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  • Chór Polskiego Radia

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    seen live

  • Chór Pro Musica Mundi

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  • Diego Navarro

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    soundtrack, spanish composers, seen live

    Born in Tenerife in 1972, Diego Navarro performs his first composition at the age of 13 and at 21 he conducts an orchestra for the first time.

  • Elliot Goldenthal

    (154,226 listeners)

    soundtrack, instrumental, classical, score

    Elliot Goldenthal (born 2 May 1954 in Brooklyn, New York, USA) is an acclaimed Oscar and Golden Globe winning American composer of contemporary classical music.

  • Iwona Hossa

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  • Johnny Klimek

    (1,944 listeners)

    all, electronic, soundtrack, electronica

    Johnny Klimek was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1962. At the age of 17, he travelled around Australia with drums and bass in amateur pub bands. In 1983 he moved to Berlin, where he, his brother Alf Klimek and twin sister Jayney Klimek founded the band The Other Ones. In 1987 he started to work in his own studio.

  • José Maria Florêncio

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  • Julie Taymor

    (1,104 listeners)

    science, podcast, videocast, information

  • Ludwig Wicki

    (10 listeners)

    polish, seen live

  • Reinhold Heil

    (1,591 listeners)

    soundtrack, all, german, composer

    Reinhold Heil (born 18 May 1954) is a composer and former member of the band Spliff who has largely worked on film music but has produced pop music for Kim Wilde and Nena. He has been nominated for several awards and has won four ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards for his work on the music for television series Without a Trace.

  • Sinfonietta Cracovia

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    The Sinfonietta Cracovia ranks among the leading Polish and European orchestras. The exceptional atmosphere of their concerts, the enthusiastic reception by the audiences, glowing reviews and, first of all, the quality of stage performances are to confirm the sustainable development of the still young ensemble.

  • Tom Tykwer

    (41,781 listeners)

    soundtrack, electronic, german, alternative

    Tom Tykwer (born May 23, 1965 in Wuppertal, Germany) is a German film director and music composer. Director of german film Run Lola Run Director of "Perfume The Story Of a Murderer"

  • Wojciech Kilar

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    soundtrack, classical, instrumental, polish

    Wojciech Kilar (Polish pronunciation: [ˈvɔjt͡ɕex kilar] (pronounced phonetically: Voy-cheh Kee-lahr) born 17 July 1932 in Lwów, Poland - died 29 december 2013) was a Polish classical and film music composer.