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  • 100 Demons

    (39,538 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, metal, straight edge

    100 Demons is a five-piece Hardcore band from Waterbury, Connecticut. Being fans of tattoos, the band derived their name from a book of traditional Japanese tattoo artwork by Horiyoshi III.

  • Agitator

    (5,552 listeners)

    hardcore, rac, straight edge, german

    There are at least three artists that have used this name 1. A hardcore band from the United States 2. An rac band from Germany 3. A hardcore band from the Netherlands

  • Bane

    (116,704 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, melodic hardcore

    There are multiple bands called Bane: 1)A hardcore band from Worcester, Massachusetts. They began as a side project between Aaron Dalbec (then of Converge) and Damon Bellardo. Aaron approached Matt Firestone to sing and they played under the moniker of Gateway for a few shows, before Firestone departed to focus on other projects.

  • Beware

    (4,488 listeners)

    hardcore punk, youth crew, hardcore, sxe

  • Blacklisted

    (71,641 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, straight edge, oldschool hardcore

    Blacklisted is a hardcore punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band formed in the early 2000s, and comprised George Hirsch, Dave Walling, Shawn Foley, Jon Nean and Andy Nelson.

  • Born Annoying

    (243 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk

    Shore Style

  • Breakdown

    (22,731 listeners)

    hardcore, nyhc, hardcore punk, oldschool hardcore

    There are 10 bands/artists with name "Breakdown" and also "Breakdown" was name of an experimental project by Armin Meftahi. First band plays NY hardcore with elements of rap and metal.


    (1,011 listeners)

    hardcore, metal, the real deal, corld world

    Build and Destroy. Lockin' Out records. A hardcore band formed out of Detroit, Michigan in 2010. With members of RZL DZL and Cold World. Demo is up for download now off the myspace. http://www.myspace.com/buildanddestroit

  • Code Orange Kids

    (21,779 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, sludge, punk

    Now known as just Code Orange. Code Orange Kids are a hardcore punk band formed in Pittsburgh, PA in 2008. The band consists of Jami Morgan (drums, vocals), Reba Meyers (guitar, vocals), Eric Balderose (guitar, vocals), and Joe Goldman (bass). They are currently signed to Deathwish Inc.

  • Cold World

    (38,697 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, hip-hop, rapcore

    1) is an extreme fast hardcore punk band from Vienna (Austria) active from 1988-1994. They had several international releases on labels like Sound Pollution, Lost & Found, B-Core and Sacro Egoismo. They have reunited in 2008 for a 20th Anniversary Gig and a new EP on the Australian label Shortfuse in 2013.

  • Cro-Mags

    (91,527 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, crossover, nyhc

    The Cro-Mags are a band from New York City, NY, formed in 1982. The band, which had a strong cult following, released many records, their first two considered the most influential. They were among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal and were associated with the birth of a tougher attitude within the hardcore scene in the late 1980s.

  • Crown of Thornz

    (11,398 listeners)

    hardcore, nyhc, dms crew, oldschool hardcore

    In 1994 Ezec formed the critically acclaimed NYHC act Crown of Thornz along with former Breakdown guitarist Mike Dijan and Shelter bassist Franklin Rhi and drummer Dimi,Belting out emotionally charged lyrics of introspection, pain and anger.

  • Death Threat

    (25,298 listeners)

    hardcore, nyhc, straight edge, hardcore punk

    1. Death Threat is an American hardcore band formed in Connecticut in 1997. At its inception, Death Threat was composed of former Hatebreed members. Lead vocalist Aaron Butkus co-founded the band with CJ. Before leaving the band after the release of Peace and Security (2000), CJ played a key role in writing many of the band's songs.

  • Earth Crisis

    (63,476 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, straight edge, vegan

    Earth Crisis are a Vegan Straight Edge Metalcore band from Syracuse, New York that have recorded and are still performing. They are perhaps best known for their political activism, particularly their views on the environment and animal rights. Earth Crisis were the band responsible for bringing these issues to the forefront of the hardcore scene in the mid-nineties.

  • Empire of Rats

    (1,258 listeners)

    hardcore, metallic hardcore, beatdown, beatdown hardcore

    Ex members of Under One Flag, Palehorse, and countless other bands. Empire of Rats are a Hardcore band from Columbus, Ohio. No Peace 7" is out on Get This Right records. Full length dropping in the winter on A389 Records.

  • Face Reality

    (1,406 listeners)

    youth crew, hardcore, hardcore punk, straight edge

    Detroit straight edge. www.myspace.com/facereality2008 www.facexreality.blogspot.com

  • Floorpunch

    (39,416 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, youth crew, hardcore punk

  • Gehenna

    (41,949 listeners)

    black metal, norwegian black metal, norwegian, hardcore

    There are and have been several bands named Gehenna, the most notorious of which are the following: 1) A black metal band from Norway. 2) A blackened hardcore band from Reno, Nevada, USA (also known as THE INFAMOUS... GEHENNA)

  • Gorilla Biscuits

    (79,283 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, youth crew

  • Grey Area

    (13,354 listeners)

    ambient, downtempo, punk rock, electronic

    There are 2 artists called Grey Area: 1) Grey area is an instrumental electronic music act from Sydney Australia, the long term project of composer Alex Salter.

  • H2O

    (171,241 listeners)

    hardcore, melodic hardcore, punk, hardcore punk

    There are at least 8 groups with the name H2O (not counting H₂O): 1. A melodic hardcore band from the United States 2. A pop rock band from Latvia 3. A hip hop duo from South Africa 4. An alias of Oliver Strumm 5. A rock band from Scotland 6. A hip-hop/dance group from Montenegro

  • Hard Skin

    (19,126 listeners)

    oi, skinhead, punk, street punk

    Oi! band responsible for hits such as "Still Fighting Thatcher" and "Oi not Jobs." New album out in 2012. www.jtclassics.co.uk

  • Harm's Way

    (19,149 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, powerviolence, metallic hardcore

    Harm's Way are an absolute force of a band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2006. They made a name for themselves with masterful releases on the Organized Crime and Closed Casket Activities labels. With their punishing "Isolation" album (Closed Casket, 2011), Harm's Way brutally melded a metal attack, hardcore aggression, and industrial repetition into a new kind of sound.

  • Horror Show

    (5,462 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, philly, seen live twice

    Horror Show were a poetic and powerful hardcore band from the streets of Philadelphia. Their music cried out from the darkest of depths for someone anyone to listen to their hardcore anthems of sorrow, heartbreak and violence. Unlike many of their hardcore contemporaries, Horror Show truly lived the pain of their songs every day.

  • In My Eyes

    (18,131 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, youth crew, hardcore punk

    In My Eyes were a Boston Hardcore band that helped lead the late 90's Youth Crew & Straight Edge revivals in the States. Along with bands like Ten Yard Fight, Floorpunch, Reinforce, the Trust and Atari they began building on the more traditional Hardcore sound that bands like Rain on the Parade & 97a had been working hard to help survive through the 90's Chugga Chugga dominance.

  • Killing Time

    (14,357 listeners)

    hardcore, nyhc, hardcore punk, punk

    1. Hardcore Band 2. Japanese session band 3. Post-punk indie funk from Edinburgh, UK 1. Killing Time started under the name Raw Deal.The band first released demo tracks on the Blackout! compilation "Where The Wild Things Are..", and others. They signed to In-Effect/Relativity records shortly after that.

  • Lifeless

    (3,462 listeners)

    death metal, hardcore, beatdown, crossover

    There are mutliple artists with this name: 1) Lifeless was a 90s straight edge hardcore/metalcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah formed in the fall of 1995. They realeased one self-titled 7" on Life Sentence Records in 1996. http://www.myspace.com/lifelesssaltlake

  • Lifetime

    (101,154 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, punk, hardcore, pop punk

    Lifetime was rooted in the New York/New Jersey hardcore punk scene & formed in New Brunswick, NJ, USA (1990). The band's founders were Ari Katz (vocals) & Dan Yemin (guitars - also of Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, and Armalite).

  • Maximum Penalty

    (7,672 listeners)

    hardcore, nyhc, punk, hardcore-punk

    As part of the original Hardcore movement, Maximum Penalty has been and still is, one of the most original hybrids of the New York Hardcore sound.

  • Mindset

    (12,040 listeners)

    hardcore, youth crew, straight edge, hardcore punk

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1: Straight Edge hardcore band from Maryland. Formerly known as Anti-Wasteoids. http://www.myspace.com/mindsetsxe 2:

  • Nails

    (35,906 listeners)

    grindcore, hardcore, crust, powerviolence

    There are three bands that use the name Nails. None of which are to be confused with the two artists that use the name The Nails: 1. A hardcore band from California 2. A hardcore band from Texas 3. A hardcore punk band from Germany

  • Naysayer

    (7,919 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, metallic hardcore, thrash

    Naysayer is a Hardcore band from Richmond, VA, USA. Playing music along the lines of Madball, and other notable NYHC alumni.

  • Negative Approach

    (58,109 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, punk, oldschool hardcore

    Negative Approach is an American hardcore punk band. They are considered one of the pioneers of hardcore punk, along with bands like Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Black Flag.

  • No Tolerance

    (3,260 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, boston, youth crew

    1) No Tolerance is a Straight Edge Hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts started by Justin DeTore of Mind Eraser and The Rival Mob who is credited on their recordings for doing drums and vocals. The band released a demo which was initially put out on Austin, TX label 540 Records, which is part of bigger Painkiller records.

  • Oathbreaker

    (21,761 listeners)

    hardcore, chaotic hardcore, female vocalists, metalcore

    Oathbreaker are a hardcore band from Ghent, Belgium. After their formation in early 2008, Oathbreaker released a debut self-titled 7" EP on the British label Thirty Days Of Night Records.

  • Oblivion

    (15,327 listeners)

    death metal, technical death metal, melodic death metal, thrash metal

    1) Oblivion is a technical death metal band from California, USA that formed in 2007 by members(and ex-members) of Antagony, Alchemicon, All Shall Perish and Feast.

  • Power Trip

    (16,319 listeners)

    hardcore, crossover, thrash metal, thrash

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Formed in early 2008, POWER TRIP is a crossover band from Dallas, Texas in the vein of late 80's thrash, heavy metal and hardcore punk. For fans of Exodus, Vio-Lence, later Cro-Mags, and Prong. Lockin' Out Records. This band is substantially better than every other band. http://www.facebook.com/powertriptx

  • Praise

    (7,806 listeners)

    hardcore punk, new age, hardcore, female vocalists

    1.Melodic Straight Edge on REACT! Records, a la 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty, etc. http://searchforthesun.blogspot.com/

  • Ringworm

    (34,639 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, metal, hardcore punk

    Ringworm is a Hardcore Band from Cleveland, Ohio,USA, formed in 1991. The band started under the moniker Force of Habit and had one song on the 'Voice of Thousands' compilation album, released by Conversion Records in 1990/91. Soon there after the band changed the name to Ringworm.

  • Rotting Out

    (24,236 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, punk, modern hardcore

    Lots of bands call Los Angeles their home, but few truly represent the city like ROTTING OUT. With members hailing from some of the more notorious parts of the storied streets everyone thinks of when they hear "LA," it's no wonder their music expresses that grit so rarely captured this perfectly.

  • Rude Awakening

    (7,140 listeners)

    hardcore, industrial hardcore, hard techno, techno

    There is more than one artist that goes by the name Rude Awakening: 1) A hardcore band from Merrimack Valley, USA featuring members of Death Before Dishonor, Hammer Bros. and more. http://www.facebook.com/RudeAwakeninghc?sk=info 2) This is the dark side of Sebastian Hoff (Promo), mostly showcasing his industrial hardcore and hard techno productions.

  • Skin Like Iron

    (5,383 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, punk, experimental

    Since Skin Like Iron's inception in the final days of 2006, a major emphasis has been placed on songwriting and recording. With three cassette releases (later compiled as a CD), a 10" EP, a split 7" (with San Francisco's Grace Alley), and three 12" records, the band pursues a mission of relentless creative output.

  • Soul Search

    (10,258 listeners)

    hardcore, oldschool hardcore, hardcore punk, punk

    1. NYHC inspired band out of Southern California. Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/soulsearchhc Demonstration 2010 - http://www.mediafire.com/?1yy0inwiymd

  • Stick Together

    (7,743 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, youth crew, hardcore punk

    Wilkes-Barre straight edge hardcore band featuring members from War Hungry and Title Fight. http://www.mediafire.com/?2wummmm2tzm www.myspace.com/sticktogetherwb

  • Suicidal Tendencies

    (306,331 listeners)

    hardcore, crossover, thrash metal, punk

    Suicidal Tendencies is an American crossover thrash band formed in 1982 in Venice, California. Sometimes regarded as the progenitors of skate punk, they later incorporated significant heavy metal and thrash elements. The group, led by Mike Muir ("Cyco Miko"), had a rough start that included being voted "Worst Band/Biggest Assholes" in Flipside in 1982.

  • Terror

    (186,128 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, hardcore punk, moshcore

    Many bands with the same name: 1) Terror, a hardcore band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in early 2002.

  • The Rival Mob

    (16,653 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, boston

    The Rival Mob bring a style of hardcore back to Boston, MA that has almost become a distant memory. Playing at breakneck speed, the sound is reminiscent of old DC/NY hardcore bands meshed with big riffs that will stick in your head.

  • The Storm

    (16,014 listeners)

    hard rock, danish, rock, progressive rock

    There are multiple artists known as The Storm (five): 1. The danish duo The Storm is Pernille Rosendahl (lead vocal, former Swan Lee) and Johan Wohlert (bass, former Mew). Debutalbum: "Where The Storm Meets The Ground". Produced by Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Smashing Pumpkins). Label: Universal.

  • Title Fight

    (115,238 listeners)

    pop punk, melodic hardcore, hardcore, punk

    Title Fight is a punk rock band from Kingston, Pennsylvania, USA formed in 2003. Often mislabeled as pop punk, Title Fight plays music in the vein of Jawbreaker, Kid Dynamite and Lifetime, taking influence from such melodic punk rock acts as Saves the Day and emo bands Knapsack and Seaweed.

  • Twitching Tongues

    (10,839 listeners)

    hardcore, hard rock, rock, metal

    Depression, anxiety, rage, desperation - all such things that come to mind when Twitching Tongues first hits a new listener. The band melds together different forms of aggressive music into an audio melancholy not heard before. The band's 2012 single, "Preacher Man", can grip and twist the listener into an emotional confusion, creating a depressive rage that may end in a bloodbath.