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  • A Naifa

    (24,316 listeners)

    fado, portuguese, portugal, alternative

    "A Naifa" is a portuguese band formed in 2004 by Maria Antónia Mendes (vocals), Luís Varatojo (Portuguese guitar) and recently deceased João Aguardela (bass).

  • An X Tasy

    (43 listeners)

    rock, alternative, punk rock, hard rock

    Really hard working portuguese rock band from Faro, Algarve that started in 2002. Their sound is also strongly influenced by Metal, Punk and Hardcore scenes. Members: Rafael Rodrigues : Vocals Nuno Gonçalves : Guitar, back up vocals

  • Ana Moura

    (44,491 listeners)

    fado, portuguese, female vocalists, portugal

    Portuguese vocalist Ana Moura, whose soulful and riveting interpretation of her land's captivating fado style has made her a star in Europe.

  • Anti-Clockwise

    (565 listeners)

    punk rock, portugal, punk, punk n roll

    At least two artists share this name: 1) Anti-Clockwise is a portuguese punk/rock band formed in 1996. Back in 1996, bored and fed up with the stagnant state of rock music in Portugal,

  • Ba Cissoko

    (11,083 listeners)

    african, kora, world, griot

    Ba Cissoko’s music is firmly grounded in the tradition of Guinean kora music, whilst embracing a wide array of modern influences. It is for this reason that his music is loved by old and young alike in his homeland. The sound is definitely new, which appeals to the younger audience. Yet the older generation of Guineans love it for its strong acknowledgement of their traditional music.

  • Big Band da Nazaré

    (1 listener)

  • Blasted Mechanism

    (25,117 listeners)

    alternative, alternative rock, portuguese, electronic

    In 1995, Valdjiu, player of the Bambuleco and Kalachacra, and Karkov, began Blasted Mechanism, an unusual fusion of music styles from all around this planet Earth and beyond.

  • Cais Sodré Funk Connection

    (54 listeners)

    funk, portugal

    Nascidos no coração do bairro boémio que lhes dá o nome, são a primeira banda residente do clube MUSICBOX, centro da actual cena musical da capital. Apaixonados pelo funk e a soul, a banda dedica-se a recriar o som e o ambiente dos clássicos da Motown, Stax, Chess Records e outras editoras míticas das décadas de 60 e 70, com a dedicação e energia de uma verdadeira celebração.

  • Canto Daqui

    (0 listeners)

  • Chullage

    (2,729 listeners)

    hip-hop, portugal, rap, hip hop

    Chullage is a Portuguese Hip-Hop performer. Place: Portugal

  • Ciganos D'Ouro

    (186 listeners)

  • Diabo Na Cruz

    (5,047 listeners)

    portuguese, folk, rock, alternative

    Diabo na Cruz ("Devil on the Cross") is a rock band from Portugal that blends rock music with traditional portuguese music.

  • Djumbai Jazz

    (0 listeners)

  • Gaiteiros de Lisboa

    (8,053 listeners)

    folk, portugal, world music, world

  • Helder Moutinho

    (759 listeners)

    fado, madonna, portuguese, male vocalists

  • Jorge Palma

    (23,406 listeners)

    portuguese, singer-songwriter, portugal, rock

    Jorge Manuel d’Abreu Palma, known as Jorge Palma (born on June 4, 1950 in Lisbon, Portugal), is a Portuguese singer and songwriter.

  • Linda Martini

    (16,859 listeners)

    post-rock, portuguese, alternative rock, progressive rock

    Linda Martini are a post-rock / alternative rock band formed in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal in 2003. Their first demo was recorded between 2004 and 2005 and in 2006 they release their first EP along with their first album Olhos de Mongol. Linda Martini are André Henriques (vocals, guitar), Cláudia Guerreiro (bass, harmonica), Hélio Morais (drums) and Pedro Geraldes (guitar).

  • Luísa Basto

    (19 listeners)

  • Melech Mechaya

    (1,742 listeners)

    portuguese, portugal, folk, klezmer

    Melech Mechaya is a festive journey through klezmer music, with some delicate and intimate moments. A journey through the yiddish tradition, with arab flavours, gypsy rythms, and simple beat dancing, from Hungary to Israel, from the Balcans to New York.


    (698 listeners)

    indie, portuguese, female vocalists, under 500 listeners

    MIUDA is a project with Mel do Monte as face and singer and Pedro Puppe (OIOAI) on the guitar, and along with the production of Tiago Bettencourt and Fred (Orelha Negra) the first song (Com quem eu quero) was recorded. The goal is to add a contemporary electronic approach to the original songs of the group.

  • Pasión

    (4 listeners)

  • Peste & Sida

    (3,603 listeners)

    punk rock, portugal, punk, rock

    Peste & Sida is a famous Portuguese band who reached their top in the 80's. They were formed in 1986, in Lisbon, Portugal. João San Payo (bass), Luís Varatojo (guitar) and Raposo (drums) were its initial members. Later, João Pedro Almendra was in charge of the vocals.

  • Quinteto Nuno Costa

    (0 listeners)

  • Remo Cavallini Blues Band

    (0 listeners)

  • Sara Tavares

    (72,461 listeners)

    female vocalists, world, portuguese, soul

    Afro-Portuguese songwriter Sara Tavares was born in 1978 and brought up in Lisbon. Second-generation Portuguese of Cape Verdean descent, Sara was brought up by an elderly matriarch in her community after her father left for the States in search of a better life, her mother having traveled south in pursuit of the same ends.

  • Shooglenifty

    (30,918 listeners)

    celtic, folk, scottish, celtic fusion

    Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Shooglenifty is a six-piece band that combines traditional Scottish instrumental folk with a wide assortment of modern styles, including blues, rock, ambient, trance, electronica, and others. They take a leading role in the recent Celtic Fusion movement, along with similar artists such as Peatbog Faeries and Croft No.

  • Stonebones & Bad Spaghetti

    (1 listener)

  • Terrakota

    (8,249 listeners)

    reggae, portugal, world, world music

    From TerraKota flourishes a natural music deep rooted in the Black continent, inspired by the Saharan, Caribbean, Hindu and the Western sounds that rise under the Jamaican sun.

  • Triquel

    (99 listeners)

    rock, celta, rock celta

    Celtic rock band from Valladolid, Spain.

  • Uxu Kalhus

    (436 listeners)

    folk, portugal, folc subversivo, 1joana7

    uxu kalhus are a Portuguese group that label themselves as trad-folk-rock, radical trad, subversive folk, progressive "baile" with chameleonic sounds. A fusion of styles, rhythms and melodies, where the rules is: there are no rules!

  • Whiskey Dogs

    (17 listeners)

  • Wraygunn

    (16,028 listeners)

    portuguese, alternative, rock, portugal

    A project from Coimbra, Portugal of Paulo Furtado, also the head of the one-man blues band The Legendary Tiger Man.