criminal Culture

    (559 listeners)

    all, melodic punk, punk, pop punk

    Criminal Culture is four friends who play music together in Tampa, Fl. http://criminalculturefl.bandcamp.com/