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  • Buraka Som Sistema

    (135,106 listeners)

    kuduro, electronic, portuguese, progressive kuduro

    Formed in Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal, in 2006, Buraka Som Sistema brings us a new kind of "Kuduro" (Angolan dance). It mixes techno/electronic sounds with the traditional beat of Kuduro (or Kuduru), resulting in progressive kuduro.

  • Cityspark

    (0 listeners)

  • Cool Hipnoise

    (5,590 listeners)

    chillout, funk, dub, portuguese

    Cool Hipnoise is a Portuguese musical group. The band was formed in Lisbon in 1994 by Francisco Rebelo (bass), Tiago Santos (guitar) and João Gomes (keyboards).

  • Doismileoito

    (4,428 listeners)

    portuguese, rock, alternative, indie

    Os doismileoito vivem na Maia e ensaiam numa cave húmida. 2005: Pedro fala com Nico e André e nascem os doismileoito; 2009: Sai o primeiro álbum, “doismileoito”; 2010: Entra o Testo para a guitarra; 2011: Sai o segundo álbum, “Pés Frios”;

  • Fragmentos

    (53 listeners)

  • Grupo Revelação

    (58,643 listeners)

    pagode, samba, brasil, grupo revelacao

    This is probably one of the most successful band of Samba Pagode in Brazil, some of their great songs include Ze do caraco, Na palma da mao or Coracao Radiante.

  • Hi-Fi

    (44,369 listeners)

    pop, russian, dance, 90s

    Hi-Fi are one of two groups, the former being a Psytrance duo from Brazil, the latter being a Pop group from Russia which formed in 1998. Hi-Fi (Pop):

  • HMB

    (4,052 listeners)

    darkwave, industrial, ebm, electro-industrial

    There are at least three projects using the name HMB: 1) In 2001, Daniel Myer (Haujobb/Clear Vision/Architect) and Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant/Monochrome), as HMB set out to create a new boundary for experimentation.

  • José Mendes

    (216 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, nativista, xotis, surpresas da vida

  • Lil SilvaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (38,533 listeners)

    uk funky, night slugs, electronic, funky house

    19-year-old Lil Silva is fast becoming one of the most talked about artists on the UK Funky scene. Not only does he possess the musical understanding to work with genres such as American House, Funky and Grime but his ability also allows him to merge and blend styles.

  • Lúcia Moniz

    (2,587 listeners)

    female vocalists, portuguese, pop, portugal

    Ana Lúcia Moniz is a singer and actress born on November 9, 1976 in Lisbon, Portugal. Her father, Carlos Alberto Moniz, is a famous conductor. From 1990 to 1991, she studied at the Music Academy of Santa Cecilia. Afterwards, she spent a year at the Eden Prairie High School in Minnesota, United States of America, where she received the award for the best composer.

  • PausUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (11,245 listeners)

    experimental, portuguese, swedish, rock

    There are at least two bands called PAUS: 1 - PAUS is also a portuguese band where Hélio Morais (Linda Martini, If Lucy Fell) and Quim Albergaria (ex-The Vicious Five, Caveira) play a siamese drum set, together with Makoto Yagyu (If Lucy Fell, Riding Pânico) on the bass and Fábio Jevelim (Riding Pânico, ex-Men Eater) on the keyboards.

  • Prana

    (25,020 listeners)

    goa, psytrance, goa trance, trance

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Prana are Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Nick Taylor, and Andy Guthrie, a goa trance project from Japan. Discography * Cyclone (Matsuri Productions 1996) * Geomantik (Matsuri Productions 1997) 2) Prana is an alternative/rock band from S. João da Madeira, Portugal.

  • Quim Barreiros

    (8,441 listeners)

    pimba, portugal, portuguese, portuguese music

    Joaquim Barreiros, better known as Quim Barreiros, was born in Vila Praia de Âncora in the north of Portugal. He is a popular Portuguese songwriter-singer.

  • Salto!

    (38 listeners)

  • Steve Aoki

    (353,926 listeners)

    electronic, electro, dance, tech house

    Steve Aoki, the DJ/Producer, grew up in Newport Beach, CA, and went to college at UCSB. In his early 20s, he founded his own label, Dim Mak Records, in 1996.

  • SuperNada

    (2,663 listeners)

    alternative rock, portuguese, rock, progressive rock

    Supernada is a Portuguese alternative rock band, formed in 2002 by Manel Cruz (voices), Miguel Ramos (bass), Ruca (guitars), Eurico Amorim (keyboard) and Francisco Fonseca (drums). It is the third of Manel Cruz's four musical projects so far, after Ornatos Violeta and Pluto and before Foge Foge Bandido, but the last to release a proper studio recording.

  • The Hives

    (1,395,406 listeners)

    rock, garage rock, indie, swedish

    The Hives are a garage rock band from Fagersta, Sweden that emerged in the US and the UK in the early 2000s, but existed for nearly a decade before that, playing punk rock. The Hives are: "Howlin" Pelle Almqvist (vocals)

  • Throes + The Shine

    (970 listeners)

    rock, kuduro, rockuduro, alternative rock

  • We Trust

    (6,972 listeners)

    portuguese, indie, smooth pop, migkub

    WE TRUST is André Tentugal. The young Portuguese director, who has worked with some of the biggest bands in Portugal, such as X-Wife, Old Jerusalem, The Weatherman, Mind da Gap, Os Tornados, Teratron…

  • Wraygunn

    (16,170 listeners)

    portuguese, alternative, rock, portugal

    A project from Coimbra, Portugal of Paulo Furtado, also the head of the one-man blues band The Legendary Tiger Man.

  • X-Wife

    (16,303 listeners)

    post-punk, portuguese, electronic, alternative

    Formed in 2002, X-Wife set their world-class standard early on: “Rockin’ Rio” (2003), their debut e.p.