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  • Black Lizard

    (2,096 listeners)

    indie, alternative rock, indie rock, finnish

  • Bondage Fairies

    (58,267 listeners)

    8-bit, electronic, experimental, punk

    Bondage Fairies is a "nintendo-death-punk" band that formed in Stockholm, Sweden. They are named after a Japanese hentai graphic novel. The band consists of Elvis Creep (lead vocals, guitar, synthesizer) and Deus Deceptor (vocals, bass, synthesizer). The duo came together in 2001, Elvis after being rejected from art school, and Deus being a budding computer scientist.

  • Boy

    (171,720 listeners)

    indie, female vocalists, indie rock, german

    Boy is a name of at least 5 artists: 1) A band consisting of Valeska Steiner (aka Valeska) and Sonja Milena Glass. They are based in Zurich and Hamburg. Their début album was "Mutual Friends" (2 Sep 2011, Grönland).

  • Brandt Brauer Frick

    (23,093 listeners)

    minimal, experimental, electronic, house

    Contemporary classical music melts with house and techno Three young musicians have recently joined together for this exciting acoustic techno project. On the one hand Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer, who as a duo named Scott produce club music with a jazz attitude (EPs on My Best Friend, Fluid Ounce, THE GYM and more).

  • Budzillus

    (7,674 listeners)

    folk punk, gypsy punk, swing punk, cabaret punk

    Budzillus is a Berlin street band that will be happy to take the stage and whose music style is difficult to describe: trash gypsy swing core or street polk'n'roll. Started up in 2006 as "Budzillus & Die Antikörper" have the Budzilli rid 2008 of the antibodies and has been touring as "Budzillus". During that time the current two EP's and the first BudZillus album were created.

  • Deep Sea Diver

    (15,893 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, folk, ambient

    There are several artists who perform under this name: *Deep Sea Diver is an American indie rock band from Seattle, WA consisting of Jessica Dobson, her drummer husband Peter Mansen, and the talented John Raines.

  • Denis Jones

    (3,584 listeners)

    acoustic, folk, manchester, singer-songwriter

    Denis Jones is a self-taught guitarist from Lancashire, England. His music is a strange concoction of working man blues vocals entwined in what one reviewer termed "future folk". For me it's the music that draws the listener into the songs. The sometimes quirky lyrics are wrapped in strange loops and bleeps through deft use of a loop pedal, effects and on-stage mixer.

  • Die Felsen

    (112 listeners)

    rock, german, deutsch, lyrik

  • Fox Named King

    (354 listeners)

    poppunk, madsen, merken, itchy poopzkid

  • Francis Farewell

    (8 listeners)

  • inuki

    (6 listeners)

  • Jonathan Kluth

    (826 listeners)

    folk, acoustic, jonathan kluth, indie

  • K-Rings

    (18 listeners)

    punk, soul, reggae

  • Kopfsalat

    (19 listeners)

  • Lisa Freieck

    (3,497 listeners)

    acoustic, folk, singer-songwriter, mellow

    what is the sound of tragedies starting to happen? lisa freieck is wrapping her answer in fancy little songs that don't need many words to explain how intangible, freakish or sobering life can be. but no suggestion of affected self-pity - her songs come from the buttom of her soul and if once self-pity is found then only authentic one.

  • Max Prosa

    (18,272 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, folk, german, deutsch

    Max Prosa (Max Podeschwig, born 1990 in Berlin, Germany) is a German Folk & Indie Singer-Songwriter.

  • Mista Wicked & Riddim Disasta

    (98 listeners)

  • Misteur Valaire

    (17,337 listeners)

    electronic, canadian, jazz, quebec

    MV (Misteur Valaire) Thanks to the originality of its music, its dazzling live performance and its mind-blowing vintage visuals, MV will soon make its way to the top of international music scene.

  • Mumuvitch Disko Orkestar

    (46 listeners)

    geil, brass, balkan, tanz

  • Retro Stefson

    (19,799 listeners)

    icelandic, pop, world, reggae

    Retro Stefson is an Icelandic alternative/pop-band formed in 2006 in Reykjavík. The band consists of Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson (lead vocals and guitar), Þórður Jörundsson (guitar), Logi Pedro Stefánsson (bass guitar), Jon Ingvi Seljeseth (keyboards), Þorbjörg Roach Gunnarsdóttir (synthesizer), Haraldur Ari Stefánsson (backing vocals and percussions) and Gylfi Sigurðsson (drums).

  • rufus dipper

    (155 listeners)

    jazz, ambient, piano, experimental

  • The Black Seeds

    (102,268 listeners)

    reggae, dub, new zealand, kiwi

    The Black Seeds are a band from Wellington, New Zealand. Formed in 1998, The Black Seeds fuse dub, reggae and funk sounds to form a unique musical "party" sound. They usually perform with ten members, with instruments including vocals, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, bass, drums, bongos, keyboard, woodblock and more.

  • The Hirsch Effekt

    (5,210 listeners)

    experimental, mathcore, post-hardcore, indie

    Die Musik von THE HIRSCH EFFEKT ist wie eine bunte Tüte vom Kiosk: Düster wie Lakritz, fluffig wie weiße Mäuse, schön wie die Hände der dicken Frau, die sie zusammenstellt und wütend wie die Typen hinter einem in der Schlange, die nur schnell ihre Schachtel Kippen kaufen wollten.

  • The Paddies

    (2 listeners)

    rock, folk, irish

    The Paddies are a five piece band that mix Irish Traditional music with Rock. The Band who formed in 1995 are made up of members: Brendan Ryder, Johnny McCarthy, Robert Bible, Dave Hallissey & Ray Bergen

  • The Travelling Band

    (15,134 listeners)

    folk, folk rock, country, country rock

    The Travelling Band is an alternative folk band that formed in Manchester, UK, in 2006. The band consists of: Adam Gorman: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Pump Organ, Accordion, Banjo, Harmonica, Percussion, Keys

  • The Trip Tapes

    (14 listeners)

  • Wallis BirdUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (48,788 listeners)

    female vocalists, singer-songwriter, acoustic, folk

    Wallis is an Irish born singer who had an evident first love for music from the age of 2 when she got her first guitar! She has been involved in diverse projects, musically and otherwise since the age of 11, having written soundtracks to and acted in short films and plays.

  • YA-HA

    (25 listeners)