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  • Vespolina

    (34 listeners)

  • Vestibules

    (108 listeners)

    canadian, comedy

  • White Violet

    (1,527 listeners)

    sxsw 2013

    White Violet is a band consisting of four young men from Athens, Georgia: Vaughan Lamb, Brad Elliott, Josh McCauley and Nate Nelson. Their debut album for Normaltown Records was Hiding, Mingling.

  • Woodfangs

    (28 listeners)

    rock, psychedelic, punk, garage

    Woodfangs was born one dreary evening on the full moon of April in 2010. The bastard lovechild of an inbred Appalachian hillbilly and an albino werewolf, Woodfangs has been honing in its brand of southern psychedelia for the past year. Their first release, the homemade demo “Doobies and Pizza” shows a young band with lots of potential, yet lots to learn.

  • Yacht Rock Revue

    (531 listeners)

    seen live

  • Yip Deceiver

    (4,815 listeners)

    indie pop, indietronica, electronic, dance

    Yip Deceiver is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Davey Pierce, from Athens, Georgia which was originally intended to be a solo project, but has since become a collaborative effort with Dobbratz.. Yip Deceiver’s music is an exciting take on experimental dance pop with strong hooks, playful take on new wave, 80s R&B and electro.

  • Yo Soybean

    (113 listeners)

    mellow, bandcamp, under 2000 listeners, seen live

    Atlanta based band consisting of: Nick Mallis - vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo Ryan Sedgwick - drums, djembe, percussion, anesthesia Andrew Michael-guitar, mandolin, harmonica Matt Moss- bass Andrew Klein-guitar, keys, banjo, Darian Cornish-violin, magic tricks

  • Young Benjamin

    (13 listeners)