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  • Agnieszka Chylińska

    (41,466 listeners)

    rock, polish, female vocalists, hard rock

    Agnieszka Chylińska (born 23 May, 1976 in Gdańsk) is a Polish rock singer and columnist. From 1994 until 2003 Chylińska was the vocalist with Polish rock band O.N.A., one of the most influential Polish rock bands of all time. The band became extremely popular in 1995, sky-rocketing Agnieszka to the status of a rockstar practically overnight.

  • Andrzej PiasecznyUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (32,426 listeners)

    pop, polish, polskie, male vocalists

    Andrzej Piaseczny (born 6 January 1971) more commonly known as Piasek, is a Polish singer. Piasek represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 with his up-tempo dance song "2 Long". He finished 20th from a field of 23 participating countries. The song received 2 points from Sweden, 3 points from Slovenia, 5 points from Germany and 1 point from Denmark.

  • Anna Dereszowska

    (364 listeners)

    pop, polish, female vocalists, ballad

    Anna Dereszowska (born 1981) is a Polish TV and theater actress and musical singer. She performs re-interpretations of old songs on various festivals.

  • Art Color Balet

    (0 listeners)

  • Damian Ukeje

    (861 listeners)

    rock, polish, hard rock

  • Edyta Górniak

    (102,791 listeners)

    polish, pop, female vocalists, soul

    Edyta Górniak is one of the most popular female singers in history of Polish pop music. Described as Whitney Houston , Mariah Carey and Céline Dion all rolled into one, the singer has already had huge successes outside Poland in countries such as Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Portugal and South Africa.

  • IRA

    (94,493 listeners)

    rock, polish, polish rock, hard rock

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Polish classic hard rock outfit led by Artur Gadowski 2) German sludge band 3) Brazilian band (whose correct name is Ira!) 4) Colombian punk band 5) Mexican power metal band

  • Janusz Radek

    (16,839 listeners)

    polish, poetry, poezja śpiewana, poezja spiewana

    Polish vocalist and music scene performer. He was born on 6 April 1968 in Starachowice. His awards: 2001 - Złota Maska za rolę Judasza w "Jesus Christ Superstar" ( Gold Mask by Judas part in "Jesus Christ Superstar") 2003 - Nagrody Publiczności i Nagrody Dziennikarzy XXIV Przeglądu Piosenki Aktorskiej(Public awards and Journalist awards on XXIV Review of Dramatic Songs)

  • Lady Pank

    (111,490 listeners)

    rock, polish, polish rock, 80s

    Lady Pank is a popular Polish rock band. It was started in 1982 in Warsaw by Jan Borysewicz and Andrzej Mogielnicki. Its first famous song was "Mała Lady Punk" (Little Lady Punk). Lady Pank garnered some attention in the United States in 1986 when MTV placed the video for the band's single "Minus Zero" on heavy rotation.

  • Manchester

    (29,811 listeners)

    polish, rock, britpop, indie

    There are 2 bands named Manchester. Polish: The rock group MANCHESTER was created 18 March 2006 in Torun (Poland), when some musicians met for the first rehearsal.

  • Maryla Rodowicz

    (57,121 listeners)

    polish, pop, female vocalists, polskie

    Maryla Rodowicz (born 8 December 1945 in Zielona Góra) is a popular Polish singer. She studied at Liceum Ziemi Kujawskiej (The Kujawy region high school) in Włocławek and graduated from the Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego (The Academy of Physical Education) in Warsaw. In her youth she participated in athletics among other things at Kujawiak Wloclawek.

  • Sylwia Grzeszczak

    (18,542 listeners)

    pop, polish, female vocalists, alternative

    Sylwia Grzeszczak (born April 7, 1989 in Poznań) is a Polish singer-songwriter and pianist currently signed to EMI Music Poland.

  • Urszula

    (32,241 listeners)

    polish, female vocalists, rock, pop

    Urszula Kasprzak, usually known simply as Urszula, (born February 7, 1960 in Lublin, Poland) is a Polish pop/rock singer and also a piano player and accordionist.