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  • 813

    (18,912 listeners)

    abstract hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, hip-hop, russian

    813 is an alias of Alexander Goryachev. A producer and a firefighter from Moscow, Russia delivers a crazy blend of instrumental hip-hop and all kinds of beat oriented electronic music. https://soundcloud.com/813

  • 96wrld

    (1,576 listeners)

    electronic, instrumental, experimental, beats

    96wrld is a young producer from Vilnius, Lithuania. He collaborated with MondayJazz, one of the first collective for beat music to appear on the internet.

  • Brokenchord

    (8,513 listeners)

    dubstep, idm, experimental, electronica

    Brokenchord is the moniker for Lithuanian electronic producer Ernestas Kausylas. He has released singles on Bristol based Black Acre Records, including a 7" on subsidiary label Team Acre, and contributed a short exclusive mix for Radio One's Mary Anne Hobbs in 2010.

  • brolis

    (361 listeners)

    instrumental, hip-hop, experimental, trip hop

    http://soundcloud.com/dktr http://brolis.bandcamp.com/

  • Candee Train

    (105 listeners)

    lithuanian, psychedelic rock, psychedelic, lounge

    Agnė Daujotaitė vocals/synth. Greta Žukauskaitė keys. Karolis Brežinskas guitar. Mantas Daujotas drums. Mindaugas Borisa bass guitar.

  • Chipak

    (39 listeners)

  • Cinnaman

    (3,050 listeners)

    artists ive seen live, electronic, beats, underground hip-hop

    Cinnaman (Yuri Boselie, Den Bosch 1983) is a producer and DJ from Amsterdam. He is responsible for the critically acclaimed Beat Dimensions compilation, together with Jay Scarlett.

  • Cupp Cave

    (11,071 listeners)

    glitch-hop, experimental, electronic, belgium

    There’s something quixotic about Francis. His world is inhabited by improbable vegetarian Texan zombies on Mexican mushrooms, all thumbs and two left feet. They build those head-nodding toys for feet-shuffling kids. Terry Gilliam is their leader. He’s wearing those red & blue cardboard glasses we were told were 3d when we were kids.

  • Dark Sky

    (48,321 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, future garage, wonky

    1) Dark Sky (formerly known as The Boogaloo Crew) are a London trio formed in 2009 by Tom Edwards, Matt Benyayer and Carlo Anderson. Their debut 12″, 'Something To Lose' was picked up by the Bristol imprint Black Acre (2010) and have further released original material through Pictures Music, Blunted Robots, 50Weapons and Tectonic.

  • Darkhouse Family

    (4,392 listeners)

    beats, instrumental hip-hop, trip hop, phat

  • despotin fam

    (471 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, lithuanian, male vocalists

    Shmekla (mc) ir Vaiper (mc, beatmaker) sujungė jėgas 2002 m. pradžioje. Po debiutinio albumo “Iš kitos ekrano pusės” (2004), ilgus metus truko sekinantis laukimas. Vyrukai vien savo žanre neužsidaro.

  • Dorian Concept

    (89,229 listeners)

    electronic, idm, experimental, hip-hop

    could let you all know bit more bout me i thought ... i had some yamaha keyboard when i was about 7 - had this "snow flakes" sound on it ..

  • Dubenėlis

    (2 listeners)

  • DZA

    (22,644 listeners)

    wonky, instrumental hip-hop, experimental, hip-hop

    Sasha Dza is an electronic music producer from Moscow, Russia. One of the first in Russia, began experimenting with a new instrumental hip-hop and beats music. He is also founder of well know russian community How2make Crew, where Sasha with friends, doing crazy party in the most unusual places, staged action movie style theatrical performance and toured throughout Russia and Europe.

  • EK

    (2,913 listeners)

    prehispanic metal, folk metal, death metal, breakbeat

    Mexican Death metal band with prehispanic influences. They were formed in 2003 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Lyrical themes include Ancient Cultures and Ancient Mexican Religion/Gods. -- Same artist name --

  • Empti

    (3,891 listeners)

    lithuanian, electronic, downtempo, electro

    It all started in 1993 when four like-minded musicians started making buzz on the underground scene of Vilnius with their drum'n'bass inspired material. Having chosen a nonsensical Empti moniker, the band gradually evolved into impressive disco/acid jazz act featuring the talent of singer Giedrė Vitkauskaitė – former singer of alternative rock bands Summerland and Dogbones.

  • Ernestas Sadau

    (69 listeners)


    Ernestas Sadau is member of min_for dj's / minimal.lt (minimal.lt - a group of enthusiasts (artists, djs, designers, ...), which organizes and maintains minimal, idm, dub, ambient, experimental events and phenomena in Lithuania.)

  • Few Nolder

    (7,856 listeners)

    minimal techno, techno, electronic, minimal

    Linas Strockis aka Few Nolder first emerged back in 2006 when Lithuanian label Partyzanai released his debut ‘Patterns EP’ a melting pot of black techno magic. This led to his next release ‘No Mo’ getting picked up by Mike Paradinas’ highly regarded Planet Mu and a debut self­titled album was soon to follow in 2009 to critical acclaim.

  • Fingalick

    (2,331 listeners)

    electronic, lithuanian, electronica, downtempo

    Fingalick is a project uniting two very different poles - a dreamy, gentle and ever-inspired vocalist and a hard-hitting, dancefloor-pumping beast.

  • Gonzaless

    (13 listeners)

  • Intakz

    (245 listeners)

    drum and bass, dubstep, under 2000 listeners, seen live

  • Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf

    (404 listeners)

    experimental, under 2000 listeners

  • Justas Fresh

    (172 listeners)

    For more info - 2fresh.

  • Kelpe

    (51,887 listeners)

    idm, electronic, downtempo, trip-hop

    *Kelpe is Kel Mckeown, from Loughborough, England. As a young teenager, Kel McKeown (AKA Kelpe) decided that sampling and sequencing might provide him with a safer past time than bone splintering skateboarding mishaps.

  • KrampfhaftUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (10,950 listeners)

    experimental, juke, electronic, beats

    Krampfhaft is Joris van Grunsven from Utrecht. He produces bass music in everchanging forms. “Krampfhaft is one of the most exciting producers I’ve been hearing lately.

  • Lkewis

    (11 listeners)

  • Mamania

    (50 listeners)


  • Mantas T.

    (2 listeners)


    (376 listeners)

    seen live

    http://www.marksplinter.com/ Mark Splinter is an outspoken British emigrant to Lithuania. He has worked as an events organiser, graphic designer, copywriter, weapons instructor, nightclub manager, and PR consultant. Currently he is living in Vilnius and studying Law with the University of London.

  • Markas Palubenka

    (1,266 listeners)

    indie pop, lithuanian, indie rock, singer-songwriter

  • Marriage Proposal

    (535 listeners)

  • MC WC Kokx

    (0 listeners)

  • Metski

    (0 listeners)

  • Mouse on Mars

    (193,176 listeners)

    electronic, idm, experimental, electronica

    Mouse on Mars formed in 1993 when Andi Toma, from Dusseldorf, and Jan St. Werner, from Cologne, met at a speed metal festival in Stockholm and decided to form a band.

  • MRK1

    (76,465 listeners)

    dubstep, grime, electronic, bass

    New alias for Mancunian dubstep/grime producer MarkOne. Member of the Virus Syndicate, Manchester's MarkOne has been causing a stir on the Grime (Dubstep/Sublow/Forward) scene since his first release on his label Contagious. He was nominated for BEST GRIME PRODUCER at the 2003 Sidewinder awards.

  • Nightjar

    (2,577 listeners)

    dubstep, heavy metal, spanish metal, spanish heavy metal

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1) American rock band 2) Dubstep DJ 3) Spanish heavy metal 4) American drone/ambient

  • NiklāvZ

    (393 listeners)

    hip hop, hip-hop, trap, juke

    http://niklavz.bandcamp.com/ Niklāvz comes from a city called Liepāja, which is often referred to as “the rock city” and is known for being the most musical city in Latvia; this being the case, Niklāvz has been connected to music since his early childhood.

  • Remedy

    (15,487 listeners)

    hip-hop, wu-tang, rap, wu-fam

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Remedy is a rapper from Staten Island, NY, and part of the Wu-Tang Killa Beez. 2. Remedy were a rock band from the UK. They have now renamed themselves The Karma Heart.

  • Roadsman

    (42 listeners)

  • Sagat

    (8,427 listeners)

    techno, rap, hip-hop, outsider house

    There are at least three artists named Sagat. One Techno, One Hip Hop and one Progressive Doom Metal. The latter has released an ep which is available for free download from http://www.sagatmusic.com/ 1) Mysterious Techno producer, signed to Vlek Records. Rose to fame when Ben Klock included his track "Few Mysteries Solved In A Year Of Contact" in his Fabric 66 Mix.

  • Shidlas

    (939 listeners)

    reggae, lithuanian, hip hop, dancehall

    Shidlas represents the brand new generation of Lithuanian reggae and hip-hop scene. His fresh and always flowing musical output is determined by the close cooperation and shared musical interests with Genys, who is a part of Dublicate and Klaipeda’s dj team One ear stereo.

  • Squeaky Lobster

    (2,557 listeners)

    instrumental, beats, electronic, experimental

    Hailing from the Belgian capital of Brussels, Squeaky Lobster is known to his mother as Laurent and used to play bass in rock and jazz bands.

  • Ssaliva

    (9,121 listeners)

    lo-fi, chillwave, psychedelic, ambient

  • Tadas Quazar

    (19 listeners)


  • The Dominoes

    (8,626 listeners)

    oldies, rnb, rhythm and blues, 50s

    Billy Ward and His Dominoes were one of the top American R&B groups of the 1950s, and launched the careers of both Clyde McPhatter and Jackie Wilson.

  • The Greg Foat GroupUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (5,813 listeners)

    jazz, electronic, nu jazz, experimental

    Non-contemporary jazz utilizing an exotic array of unorthodox instrumentation including harpsichord, tubular bells and a 15 piece choir. Recording 100% analogue in Sweden, releasing on Jazzman Records.

  • Tropics

    (48,049 listeners)

    chillwave, ambient, electronic, downtempo

    There is more than one artist named Tropics: 1. The man behind 'Tropics' is Chris Ward. He’s a 22 year old Brit taking influences from 70's jams, post-punk and whatever else he taped in his youth, bringing us the radiant sounds of dreamy, summer nostalgia.

  • TV Maskava

    (126 listeners)

  • Umiko

    (29 listeners)

    electronic, trip-hop, idm, trip hop

  • Vaiper

    (134 listeners)