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  • Fitacola

    (2,426 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, portugal, punk portugues

    Fitacola is a Portuguese Punk Rock band from Coimbra, who started playing in late 2003, with influences from American bands, such as No Use For A Name, Pennywise, NOFX, Lagwagon, Rise Against and Bad Religion.

  • Matilha

    (116 listeners)

    rock rool brasil


    (20 listeners)

    noise rock, portugal

  • Mão MortaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (7,062 listeners)

    portuguese, alternative, rock, portugal

    Mão Morta were the band most likely to become the Swans' Portuguese followers and brethren. Even their formation is reportedly due to a tip-off given to Joaquim Pinto by Swans' bassist Harry Crosby, when Pinto attended a Swans concert in Berlin.

  • O Bisonte

    (544 listeners)

    rock, portuguese, alternative, alternative rock

    O Bisonte é uma banda rock da cidade do Porto. Nascido a 13 de Janeiro, de 2010, afirma a vontade de ser uma banda de rock puro e duro, cantado em português. Mas a bandeira que O Bisonte levanta é a da música. Davide Lobão, voz, Gualter Barros, bateria, Guilherme Lapa, baixo e João Carvalho, na guitarra, são a força que faz este bisonte mover-se.

  • The Doups

    (1,201 listeners)

    indie, portugal, portuguese, indie rock

  • The Glockenwise

    (1,737 listeners)

    portuguese, punk, lo-fi, barcelos

    The kids are losing their minds "... The Glockenwise! Young rock quartet with a lot of explosions. From the acne skin, which leads to the school of punk and garage - rock as manifest in adolescence. Between the Ramones and Pistols or The Vicious Five and Green Machine, in the rock'n'roll spectrum, where the attitude of a frontman is strength.

  • X-Wife

    (16,083 listeners)

    post-punk, portuguese, alternative, electronic

    Formed in 2002, X-Wife set their world-class standard early on: “Rockin’ Rio” (2003), their debut e.p.