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  • Carsten

    (107 listeners)


  • DumDum Boys

    (43,537 listeners)

    norwegian, rock, norsk, norwegian rock

    A least 2 bands use the name Dum Dum Boys: 1) A Norwegian rock band from Trondheim. They started up in the late 1970s as a punk band under the name Wannskrækk.

  • Gabrielle

    (354,420 listeners)

    soul, pop, female vocalists, british

    There are at least two artists that have used this name: 1. An R&B singer from the United Kingdom 2. A pop singer from Norway 1.)

  • Haptic

    (545 listeners)

    drone, experimental, electroacoustic, ambient

    There are multiple artists named Haptic: 1. Haptic is a Chicago, United States-based trio consisting of Steven Hess (Pan American, Dropp Ensemble, On, Fessenden), Joseph Mills (Jonathan Chen, Dropp Ensemble), and Adam Sonderberg (Dropp Ensemble, Civil War) that creates dense, drone-based works that can range from a rigorous minimalism to violent, carefully directed chaos.

  • Hålogalandslaget

    (1,820 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, nord-norsk rap, seen live

    Som hain far sjøl sa det: "Joddski og RSP er nordnorsk raps 2 største navn (og landsdelens største rappere reint fysisk). De to gamle erkefiendene er nå gode busser, og jobber med et album sammen under navnet Hålogalandslaget. Navnet er tatt fra den første låten de gjorde sammen, som var en remake av Karpe Diem sin “Vestkantsvartinga”."

  • Melissa Horn

    (103,645 listeners)

    swedish, singer-songwriter, folk, female vocalists

    Astrid Melissa Edwards Horn Weitzberg, born April 8, 1987, is a Swedish singer. She is the daughter of singer Maritza Horn.

  • Mikhael PaskalevUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (57,317 listeners)

    folk rock, indie, norwegian, pop

    Mikhael Paskalev plays pop music rooted in indie and alternative country rock. Inspired by names such as Paul Simon, The Shins, Tom Waits, Edward Sharpe .. and the Everly Brothers. Paskalevs set varies from acoustic songs where his soulful voice is only backed by a guitar, to gypsy waltzes backed by ramshackle brass and a circus of energy.

  • Sivert Høyem

    (43,851 listeners)

    norwegian, rock, singer-songwriter, alternative

    Former lead singer of the now defunct Norwegian rock band Madrugada, and solo artist (second album as Sivert Høyem & The Volunteers) with the albums Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition (2004), Exiles (2006), Moonlanding (2009) and his latest effort Long Slow Distance (2011) .

  • Timbuktu & Damn

    (284 listeners)

    swedish, hip-hop, scandinavian, swedish hip hop

  • Åge Aleksandersen & Sambandet

    (147 listeners)