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  • Balloons

    (2,086 listeners)

    math rock, japanese, experimental, indie rock

    Balloons is a math/alternative/indie rock band from Tokyo, JP. Their releases are 9:40pm (2003), 451 deg F (2007) and Egal Ist 88 (2010). • official site • myspace

  • Bed

    (4,676 listeners)

    japanese, french, anywhere, jazzy pop

    There are currently 4 artists/bands sharing this profile: 1) bed are a Kyoto-based indie rock band.

  • Doimoi

    (454 listeners)

    rock, grunge, indie, indie rock

    DOIMOI is a Nagoya-based quartet, exhuming heavy metal and grunge into the boldest mainstream hard rock of today. http://www.inurokuon.com/doimoi

  • Human Beings

    (2,391 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, netherlands, knowmads

    If you are looking for the 60's garage band from Ohio check The Human Beinz. Human Beings started in 1991, the early days of Techno in The Netherlands when Bert van de Grift met Allert Aalders at Utrecht, NL's club Ekko.

  • Infro

    (451 listeners)

    hardcore, japan, rock, japanese

    Official Website

  • L!EF

    (61 listeners)

  • Self-Evident

    (2,184 listeners)

    math rock, under 2000 listeners, alternative, indie

    NEW RELEASE: We Built a Fortress on Short Notice CD/LP street date tues, nov 6th, 2012 self-evident are signed to US label, doubleplusgood as well as Stiff Slack Records in Japan.

  • TG.Atlas

    (140 listeners)

    japanese, hardcore

    Japanese punk/hardcore band formed in 2001. Released a split with what ever film in 2007 which also doubled as a data CD containing video of a live performance. Impulse records is releasing their first album in 2009 entitled Stigma. Motoi Sato (guitar/vocals)

  • To Overflow Evidence

    (788 listeners)

    screamo, post-rock, japanese, emo

    To Overflow Evidence is a post-rock/screamo band from Iwaki, Japan

  • unripe

    (330 listeners)

    japanese, post-rock, math rock, hardcore

    Japanese post rock with long, beautiful buildups and violent outbursts. This is great. http://unripe.jp/