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  • Two Door Cinema Club

    (1,423,012 listeners)

    indie, electronic, british, alternative

    Two Door Cinema Club is a Bangor and Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, UK, electropop / alternative band, formed 2007, consisting of Alex Trimble (vocals, guitar), Kevin Baird (bass, vocals), Sam Halliday (guitar, vocals) and, live only, Benjamin Thompson (drums).

  • Spoon

    (1,357,140 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, alternative, rock

    Spoon is an American indie rock band from Austin, Texas. The band was formed in late 1993 by lead singer/guitarist Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno. Current members also include: Eric Harvey (keyboard, guitar, percussion, backing vocals) and Rob Pope (bass, backing vocals - replaced Joshua Zarbo in 2007).

  • Maxïmo Park

    (995,859 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, british, alternative

    Maxïmo Park are an indie rock band from Newcastle, England. The band consisting of Paul Smith (vocals), Duncan Lloyd (guitar), Archis Tiku (bass guitar), Tom English (drums) and Lukas Wooller (keyboards), the band has drawn comparisons to Northeastern counterparts The Futureheads, as well as Franz Ferdinand, Pulp and Bloc Party for their addictive musical style and direct, edgy rock-pop sound.

  • St. Vincent

    (736,165 listeners)

    female vocalists, singer-songwriter, indie, indie pop

    St. Vincent is a name of at least three artists: 1) A pseudonym of Annie Clark (b. 28 Sept 1982), a USA multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter. She was a member of The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens' touring band. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she began playing the guitar at the age of 12 and as a teenager worked as the tour manager for her uncle's band Tuck & Patti.

  • James Blake

    (732,775 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, experimental, downtempo

    James Blake (born September 1988) is a Grammy-nominated electronic musician and singer-songwriter from London, England, United Kingdom.

  • Metronomy

    (667,707 listeners)

    electronic, new rave, experimental, electro

    Metronomy is an electropop group which formed in 1999 in Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom, originally as the solo project of Joseph Mount.

  • The Raveonettes

    (587,621 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, danish, alternative

    The Raveonettes are an indie rock/shoegaze/noise pop duo formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2001. Comprising Sune Rose Wagner (guitar, instruments, vocals), formerly of Psyched Up Janis, and Sharin Foo (guitar and vocals), their music is characterized by close two-part vocal harmony inspired by The Everly Brothers, coupled with hard-edged electric guitar overlaid with liberal doses of noise.

  • Apparat

    (493,159 listeners)

    idm, electronic, ambient, experimental

    Apparat is a German electronic musician (Sascha Ring) living in Berlin, Germany who since 1999 has been running the Berlin based record label "Shitkatapult" together with T.Raumschmiere. Starting out with dance floor-oriented techno, he later started to create ambient music and recently became "more interested in designing sounds than beats".

  • Fanfarlo

    (431,803 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, folk, british

    Fanfarlo are an indie pop band which formed in 2006 in London, England. The band consists of Simon Balthazar (vocals, guitar, clarinet), Cathy Lucas (vocals, mandolin, violin, keyboards), Leon Beckenham (keyboards, trumpet), Justin Finch (bass, vocals) and Amos Memon (drums).

  • James Vincent McMorrow

    (485,878 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, indie, irish

    James Vincent McMorrow is an Irish singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. McMorrow began performing under his own name in 2007, releasing an EP entitled The Sparrow and the Wolf in 2008.

  • Azealia Banks

    (404,196 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, electronic, female vocalists

    Azealia Amanda Banks (born May 31, 1991) is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Harlem, New York, USA, formerly known under the pseudonym Miss Bank$.

  • Twin Shadow

    (379,832 listeners)

    electronic, dream pop, new wave, lo-fi

    Twin Shadow is the stage name of American musician George Lewis Jr., who was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida before eventually relocating to Brooklyn in New York, New York. Adopting the Twin Shadow moniker, he released his debut album, 'Forget', in 2010.

  • Mercury Rev

    (332,361 listeners)

    indie, dream pop, indie rock, alternative

    Mercury Rev is an American rock music group, that formed in 1989 in Buffalo, New York. Original personnel were David Baker (vocals), Jonathan Donahue (vocals, guitars), Sean "Grasshopper" Mackowiak (guitars, clarinet), Suzanne Thorpe (flute), Dave Fridmann (bass) and Jimy Chambers (drums).

  • Tindersticks

    (313,659 listeners)

    indie, chamber pop, alternative, indie rock

    Tindersticks are an alternative band from Nottingham, England. Their sound is characterized by a synthesis of orchestral backing, lounge jazz, and soul; the lush orchestrations of multi-instrumentalist Dickon Hinchliffe and the smoky baritone of lead vocalist Stuart A.

  • Bear in Heaven

    (255,404 listeners)

    experimental, post-rock, indie rock, ambient

    Bear in Heaven is a Brooklyn-based rock band formed by Jon Philpot. The sound of the band incorporates influences from psychedelic music, electronic music and krautrock

  • Frankie Rose

    (142,226 listeners)

    dream pop, indie, lo-fi, alternative

    As a founding member, songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist in Vivian Girls and drummer and occasional vocalist in Crystal Stilts, Frankie Rose has been an integral part of two of the most highly acclaimed and influential groups to come out of Brooklyn's still-vital music scene in the past several years.

  • Star Slinger

    (134,635 listeners)

    instrumental hip-hop, funk, electronica, instrumental

    Star Slinger is a Producer, DJ & Writer from the UK. http://soundcloud.com/starslingeruk http://twitter.com/starslingeruk http://facebook.com/starslingeruk

  • Julia Holter

    (132,828 listeners)

    experimental, ambient, electronic, lo-fi

    Julia Shammas Holter (born December 18, 1984) is an American experimental artist, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. A CalArts graduate, she released her first studio album, Tragedy, in 2011.

  • Love of Lesbian

    (113,440 listeners)

    indie, spanish, spanish indie pop, indie pop

    Love of Lesbian is a Spanish pop band. In the beginning there were Influences of The Cure (they toured with them in Spain), Radiohead and R.E.M. Today they have the personal Love of Lesbian sound and style. There is always a "sold out" at all their concerts. Each one is a mix of party-concert-celebration-catharsis.

  • Mikal Cronin

    (107,163 listeners)

    garage rock, lo-fi, indie, garage punk

    Mikal Cronin (born December 26, 1985) is an American musician and songwriter. He has released two solo albums and several singles. Cronin is also a member of the bands Okie Dokie, Epsilons, Party Fowl and Moonhearts, and occasionally plays bass guitar and adds backing vocals in Ty Segall's live band; he has also released an album and a single in collaboration with Segall.

  • Lee Fields & The Expressions

    (92,644 listeners)

    soul, funk, blues, american

    Lee Fields & The Expressions is a USA soul band, which released My World (2009). 'The Expressions' began with the encouragement of Jeff Silverman & Leon Michels, in 2004. Upon foundation of Truth & Soul Records they called Lee in, to record the single that became Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do) / Honey Dove - the result was so promising, the band was born.

  • La casa azul

    (70,723 listeners)

    indie pop, pop, spanish, spanish indie pop

    La casa azul is a pop band from Barcelona, Spain formed in 1997. Their sound is often described as combining many of the qualities of 1960s American pop bands like the Beach Boys and 1970s European disco-pop acts like ABBA with clean, clear production reminiscent of Shibuya-kei.

  • Breton

    (81,773 listeners)

    electronic, indie, dubstep, electro

    Breton = musicians/filmmakers/remixers/ Breton began life in a warehouse somewhere in South East London.

  • Sr. Chinarro

    (57,697 listeners)

    indie, spanish indie pop, indie pop, spanish

    Sr. Chinarro is a band formed in 1990, in Seville, Spain. It is considered a band although the only member that's been there since the beginning, is Antonio Luque, composer, singer and guitarist. His witty lyrics are full of metaphors, puns, and surreal imagery. His latest album is called Ronroneando ("Purring") and was published on 2008.

  • The Ettes

    (59,046 listeners)

    garage rock, female vocalists, indie rock, garage

    The Ettes is a name of at least two bands: [1] A Nashville, TN via Los Angeles, CA garage rock band. [2] An Edinburgh, Scotland all-girl punk rock trio.

  • Christina Rosenvinge

    (49,506 listeners)

    spanish, indie, singer-songwriter, female vocalists

    Christina Rosenvinge (b. May 29, 1964 Madrid) is a Spanish singer born to Danish parents. She was a member of several Spanish groups (including Christina y Los Subterráneos) before she started a solo career with help from Lee Ranaldo, the guitarist of Sonic Youth. She moved to New York City in 1999 with her partner, Ray Loriga, who took the photos that appear on her album 'Foreign Land'.

  • Mendetz

    (34,829 listeners)

    casio-punk, electronic, dance rock, indie rock

    Mendetz is a band from Barcelona, formed in 2003. They play guitars,Casios and other old keyboards. None of this songs are programmed or prerecorded, they like being robotic-craftsmen,keep the human touch handling electronic sounds. Frenetic drums, very rhythmic guitars, hard basses full the Mendetz sound.

  • David Thomas Broughton

    (28,264 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, freak folk, experimental

    David Thomas Broughton's off-kilter folk is all about the slow-burn; coaxing melodies and oddly gorgeous vocals from a shuffling music box of acoustic guitars, looping pedals and bargain-bin drum machines. The result is tooth-achingly gorgeous.

  • JD McPhersonUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (32,823 listeners)

    rockabilly, rock and roll, blues, sax

    Sometimes the most American of settings can reveal the deepest artistic talents the world has ever known.

  • Zambri

    (17,580 listeners)

    experimental, electronic, indie, female vocalists

    Zambri is the ethereal duo of Cristi Jo and Jessica, sisters whom have been making music together since they shared a bedroom as kids. Spending endless hours creating stories and building universes with their voices and toys, their debut album, House Of Baasa, out now, is a powerful expression that embodies the spirit of adventure in all its glory.

  • Pegasvs

    (6,434 listeners)

    chillwave, shoegaze, psychedelic, surf rock

    Pegasvs were Sergio Pérez García and Luciana della Villa from Barcelona, ES, both members from Thelemáticos.

  • Tammar

    (4,271 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, bloomington, seen live 2x

  • Jane Joyd

    (865 listeners)

    all, alt-country, folk, spanish

    Jane Joyd is the musical name of Elba Fernández. She's a Spanish musician who has played different musical styles, including rock, pop and funk. She has a self-titled ep, which you can hear and download on: http://www.janejoyd.com

  • La Muñeca de Sal

    (692 listeners)

    spanish indie pop, under 2000 listeners, post-rock, spanish

    La génesis del grupo actual se encontraba ya en un grupo llamado KOROVA MILK BAR, que se puso en funcionamiento hace más de cuatro años.

  • Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys

    (4 listeners)